Interesting Birds That Begin With H

There are thousands of different species of birds out there. As there is such a wide variety of birds in the world, some that you commonly see in your backyard and others that are much harder to find.

Interesting Birds That Begin With H

You’ve probably not heard or seen a lot of these birds we are about to talk about.

In this article, we are going to begin talking about birds that begin with the letter H. See how many you know!

Hooded Oriole

The hooded oriole can sometimes be referred to as the palm-leaf oriole. This is due to these birds liking to build their nests in palm trees.

Although, you will commonly find the hooded oriole in southwestern areas of America like Arizona, California and Nevada. 

These birds have very bright feathers, such as a yellow body, but with black face, chest and wings. They are very striking birds, but they can be quite difficult to spot. 

Harris Hawk

The Harris hawk is a usual bird, as it is a really sociable bird. You will often see this hawk hunting in quite large groups of up to 7 hawks.

However, it is said that the larger the group of hawks that your hawk is part of, then that hawk is likely to have a much longer lifespan. 

These hawks are quite easy to identify due to their red feathers found on their legs and wings, compared to their dark brown body.

Usually, the Harris hawk will live in the lowlands of the desert, where there are lots of high perches for them to nest, perch and feed.

Speaking of nesting, it is known that these hawks can have 3 clutches of eggs a year. With the hawks able to breed every month. 

House Wren

House Wrens are a very common bird that you will have most likely seen in your garden. This is a very small bird that has a gray face and chest, but brown body, wing and tail feathers.

The house wren can be seen all over America and often nest in bluebird houses, as they are a similar size. 

The house wren likes to feed on insects, therefore you won’t find many house wrens being attracted to your bird feeders.

Yet, it is really easy to attract a breeding pair of house wren to your bird or nest boxes. 

House Finch

The house finch is another very popular and commonly seen bird that you can attract to your garden.

Seen all over America, yet there is a high population in the Southern parts of Canada and Southern Mexico. 

Both male and female house finches have brown to gray feathers. However, you will notice that a male house finch will have a slightly red chest, compared to the females.

They enjoy eating seeds, especially sunflower seeds. 

Hermit Thrush

You are more likely to spot a hermit thrush in the Northern areas of America.

The hermit thrush is known as a migrating species of bird that will fly north when it is time to breed.

However, you can sometimes find a hermit thrush anywhere between Central America all the way to Alaska. 

Generally, you are more likely to see this bird in forests. You may not see these birds, but you can hear them, as they have a melancholy and flute-like song. 

Horned Grebe

The horned grebe is another migrating species of bird. They like to spend the winter in southern parts of America, then when it is time to breed them will fly to Alaska and Canada.

When it comes to horned grebe adults, they are very recognizable. They have black backs and heads, and brownish necks.

Then from their eyes towards the back of their heads, you will see orange or yellow yellows. This is where they get their horned name form. 


Hoopoes are very colorful birds, with slender and long bills. In addition to that, they have orange Mohawk-like  feathers on the top of their heads that stand out.

These birds are made up of an orange to grow a face and chest. Then black and white striped wings and tail.

There is no way you wouldn’t spot one of these birds if you came across one. 

Usually, the Hoopoe lives in North Africa, Asia and Europe. However, they are also considered the national bird of Israel as well. 


Hamerkop birds are found in Madagascar, Southern and Central Africa. These birds are common in these areas and  build huge nests.

This bird is medium-sized with sleek brown feathers and skinny legs. It gets its name from its hammer like bill and head, which are quite wide and flat. 


One of the more unusual looking birds on our list today. The hoatzin is a similar size to a chicken or a roaster.

They have a similar body shape to these birds and red eyes and long black and brown feathers. 

Commonly, you find these birds in southern areas of America. Sometimes you may hear this bird referred to as a reptile bird, the stinkbird and the skunk bird.

This is because this bird is very noisy, quite clumsy and produces a very unpleasant scent. Thus, when this bird is around, you will more likely smell it before you see it.

However, due to the size of the bird, it isn’t that hard to miss. 


That was our list of the most interesting birds that begin with the letter H. Obviously, that was only a fraction of the amount of birds out in the world that begin with the letter H.

Some of these birds are quite common, while others are harder to find. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article, and have discovered some birds that you didn’t realize started with the letter H. 

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Olivia Kepner