Unique Birds Whose Names Start With K

There are over 11,000 individual species of birds on the planet and each one has its own unique name. Despite this, it can still be tricky remembering a bird whose name starts with the letter K. 

Unique Birds Whose Names Start With K

If you are stuck trying to think of a bird that begins with K then this is the place for you.

We are going to be going through some of our favorite birds that all have one thing in common – they all begin with the letter K!

So, let’s jump right in! 



One of the most easily recognized birds in the world is the kingfisher.

Kingfishers are best known for their brightly colored feathers ranging from bright blue to deep orange and yellow.

They are very small but fast birds that can zip around rivers and lakes to quickly pluck their prey out of the water below.

They mainly eat small fish and aquatic insects, making them a completely carnivorous species. 

These fast and colorful birds can be found on every continent (except for Antarctica) making them one of the few creatures that can be found all around the world! 



One of the few birds of prey on our list is the kestrel. 

Kestrels are amazing hunters with one of the best eyesight seen in any species of bird, even in poor lighting.

This allows them to spot prey from nearly 100 feet in the air so they can dive straight down and snatch up whatever small mammal or lizard that has caught their eye. 

Most people would recognize a kestrel through their iconic hunting behaviors over their actual appearance.

While kestrels are known for their beautiful spotted plague, they are more easily known for their hovering technique.

This allows them to hover right above their prey and out of their line of sight, making it much easier for them to dive down and catch them.

This ruthless birth can be found in many countries with some species found across the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, and even certain parts of North America. 



The kingbird is a genus of flycatcher birds found in both North and South America, including island territories like Cuba, warm southern states of the US including Texas and Florida, covering lots of warm tropical territories. 

Kingbirds are generally not much to look at although some species of kingbird have a bright yellow plumage.

Despite their medium size, kingbirds are known for being pretty aggressive and are very territorial, especially when breeding season rolls around.

They will even successfully chase away larger birds including hawks from their young. 

However, kingbirds do not prey on other birds or mammals for food. Instead, they entirely eat insects and will wait patiently on their perch to catch insects as they fly past. 



This funny-named bird is best known for its iconic loud sound that it makes to help keep its territory.

The call of a kookaburra is super loud and continuous, and some people even mistake its call as the sounds of monkeys or donkeys.

It even slightly resembles human laughter and, as a result, the kookaburra has gained the common name the ‘laughing kookaburra’. 

Kookaburras are actually a part of the kingfisher family but live mainly in Australia. Ironically, despite being a part of the kingfisher family, kookaburras don’t actually ‘fish’.

Instead they will mostly hunt for lizards, insects or sometimes even  mice. 

Although the kookaburra does differ from other kingfishers in terms of diet, both are still carnivorous birds and both share the same stocky build and strong, large beaks. 

King Vulture

King Vulture

King vultures are scavenger birds that are mainly found in forests or savannas in Central and South America.

In size, king vultures only come second to condors and they are known for spending hours of their time up high in the sky, flying up to heights higher than any other species of vulture. 

Many people and other birds find king vultures to have a dominant and intimidating presence.

Many animals often make way for a king vulture when it lands, allowing it to just walk up to the prey of another bird and tuck in as if it were its own. 

This could be partly due to the hard stare these birds are known for, as well as the fleshy wattle that sits above its nostrils.

Unlike some other vultures, king vultures are also very colorful with the bare skin of their necks and wattle ranging in shades of orange, yellow, blue, and green.

So, this bird is definitely scarily beautiful!



Also known as the owl parrot, the kakapo is the only flightless ground-dwelling parrot in the world that lives in New Zealand.

Due to the fact that they cannot fly, kakapos have evolved with super strong legs that allow them to hike and climb with ease.

Kakapos do use their wings as parachutes, however, allowing them to glide down from tree tops to the forest floor.

Kakapos are super friendly birds that have been kept as pets in the past by both Maori and European settlers in the area.

However, they are now classed as critically endangered with just over a hundred individual Kakapos counted in the wild. 

The reason behind their low numbers is generally due to two factors – kakapos have a sweet odor that makes them very easy to find, and when found, they freeze up and don’t run away!

This is because kakapos hope to blend into their surroundings thanks to their green feathers.

While predators such as eagles will be less likely to see them because they rely on their eyes to hunt, predators that use scent will find them easily. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there are lots of different birds out there that all share the same first letter of their name.

From ground dwelling parrots to skillful birds of prey, there are a lot of different kinds of bird out there that all share the letter K as the first letter of their names. 

Can you think of any more? 

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Olivia Kepner