​​Birds That Start With Y

There are around 10,000 different species of birds found around the world and these exist in all different sizes and colors.

With so many different types of birds, it’s not surprising to find that many birds begin with Y.

​​Birds That Start With Y

Although this isn’t one of the most common letters in the alphabet, there are still many birds that start with Y.

In this article, we will take a look at 9 birds that start with the letter Y. There are many more out there, but we picked our favorites.

Yellow-Billed Cuckoo

As the name suggests, these cuckoos have a yellow beak and it also has some black coloring to them.

They’re relatively large birds for cuckoos and have a long and slender body that is colored brown and white.

They cover a lot of ground as they spend winter in South America, migrate through Central America, and breed in both the eastern United States and the Caribbean.

Their preferred habitats are forests and they feed on caterpillars. Yellow-billed cuckoos have one of the fastest nesting periods.

They can go from a freshly laid egg to leaving the nest in around 17 days.

Yellow-Billed Loon

The yellow-billed loon has very similar coloring to the more common loon but the main difference is the pale yellow bill.

These bills have a lower edge with an upward curve and an upper edge that is straight. They’re found in cold climates such as Alaska, northern Europe, and western Canada.

They nest close to the edge of the water in areas that are also low in vegetation. These spaces are ideal as it allows yellow-billed loons to quickly dive into the water.

These birds are not very good at moving around on land but are great swimmers.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

A yellow-headed blackbird may sound almost impossible to imagine, but the name of this bird is also a very apt description of how it looks! Like other blackbirds, the majority of a male yellow-headed blackbird’s body is covered in black feathers but its head and chest are instead covered with bright yellow feathers.

The females tend to have browner bodies with some brown patches in their yellow feathers as well.

These birds migrate in the winter from Mexico and areas in the southwestern US to spend their summers in western Canada and central parts of the US.

They prefer wet areas as they build their nests over water. This means that they are usually found in marshes, shallow ponds, and mountain meadows.

Yellow-Headed Parrot

Yellow-Headed Parrot

These parrots are found in Mexico and Central America. Their bodies are covered in green feathers but they have red patches on their shoulders and bright yellow heads.

For parrots, these birds are pretty quiet. They don’t make much noise as they fly but when they do make noise, they have a very distinct call.

It sounds almost like a human scream and can sound very strange the first time you hear it!

Yelkouan Shearwater

These seabirds land on islands and cliffs in the Mediterranean to breed but spend most of their time out at sea.

They’re excellent fliers and are able to skirt close to the surface of the water.

This is due to the ability to keep their wings stiff to glide without the need to flap their wings much.

The main diet of the yelkouan shearwater is fish and mollusks.

They can forage for these themselves but they do also follow fishing ships to scavenge any scraps that the sailors may throw out.

Yellow Warbler

This beautiful bird has bright yellow feathers that cover the entirety of its body.

The feathers on its head and chest are generally a bright yellow color whereas the feathers on its back can be darker and more olive-yellow.

They’re very small and light birds but despite their small size, are very powerful fliers.

They are migratory birds that spend their springs and summers in the US and Canada before retreating to Central America and South America for the winter.

They prefer habitats that are full of trees and are positioned near streams as this makes it easier for them to find insects to eat.

Yucatan Flycatcher

As the name suggests, this flycatcher is found in the Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico. However, you will also find them in both Guatemala and Belize.

They inhabit tropical woodland where they can feast on fruit. They also love to catch and eat insects as part of their diet.

They have a pale yellow belly and a brownish-gray head. Their most notable feature, however, is a small crest at the top of their head. This crest can be placed flat or extended.

Yucatan Woodpecker

Yucatan Woodpecker

Like most woodpeckers, the Yucatan woodpecker prefers wooded habitats but can also be found in beach scrub.

They eat the insects they can find lurking in trees and bark but also supplement their diets with fruit.

These birds are also known as the red-vented woodpecker as both the males and females have some red feathers at the back of their heads. This is more prominent in males, however.

All Yucatan woodpeckers have a hint of yellow around their beaks and their wings are patterned with black and white stripes.

Yungas Pygmy Owl

These small brown and white owls are found in the Andes mountains which run from southern Peru to northwestern Argentina.

Like most owls, they’re active during the night but are also active during dusk and dawn.

They love habitats that have dense vegetation with lots of undergrowth and moss. They forage through this foliage for food such as insects and even some smaller birds.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we introduced 9 birds that start with the letter Y. Our choices cover a variety of different birds of different sizes and colors and they’re found in a wide variety of habitats around the world. 

We hope that you enjoyed our list of birds that start with Y and learned about some new and spectacular birds!

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Olivia Kepner