List Of 20 Animals That Start With O – With Fun Facts

List Of 20 Animals That Start With O – With Fun Facts

Animals that start with “o” include several animals from around the world. We have the seemingly docile Okapi native to Central Africa, the scavenging opossum found throughout the Americas, and the omnivorous oriole known for its beautiful singing.

These animals are just a few animals that start with o. But there are many more out there, which we’ll learn in this blog post.

Fascinating Animals That Start With O

Ostrich – Flightless birds

ostriches, birds, ostrich. animals that start with O

An ostrich is a large, flightless bird that stands more than two meters tall and is one of the animals that start with o. It is native to parts of Africa and can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h when running.

It feeds mainly on plants and small animals while using its long neck to locate food on the ground. Ostrich has potent legs that are well suited for running but can become dangerous as they are used to defend themselves.

Although these are flightless birds, it uses their wings to help them balance when running and maneuvering. The ostrich is surprisingly light for large animals, weighing about ninety kilograms.

Two species of ostrich are alive. The Somali ostrich and the common ostrich. Its feathers have a unique structure that gives them a velvety texture once smoothed down, which helps keep them warm during colder climates.

Ornate Hawk-Eagle

The Ornate Hawk-Eagle is a unique bird species that stand out among animals that start with “O.” The ornate hawk-eagle is a large, strikingly-colored brown and white eagle.

Ornate Hawk-Eagle, animals that start with O

Native to Central and South America, this brightly feathered animal was the first known species to fly over Machu Picchu.

The ornate hawk-eagle is an intelligent animal that could do such a feat. As fierce predators, these Hawks have remarkable eyesight that aids them in hunting.


The gorgeous Orioles are one of the animals that start with O, and it belongs to the Icteridae family, a species of songbirds known for their vibrant colors and soothing sounds.

Although they are brilliant animals, unfortunately, they have become endangered species due to loss of habitat or climate change. These animals inhabit large trees and feed on insects, nuts, fruits, and seeds.

Ornate Chorus Frog

The Ornate Chorus Frog is an animal that starts with O, alongside ocelots and olms. This particular amphibian has a fantastic range.

Ornate chorus frogs, animals that start with O, amphibians.

These frogs have two subspecies, the Plains Chorus Frog and the Western Chorus Frog. This small frog is found in the southeast United States and pine woodlands.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

The Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are fascinating creatures, often seen as one the animals that start with ‘O’.

This Olive Ridley Sea Turtle species has adapted to build a remarkable resistance to cold water and thrives in its healthiest form. With a diet varying from jellyfish and crabs to plants, it can sustain itself worldwide.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, amphibians, animals that start with O.

Sadly, this beautiful animal is classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to egg poaching and pollution in their habitats.


 Otters are animals that start with the letter ‘O’ and the delightful member of the family Mustelidae. It has 13 different species, each with its scientific name. Otters can be found worldwide, ranging from the Arctic and Subarctic to tropical climates near rivers and coastlines. 

They exist mainly in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans but can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea. Otter Otters are carnivorous mammals belonging to the subfamily Lutrinae, which means “otters eat other animals.”


The Oystercatcher is a large wading bird found in the animal kingdom, making it one of the animals that start with ‘o’.

Oystercatcher, bird, animals that start with O.

They are usually found near coastal regions, where they feed on mollusca and crustaceans. Oystercatchers have distinctive long, orange-red bills to help them effectively extract food items from their shells.

Oscar fish

The scientific name of the Oscar Fish is “Astronotus ocellatus.” These fishes are the animals that start with O and have been appreciated for their beauty since ancient times, and today they remain popular in the pet trade.

Oscar fish, animals that start with O.

Oscar Fish can grow up to 12 inches in length and can live for up to 10 years when cared for properly. They have various vibrant colors and patterns that make them attractive to watch underwater.


They have been seen in many parts of Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. Orcas are animals that start with ‘O’ along with octopi and otters.

Orca, killer whale, animals that start with O

They are apex predators, which means they’re at the top of the food chain. This killer whale has a diverse diet ranging from small fish to humans.


The Okapi is a unique animal part of the giraffe family, giving it an unusual look. It is one of the animals that start with “O.” and can be found in the forests and woodlands of tropical east Africa.

okapi, animals that start with O

It has a rich chestnut coat with horizontal stripes along its legs that resemble those on a zebra. Its face has large eyes, long ears, a short neck, short limbs, a bushly tufted tail, and high withers.

Its feet have two toes on each foot that are covered with soft hooves, which make walking over wet, muddy ground easier and helps with gripping branches when they feed in trees.

Owl Butterflies

Owl butterflies are one such species, animals that start with O. There are two species of the owl butterfly. The closely-related Confused Owl Butterfly and their larger cousin, the Dusky Owl Butterfly.

Owl butterflies, animals that start with O, butterflies

These are found in South America. And their wings resemble those of an owl due to their distinct patterns, colors, and sizes. The fun fact about the Confused Owl Butterfly is that it has two antennae that look like they’d belong to an owl, while the Dusky Owl Butterfly has only one.

Olive Baboons

Olive baboons are animals that start with “O.” They are native to the savannah woodlands of Africa and are the most widespread type of baboon.

Olive baboons, animals that start with O

The most interesting fun fact include their adaptability. They have been observed living on snowy mountaintops and even near cities. Despite this animal’s broad reach and versatility, it is classified as a “vulnerable” species due to hunting and habitat loss.

Orb Weaver

Orb Weavers, which start with O, are some of the most common spiders living in gardens, fields, and woodlands worldwide.

Orb Weavers, spiders, animals that start with O

The amazing fun fact about this third-largest spider family that makes them extraordinarily interesting is their impressive creativity when building their complex webs that often use patterning and symmetry to attract their prey.


Oilbirds are nocturnal birds and have their scientific name, Steatornis caripensis. These birds begin with “O” and are one of the more interesting animals.

Oilbirds are nocturnal birds belonging to the family Steatornithidae found in tropical South America. These nectarivorous birds primarily feed on fruits from Cecropia trees and require dark environments for roosting during daytime hours.


Orangutans start with O and are native to Malaysia and Indonesia. They have shaggy, reddish-brown fur, long arms, and curved hands unique to orangutans, allowing them to swing from trees easily.

Orangutans, monkeys,  animals that start with O.

Their scientific name is Pongo pygmaeus, meaning “man of the forest.” Orangutans are arboreal animals that spend most of their time in the canopy of the rainforest, where they find food such as fruit, insects, or even bird eggs.

The Fun fact about orangutans is that they can live up to 50 years in their natural habitat. They belong to the great ape family. There are two species of orangutan: the Sumatran orangutan and the Bornean orangutan. Both are now critically endangered.


Octopuses are animals that start with ‘O’, and they are one of the fantastic species amongst animals that start with O. They get their scientific name, Octopoda, from their eight legs and two rows of suckers.

Octopus, animals that start with O, Octopoda

An Octopus has three hearts and blue blood. Since they have no bones, they can squeeze into tight spaces. These animals can be found in all oceans of the world but are particularly prevalent in tropical waters. Octopuses are intelligent animals.


The Olingo is a fascinating animal that starts with O. Its scientific name is Bassaricyon Gabbi, and it belongs to the family of animals known as the raccoon family.

These animals live in several parts of Central America and specialize in living high up in trees. These unique animals have owl-like eye markings and webbed feet perfect for grasping branches. An evolutionary adaption that helps them move around freely while they hunt small animals like lizards or birds.


Olm is animals that start with the letter O and are fascinating creatures known as aquatic salamanders. The scientific name of olm is Proteus anguinus.

Olm, aquatic salamander, animals that start with O.

They live exclusively in caves deep underwater in the sea and oceans. Olm is a species of aquatic salamander in the family Proteidae. They are also known as “human fish” because of their pinkish-white skin color and slender shape.

Old English Sheepdog

The old English sheepdog is a large dog breed. And one of the most beautiful animals starts with the letter “O.”These animals are quadrupedal animals, classified under the species of “Canis lupus familiarise.”

Old English sheepdogs, animals that start with O

The Fun fact is that living English sheepdogs were bred initially from herding dogs such as border collies, Welsh corgies, and other pastoral breeds.


Owls are animals that start with the letter ‘O’ and are fascinating. Their scientific name is Strigiformes, a species with large forward-facing rounded heads and large eyes.

Owl, animals that start with O

One fun fact about owls is when hunting. They can detect prey as far away as 10 meters in almost complete darkness due to their powerful night vision.

Q. What is a mammal that starts with O?

Many mammals start with O. Out of which some are, Ocelot, Okapi, Old English Sheepdog, Olingo, Olive Baboon, Onager, Opossum, and Orangutan.

Q. How many animals start with O?

Seven hundred twenty-one animals start with O.

Q. What animal has the letter O?

Octopus, Okapi, Opossum, Orangutan, Orca, Ostrich, Otter, and Owl are the animals that have the letter O.

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