Wonderful Animals That Start With W

The animal kingdom is full of wonderful animals that are each equally unique and special.

Here we look at fourteen wonderful animals that have a name that starts with the letter W. 

Wonderful Animals That Start With W

Wonderful Animals That Start With W 


Wallabies belong to the marsupial animal family and look very similar to kangaroos but they are in fact smaller.

You can find wallabies in Australia and Papua New Guinea out in the wild in rugged areas with densely wooded areas that are close to water. There are 30 different species of wallaby. 


The walrus is easy to identify thanks to its large size and large teeth that descend from the upper jaw, along the outside of the lower jaw.

There are two main species, the Atlantic and the Pacific walruses and each is native to their respective habitats. They can live up to forty years in the wild. 

Wandering Albatross

The wandering albatross can be found soaring over crashing waves across the Southern Ocean. They typically breed in Iles Kerguelen, South Georgia, and the Macquarie Island. 

This type of avian is listed as a vulnerable animal due to its dwindling numbers. They are majestic to watch in the wild and they have the largest wingspan of any bird. 


The warthog is aptly named after the warts that can be seen on the sides of this animal’s face. The warts are a part of their protection when they fight, which occurs often within these territorial animals. 

Warthogs are native to sub-Saharan Africa and eastern South Africa and can thrive in a variety of habitats, such as semi-desserts, steppes, and open or wooded savannas and grasslands. 


Wasps are known to everyone but what may surprise you is that there are over 100,000 different wasp species. Only female wasps have stingers as it is their job to protect the colony’s nest. 

Wasps can be found in most places around the world and are very social insects. They can build nests in a variety of settings, such as in trees, roof spaces, and even in the soil.

Water Dragon

The water dragon is a harmless creature that typically lives around areas of standing water.

They are exceptional climbers thanks to their small size and can jump from trees to avoid becoming larger animal prey onto the water without drowning. 

This reptile can remain submerged under water for 30 minutes at a time and uses its long tail to move through the water. 


Weasels are extremely hungry animals, eating up to half of their body weight every day.

They are also great hunters and have the ability to attack and kill any animal that could be their next meal, including animals up to 10 times their size. 

Weasels thrive in areas where there is a lot of small prey available to hunt and also an available source of water. Their habitats are typically farmlands, roadsides, thickets, open fields, and woodlands. 

West Highland Terrier 

This fluffy white dog hails from Scotland. The small dog can fit into the narrow passages of underground dens leading to foxes, badgers, and other small creatures.

Westies also have very strong teeth which allow them to attack other creatures when necessary.

Westie’s are typically very independent dogs but they are also very friendly and affectionate. This breed of dog can live for up to 12 to 14 years. 

Whale Shark 

In the tropical oceans around the world, you will find these gentle creatures, distinctive from other whales and sharks thanks to their long, oblong-shaped mouth that allows them to feed on plankton and very small fish in the water and their white-spotted colored skin.

Whale sharks can grow as large as 20 meters in length and are the largest living non-mammalian vertebrate. They are very gentle giants and so many people visit places around the world solely to have the opportunity to swim with them.

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Whippets are a dog breed that resembles that of a Greyhound. They originate from the United Kingdom and grow to be medium-sized dogs when fully grown.

They are popular pets as they enjoy human companionship and are very gentle creatures.

They have a very thin coat of fur and so they hate hard surfaces but can adjust well to cooler temperatures. 

White Tiger 

The White Tiger is not very common in the wild as they are easy to spot and as they are solitary creatures they are often attacked in the wild.

These rare tiger species are a result of a genetic mutation that results in a Bengal tiger being born with white fur. 

The white tiger can be found in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India but is mostly seen in captivity where they become a tourist attraction in a zoo.


The wildebeest is one of the largest species of antelope which can be seen roaming the Serengeti plains of southeastern Africa.

These animals graze the grassy savannah and they are known for their annual movement where 1.5 million wildebeest migrate to a new area of savannah for the rainy season.


Wolves travel in packs and can be extremely aggressive when encountered in the wild. The wolf can be heard at night before it is seen as it howls to the moon.

A male wolf can weigh up to 110 pounds which means they can attack much larger animals when hunting for food to feed the pack.


The woodpecker is a small bird that is common all over the world. This small creature is known for its beak which it uses to drill into wood, hence its name.

They are believed to symbolize new beginnings and so it is lucky to see one in the wild. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, there you have it! Have you heard of all the animals that made our list before or did you find out about some new wonderful creatures today?

With thousands of other animals that also have a name starting with the letter W, you will never be finished learning and discovering more about new animals every day. 

Olivia Kepner