6 Amazing Animals Who All Start With The Letter ‘E’

Did you know that there are over two million identified species of animals out there on Earth, with an estimated five million still undiscovered? 

That means that there are a lot of animals out there and it’s tricky to keep track of them all. So, if you are trying to think of some animals that all begin with the letter E then this is the place for you.

6 Amazing Animals Who All Start With The Letter ‘E’

We are going to be talking about some of our favorite animals that all begin with the letter ‘E’. So – let’s get started! 


Elk are large mammals that live across a wide range of countries and continents, including North America and parts of Europe and Asia.

They are sometimes mistaken for deer and, although the two groups are closely related, elk are far larger! 

The average elk can stand around four to five feet at the shoulder, meaning that a male elk’s long antlers can reach beyond the average person’s head! 

Male lk use their majestic antlers for a range of purposes including clashchin with other males for the right to dominate herds and protect their right to mate with females.

Female elk do not have antlers and will live alongside other female elk in herds all year round. Some herds of elk have been spotted in numbers as high as 400 individual elk! 


Echidnas are incredibly interesting creatures because they are a part of the exclusive club of monotremes.

Monotremes are mammals that actually produce and lay eggs, unlike other mammals that carry their young within them and give birth – which makes echidnas super unique animals! 

They live mainly in Australia (although there are some Echidnas found in New Guinea too) and live mainly on a diet of ants and termites.

It’s believed that Echidnas evolved from an aquatic ancestor but adapted to life on land, which explains why they still lay eggs despite being mammals! 

Super cute yet spiny creatures, Echidnas are also well known for their spiny backs which links them to other adorable animals like porcupines and hedgehogs.

They are also very timid and will try to either bury themselves or curl up into a ball for protection whenever they feel under threat. 


The first animal that probably pops into your head whenever you think of animals that begin with E is the mighty elephant! 

There are actually two distinct types of elephant: the African elephant and the Asian elephant.

There are a lot of noticeable differences between the two including how African elephants have large ears while the Asian elephant have much smaller ears.

Another difference is that in Asian elephants, only some males will grow tusks while both male and female African elephants grow tusks. 

Elephants are one of the beloved animals on the planet but yet, they are under threat due to ivory poaching and the destruction of their habitats in order for the land to be turned into palm oil plantations.

As a result, all elephants are now classed as ‘endangered’ by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 


Earthworms are often overlooked creatures but they are actually super important to the Earth.

Not only do they play an important role in the nutrient cycle and help encourage plant growth and soil fertility, but they also are an important part in the food chain. 

Most small carnivores feed on earthworms and they act as the basis for the food chain in a lot of different habitats.

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Animals like birds, rats, frogs, snakes, moles, weasels, shrews, ants, and more feed on earthworms – so you can easily argue that they are one of the most important animals on our planet! 

But what kind of animal is an earthworm? 

Earthworms aren’t actually considered insects because they don’t have an exoskeleton. However, worms are still invertebrates because they don’t have a backbone.

Earthworms instead belong to their own suborder descended from the phylum Annelida, making them a very distinct group of animals that act very different from other creatures we know. 


Deep underwater is where we find the next animal on our list – the Eel! 

Eels are fascinating and yet sometimes scary fish that are known for their long, snake-like bodies. There are lots of different types of Eel that live in both freshwater and saltwater habitats, from the deep sea to swamps to rivers.

They also range in size too with some eels measuring as long as 13 feet in length!

Eels are actually carnivorous fish and choose their meals from a menu that includes crustaceans like crabs and lobsters, fish, octopus, mussels, frogs and sails.

They hunt during the night due to their poor eyesight (even though their eyes are super huge!) and are some of the few fish that can actually swim both backwards and forwards! 


FInally, we have come to the final amazing animal on our list – the Emu! 

Emus are often overlooked due to the fact that they share a lot of similarities with their cousin the Ostriches, but emus are actually the second largest living bird species in the world. 

They are tall, flightless birds that can only be found in the wild in Australia, and there they are known as a nuisance. Emus are forage animals and will happily forage for seeds planted by farmers in Australia for food.

Not only that but they are also invasive and will happily break down fencing, ruin crop fields, and more in their search for food and water. 

As a result, emus are one of the few animals that humans have ever gone to war with. In 1932, the Emu War started as a way to cut down on the population of emus in Australia after they were deemed a nuisance by the public.

The emus won – there were many unsuccessful attempts to curb their population, and even the army was called in with machine guns to try and wipe out as many emus as possible. 

But emus still thrive in Australia today so that’s 1 to 0 to the emus. 

Final Thoughts

So, those are just a few examples of some amazing animals that all start with the letter ‘E’. There are so many more out there so try and think of a few more yourself. Good luck!

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Olivia Kepner