10 Types Of Birds That Start With T

There are so many birds that you can find all over the earth. There are actually over 11,000 species of birds that you can identify and describe in the modern day, so that’s a lot of names and descriptions to get through. 

10 Types Of Birds That Start With T

Though we can’t list every single bird here, we can give you a bit of a starting point. In this article, we’ll be talking about some interesting birds that begin with the letter T. 

So let’s dive straight in, maybe you will discover a bird you’ve never heard of before! 

1. Tacazze Sunbird

1. Tacazze Sunbird

The Tacazze Sunbird can be found in Africa, specifically around Tanzania, Kenya, parts of Uganda, and Ethiopia. 

These beautiful birds look black in poor lighting, but once the light is good, you will see the males in their true form: a gorgeous purple iridescence and a coppery-green head.

Only the breeding males have this look though, if the males stop breeding, they actually lose their iridescence. 

You will usually find the Tacazze Sunbird in forests and gardens and some cultivated areas. They also like middle and high elevations. 

2. Taita Falcon

The Taita Falcon is found mainly in Kenya, but can also be found in parts of Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa. 

These birds are described as chunky and short-tailed. Though they can be found in a few places, the Taita Falcon is actually a very rare bird. 

They look similar to a Peregrine Falcon (Also check out Types Of Falcons) when they are flying, but they have a much shorter tail. 

3. Takahe

3. Takahe

Also known as the South Island Takahe, this bird is native to parts of New Zealand. It was actually considered extinct until 1948 when it was rediscovered in the Murchison Mountains. 

This species is still considered endangered though. They can still be found in the Murchison Mountains, but lots of the remaining species have been relocated to sanctuaries on predator-free offshore islands. 

To spot a Takahe, you need to look for its purple-blue iridescent plumage, white undertail, and its huge red bill. They are also a type of flightless bird. 

4. Taliabu Owl

The Taliabu Owl can be found on Taliabu Island, which is located just outside of Indonesia. 

It has a heart-shaped face bordered by a distinct and bold black line. They are overall dark brown in color, with pale spots scattered over their body. 

The Taliabu Owl likes to live in environments and habitats such as bamboo thickets, forests, and open areas that have a good elevation range. 

5. Tamaulipas Crow

The Tamaulipas Crow can only be found in the northeast of Mexico. They can be found in lots of habitats and environments, such as towns and villages, farmland, and areas with hedges and taller trees. 

The Tamaulipas Crow is a very social bird, and they look a lot like the male Great-tailed Grackle, but they have longer tails and their eyes aren’t as pale. 

This species of crow sounds like a frog when it croaks. 

6. Tambourine Dove

6. Tambourine Dove 

The Tambourine Dove can be found all over Africa, except for the northernmost regions. They are a small variation of dove that has a dark brown back, along with a pale face and underparts. 

They can be found in habitats and environments such as plantations, rainforests, and woodland that are humid and moist. They are a shy species of bird that tend to hide, but when you do see one, it will most likely be on the ground. 

7. Tanimbar Starling

The Tanimbar Starling can be found on the small island of Yamdena, which is located between Indonesia and Papa New Guinea. 

They are small black starlings, with dark eyes and a square-ish tail. They can usually be found in habitats and environments such as canopy forests, mangroves, and other wooded areas. 

The Tanimbar Starling is usually found flying and foraging in pairs or small groups. 

8. Tataupa Tinamou

The Tataupa Tinamou is native to lots of different parts of South America, most notably Paraguay and Bolivia. 

They are small, flightless birds that have purple legs and a red bill. They also have purple-ish back and bits of black and white on their bodies. 

The Tataupa Tinamou can be found in habitats and environments such as dense forest edges and moist and humid forests. 

9. Tawny Eagle

9. Tawny Eagle

The Tawny Eagle can be found all over Africa and even in a lot of areas of India and Pakistan. 

They are quite a large bird and come in color variations of white to grayish-brown. They also have short and heavily feathered legs, as well as slit-shaped nostrils. The juvenile Tawny Eagles are usually a lot paler than the adults.

The Tawny Eagle can be found in habitats and environments such as open scrubs and plains. They tend to avoid water and forests. 

10. Temminck’s Lark

The Temminck’s Lark is a strikingly marked bird that can be found in the very northern parts of Africa and parts of Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. 

Their head patterns are their most distinguishable feature, making them look like they are wearing a Zorro mask. The tops of their heads have protruding black tuffs which are also called “horns”.

Their tails are also black, while the rest of their body is usually a sandy color. The males have much sharper features than the females. 

You will usually find Temminck’s Larks in both stony and sandy desserts, around plains and low hills. 


There are so many birds out there that begin with the letter T and they can be found all over the world. The list we’ve provided you with here is just the very tip of the iceberg. 

If you are hoping to spot any of these birds, you will have to make sure you’re in one of the areas they are generally found, otherwise, you might have a hard time actually finding any. 

If you are in one of the areas though, go out and have a look around, you may spot one of these beautiful and interesting birds!

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Olivia Kepner