Interesting Birds That Begin With The Letter ‘M’

There are a lot of different kinds of birds out there in the world, ranging from birds of prey to waterfowl, songbirds to flightless birds. 

Interesting Birds That Begin With The Letter ‘M’

As a result, there are a lot of very different birds that share the same first letter of their name. 

Here, we are going to be looking at some super interesting birds that all begin with the letter M.

This way, you can learn about more different birds. So, let’s dive right into it! 

Meyer’s Parrot

Meyer’s Parrot

This species of parrot is native to Africa and is sometimes kept as a pet in households across the world. 

They are not as colorful as some other species of parrots as most Meyer’s parrots are mainly gray or light brown in color with smaller patches of green and yellow feathers on their underbelly and crest of their head.

They are also not as well known for their speech ability although some Meyer’s parrots can learn to repeat a few words. 

Despite this, a lot of people have a special place in their hearts for Meyer’s parrots due to their calm natures and quiet behavior.

This is why they make such good pets – because they are gentle, laid back birds who love affection, and thus they make the perfect pet for bird lovers everywhere.

Some numbers can still be found in the wild, in sub-Saharan Africa living in woodland or savanna areas. 



Magpies are one of the most well recognized birds in the world and also recognized as one of the most intelligent as well.

In fact, magpies are one of the few species of bird that are able to recognize themselves in a mirror!

They’re very vocal and sociable, but their high intelligence also makes them very curious. Thus, they like to collect and steal things so they can investigate them.

Although what they steal is not always ‘shiny’ or ‘silver’, magpies still love to check things out. 

However, magpies do sometimes have a poor reputation in some parts of the world.

They are viewed as orchard pests and in the United Kingdom, there is even a nursery rhyme linked to certain superstitions regarding magpies and if they foretell good or bad luck. 

Macaroni Penguin

Macaroni Penguin

One of the most iconic species of penguin is the macaroni penguin.

They are very short and stout and are easily recognizable due to the yellow and orange crest of feathers on their faces.. 

Like all other penguins, macaroni penguins are flightless and prefer to hunt for their food by swimming and catching marine life with their long bills.

Macaroni penguins mainly eat krill but also eat small fish, cephalopods, and some crustaceans. 

Another interesting feature of macaroni penguins is how noisy they are.

They are one of the loudest species of penguin out there and love to communicate to one another through distinctive calls.

This makes it easier for macaroni penguins to distinguish one penguin from another! 

Mute Swan

Mute Swan

Mute swans are the creatures most people call to mind when asked to think of a swan. They are graceful waterfowls with long S-shaped necks and a body covered entirely in pure white feathers. 

They originate from and cover most of Europe, and in Great Britain, they have been given ‘protected species’ status because they used to be eaten as a delicacy.

Now, their numbers thrive all across the island. 

Unlike most swans, mute swans are actually very territorial and despite what their name suggests, they are not completely mute.

Mute swans do make sounds such as whistling, grunting, and snorting, and even sing as a part of their courtship display.

They are generally less vocal than other swans, which is probably how they got the name ‘mute’ swan. 



Mallards are the most common species of wild duck found in Europe although they also have been known to breed in places like the Americas and North Africa.

In recent years, they have also been introduced to places in Oceania such as Australia and New Zealand, and South American countries like Chile and Colombia. 

Mallards are best known for the striking sexual dimorphism between male and demale mallard ducks.

A male mallard (known as a drake) has dark green feathers that cover the entirety of  their heads, striking yellow beaks, and a body made mainly from white, black and brown feathers.

Female mallards, however, have a body made from brown and white feathers. 

Their distinctive plumage and coloring makes them instantly recognizable all around the world. 



One of the smallest species of falcon (Also check out Types Of Falcons) in the world is the merlin. 

Small yet fast and fierce, this bird of prey can be found across North America and Eurasia where they stand out from the crowd due to their long square-cut tails and pointed wings.

These features allow merlins to fly very fast to deliver surprising attacks on smaller birds. 

Merlin are great hunters and they will sit and scan areas using their sharp eyesight.

Once they spot their prey, they will take to the air using strong wingbeats, rarely ever gliding – which again marks them out against other species of falcon and birds of prey. 

Masked Crimson Tanager 

Masked Crimson Tanager 

Finally, we round up our list with this tropical bird from South America.

The masked crimson tanager is an easily recognizable bird due to its plumage of bright red feathers, black wings, and the small patch of black that masks its face, hence why it was named the ‘masked’ crimson tanager. 

They are a relatively newly discovered species of bird and were only first described in 1825.

This is most likely because most masked crimson tanagers make their home in Amazonia, inhabiting swamps and rivers where they have easy access to both water, fruit and insects.

Despite their limited habitat area, their numbers are abundant. 


And there you have it! Those were just a few interesting birds that all share one thing in common – all of their names start with the letter ‘M’!

Each one is super unique, but which one was your favorite?

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Olivia Kepner