The Coolest Birds That Start With S 

What would life be like without the sound of whistling birdsong?

The Coolest Birds That Start With S

With more than 11,000 species of birds on the planet, most of us are always stumbling across another fascinating species to adore. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the coolest birds that start with the letter S.

With giant wing spans, elephant-like memories, and prehistoric qualities; these birds have it all! 


The sparrow is one of the most sociable birds on the planet.

The sparrow usually lives in close proximity to humans, and although they originate from North Africa, they can be found across Europe and parts of Asia, too. 

There are many species of sparrow, including the house sparrow, the tree sparrow, the Eurasian tree sparrow, the rock sparrow, the yellow-throated sparrow, and more.

The house sparrow and the tree sparrow are native to the UK, but other species can be found throughout the world. 

Most species of sparrow nest between April and August, and they tend to nest in small colonies, preferring to build their nests with thick vegetation and will often nest in holes in buildings. 

These finch-like birds can have different colorings, but their broad heads, conical bills, rounded wings, and stout-like bodies can be easily identifiable.

Females and juveniles are often brown, while males may boast brown and grey colorings. 


The shoebill is a large stork-like bird. The shoebill, also called a whalehead, resembles a prehistoric bird, and they were once classified as storks.

Although storks were thought to be their closest avian relatives, it’s now believed that the shoebill may be more closely related to the pelican. 

Shoebills often live in swamps in eastern Africa, and they feast on anything from snakes and eels to lizards and baby crocodiles – yes, you heard that right!

The shoebill is rare and critically endangered, and it’s thought that less than 5,000 remain in the wild.

The shoebill can grow up to five feet tall and boasts a staggering eight-foot wingspan.

These birds have gray feathers, yellow eyes, white bellies, and a distinctive feathered crest on the back of their heads.

These birds hunt in the daytime and often produce a ‘clapping’ sound that can attract mates and scare off predators. Some say this sounds like a machine gun!


These large, long-legged birds are known for their unique appearance and incredibly long bills.

The Coolest Birds That Start With S

There are around twenty species of stork, some of which are considered endangered and worthy of protection in some parts of the world. 

Storks are usually found in Europe, Asia, and Africa, with one species, the black-necked stork, also living in Australia.

White storks can begin breeding at around four years old and have an impressive life expectancy – some storks can live as long as 48 years!

However, in the wild, the average stork will live for 22 years and 35 years in captivity. 

Storks are usually considered opportunistic feeders, and they’ll eat anything from beetles and grasshoppers to shrews, moles, and the eggs and chicks of nesting birds. 

Most storks will prefer to live and nest in grasslands, wetlands, and open-grown trees.

They can also be found in light woodland, wet meadows, and ponds. Interestingly, most storks are completely voiceless, and their wingspan can be double our height! 


The sandpiper is known for its narrow wings, long body, and long legs.

Amazingly, there are around 98 species of sandpiper in the world, and their family also includes other species such as stints, snipers, and godwits. 

These birds can be found almost anywhere in the world, with the exception of Antarctica.

The common sandpiper is a migratory bird, but it will visit similar habitats the whole year-round.

Migratory sandpipers, such as the common sandpiper, will migrate to southern Asia, Africa, and Australia in the winter.

Most sandpipers will prefer to live in upland areas and may be found beside rivers, ponds, and lakes. 

The common sandpiper is known for its distinctive ‘bobbing’ or ‘teetering’ motion, produced when it bobs up and down.

Birds That Start With S

For a small bird, the sandpiper can fly as fast as 50 miles per hour, and its wings are narrow and long, making them perfectly suited for long-distance travel. 

The sandpiper produces multiple noises, including short, high-pitched whistles when in flight or perched, and some sounds may only be audible when there are two or more birds together.

The spotted sandpiper is also known for its impressive courtship dances and acts of territorial defense. 


The swan is one of the most recognizable birds in the world. The swan is a heavy-bodied, long-necked, and big-footed bird that is closely related to geese and ducks.

Swans are usually found in parts of Australia, Europe and Asia, North America, South America, and Central America. 

There are seven species of swan in the Cygnus genus, and these can be found across the world. In the wild, swans have an average life span of 12 years, but in captivity, they could live as long as 30 years.

Swans are incredibly large birds – the average swan weighs between 25-35 pounds and can reach heights of up to four feet when standing.

From the very tip of their bill to the end of their tail, swans measure around five feet! 

Swans are known for their grace and elegance. They’re often seen gliding across lakes with their cygnets, and although they can be temperamental, they are relatively calm around humans.

They tend to live in wetlands, marshes, and lakes, and they may be found grazing on land, although their short legs can make it hard for them to do so. 

Like elephants, swans have an incredible memory. They’re intelligent birds and appear to remember faces – so, if you see one regularly on your commute, treat it kindly, or you may quickly make yourself an enemy! 

Final Thoughts 

The next time you take a walk through your local park or wetland, keep your eyes open for some of these impressive birds – you never know what you might find!

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