Types Of Birds That Start With J

Have you found yourself wondering how many birds there are that start with the letter J? Maybe you want to know what birds share your first initial?

Types Of Birds That Start With J

Or are you looking for some exotic facts to wow your friends with? Whatever the reason might be that brought you here, we have the answer for you! 

When it comes to birds, there are hundreds and hundreds of different species and subspecies, trying to remember them all is impossible!

Even remembering birds that start with the same letter is challenging, especially the letter J.

So you head online and start searching to see what birds start with J. But no matter how much searching you do, you can’t find the answers that you want.

It leaves you frustrated, disappointed, and still unsure what birds start with a J! 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers that you need. Keep reading for a list of bird names that start with the letter J and some interesting facts about them. 

Birds That Start With J

Let’s get straight into it! Below we have a list of the different birds whose name starts with the letter J!

We have also included some information about them to help you learn a little more too. 

Jamaican Crow 

Jamaican Crow 

First up, we have the Jamaican Crow, a small member of the crow species known for its dull gray coloring.

You can typically find these crows in hilly areas with middle elevation in, you guessed it, Jamaica! 

Look for these birds in both dry and wet limestone forests. You can also identify them easily by their call which is quite nasally.

Once you have heard the call once, you will be able to spot it anywhere! 

James’s Flamingo 

James’s Flamingo 

James’s Flamingos are American flamingos, with their name coming from Harry Berkeley James.

Also known as Puna Flamingos you can find these animals in Bolivia, Chile, Northwest Argentina, and Peru.

These flamingos are roughly as large as other flamingoes. They feature a white head and body, with pink on their chest, face, and back.

An interesting fact about James’s Flamingos is that babies feed on esophageal secretion from their parents! We bet that will come in handy on a trivia quiz!

Japanese Robin

Japanese Robin

The Japanese Robin, or Komadori, are members of the Old World Flycatcher family, which are native to Japan.

You can find them in Kuril and Sakhalin, and often will migrate to gardens and parks in the winter. 

These birds are small songbirds featuring an orange throat and head, with dull brown on the upper parts of their body.

Underneath, they are mainly dark brown, offering an attractive contrast when you look at them. 

Jandaya Parakeet

Jandaya Parakeet

The Jandaya Parakeet, or Jenday Conures, are parakeets found in Brazil and are widely used in Aviculture practices.

These parakeets feature a small body and a long tail. Their undersides and heads are bright red and orange, with a blue-tipped tail and green wings. 

Jandaya parakeets enjoy seeds and nuts, but they also can eat vegetables and fresh fruit, providing it is in moderation. 

Jacobin Cuckoo

Jacobin Cuckoo

Jacobin Cuckoo is an Asian cuckoo species that we can find in Sri Lanka, India, and Saharan Africa. These cuckoos are tiny with a slim body and black crest on their heads.

Underneath their white, which contrasts against their black head and back. 

You can identify these birds by their sharp, ringing call that sounds like ‘piu-piu’.

We don’t know too much about sexual dimorphism at this point, but hopefully, this changes as more research are done! 

Javan Kingfisher 

Javan Kingfisher 

Javan Kingfishers also known as Blue-bellied Kingfishers, are small birds found in Bali and Java.

They are an Indonesian kingfisher species that can be identified by their large head and bill. They feature a dark brown throat, nape, head, and eyes, with a red bill that contrasts with the brown!

The rest of their body is purple and blue, and you can expect beautiful shades of these colors. 

You don’t find these Kingfishers hunting on the water, but rather catching prey on land close to the water edge. 

Jamaican Blackbird 

Jamaican Blackbird 

Jamaican Blackbirds are an endangered species in the blackbird family that is found in woodlands in Jamaica with high elevations.

These are also found in forest canopies too, which we don’t often see with other blackbird species! 

These birds are completely black with short and flared tail. Jamaican blackbirds also have a long and slim bill.

We don’t know too much about these birds, but bauxite mining, forestry, and charcoal production are contributing to their declining population. 

Javan Green Magpie 

Javan Green Magpies are an Indonesian covid species known for their intelligence. They are listed as critically endangered species due to illegal capturing and natural habitat loss.

Javan Green Magpies look like crows, but with more colorful plumage. They have a green underbody and head with a red bill and black eye mask. 

Javan Pond Heron 

Javan Pond Heron 

Javan Pond Herons are found across Southeast Asia. These large wading birds habit shallow freshwater and saltwater wetlands where they can catch their prey easily.

They have a medium-sized body with white plumage all over, apart from the brown tuff on their crown and throat.

These herons also feature a yellow bill with a black tip. 

The color of their lower back changes during the breeding season, you will find slate-colored plumes that help the heron attract mates. 

Japanese Waxwing 

Japanese Waxwing 

Finally, we have the Japanese Waxwing. These birds can be found in Eurasia and are considered to be near-threatened.

You can identify a Japanese Waxwing by its pink-brown plumage, pale yellow belly, black throat, and a black stripe across its eyes.

Unlike other waxwing species, the Japanese Waxwing doesn’t have waxy red feather tips. 

You can also identify them by their song, it is a high-pitched, trill-like call rather than a true song. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, some birds that start with the letter J! While this is not a complete list, it gives you an idea of some rare and exotic birds that start with a J.

Whether you are looking to identify some new birds or wow friends with your facts, we hope you found this helpful!

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Olivia Kepner