A Guide To The 20 Coolest Animals Beginning With The Letter G

Have you ever just been sitting there trying to list all of the animals in the world that begin with the letter G?

Maybe it came up in a game you played before that you ended up losing because you just couldn’t think of another animal that began with that specific letter. 

A Guide To The 20 Coolest Animals Beginning With The Letter G

Well, we never want that to happen to you again, so we’ve made a comprehensive list of our favorite top 20 animals that start with the letter G! Read on to find out their names and a bit of interesting information about each one.

1. Giant Otter 

Giant Otters are the longest members of the weasel family and are found in Brazil throughout the Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal. As with all types of otters, they’re semiaquatic and their main source of food is fish.

2. Gibbon 

Gibbons are known as ‘lesser apes’, but like all primates they’re experts when it comes to climbing and swinging from tree to tree. There are 18 species of gibbon, most of which are considered endangered. They live in rainforests in SouthEast Asia. 

3. Gila Monster 

Gila Monsters are from North America – mostly found in Mexico and southwestern areas of the United States – and are the biggest lizards native to that region.

It’s one of only two venomous lizards and hunts through its sense of smell, mainly eating reptile and bird eggs.

4. Giraffe 

Giraffes have extremely impressive stature and are the tallest animal in the world. They use their long necks to reach foliage which is high up that other species can’t get to, which means they never have to compete for food.

There are nine types of giraffe, all of which are found in Africa. 

5. Golden Lion Tamarin 

Golden Lion Tamarins are monkeys, not the big cats, that live in the coastal forests in Brazil. They get their name from their orange coats and hair around their faces that looks like a mane.

They are an endangered species due to mass deforestation. 

6. Golden Poison Frog

Golden Poison Frogs are one of the most poisonous animals in the world and come from Colombia. Despite being so small, they can sometimes hold enough poison to kill almost 20 men. 

7. Goliath Birdeater 

Goliath Birdeaters are in fact the biggest spider in the world and are members of the tarantula family.

They live in South American rainforests and eat toads and earthworms, despite their name. They’re venomous but don’t tend to be harmful to humans.

8. Gorilla 

Gorillas are the biggest primates in the world and are part of the ‘great ape’ family, which also includes humans, orangutans and chimpanzees. There are two species of gorilla.

Both live in African rainforests and are critically endangered.

9. Great Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead Sharks are the biggest species of Hammerhead and quite literally have heads shaped like a hammer.

Their heads allow them to have 360 degree vision and also contain electroreceptive organs that can detect other fish’s electric fields. 

10. Great White Shark 

Great White Sharks are the biggest fish in the world that are also predators and are found in all the oceans.

The only other animals that live among them that are a potential threat to them are Orcas, but they rarely attack them anyway.

11. Greater Flamingo 

Greater Flamingos are the biggest flamingos and live in Africa, Europe and Asia. Interestingly, they get their pink appearance from certain chemicals that are in their food sources.

12. Green Anaconda 

Green Anacondas are the heaviest snake on the planet and are constrictors, meaning they kill their prey by wrapping themselves around it and suffocating it to death. They live in South America close to rivers and lakes. 

13. Grizzly Bear 

A Guide To The 20 Coolest Animals Beginning With The Letter G (1)

Grizzly Bears are a type of brown bear and are found in North America. They’re the main predator where they live, which is why they are supremely strong and have an aggressive temperament.

Their main food source is salmon.

14. Gyrfalcon 

Gyrfalcons are the biggest falcons in the world and spend their breeding season in the Arctic before traveling south for the winter. Male and females tend to hunt together as a pair to tire their prey out before pouncing. 

15. Greenland Shark 

Greenland Sharks aren’t very well known about and are found in freezing cold waters. They’re actually one of the biggest shark species – almost as big as a Great White Shark.

16. Giant Tortoise 

Giant Tortoises are found only on the Galapagos islands and are the biggest tortoises in the world. But there are barely any left and they’re critically endangered. They can live to be over 100 years old. 

17. Galago 

Galagos are more commonly known as bush babies and are small nocturnal primates that are native to Africa. They have big eyes and bat-like ears and have a diet that consists of fruits, insects, small animals and tree gums. 

18. Greyhound 

Greyhounds are a breed of dog that were originally bred for hunting, but nowadays they’re most commonly used for dog racing. They’re also popular pets now, too, as many people adopt them once they retire from their racing days. 

19. Gecko 

Geckos are lizards that are small to medium sized and are found everywhere on Earth except for Antarctica. There are over 1,600 different species of them.

They’re characterized by sticky feet for climbing and dropping their tails when attacked before regrowing new ones. 

20. Goliath Beetle 

Goliath Beetles are actually the biggest insect species in the world and can reach up to 11 centimeters long. They’re found in Africa in forests with a tropical climate, where you can find five different species of them.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that after reading this guide you’ve now learnt about more animals beginning with the letter G, so that next time you play an animal letter game, you can win with the knowledge that you’ve acquired from this list of the top 20 coolest animals that start with G! 

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Olivia Kepner