What Is The Goal Of Wildlife Conservation?

Wildlife conservation has become commonplace in recent decades, and is something that we all aware of – unfortunately considering them the ‘norm’.

This is quite a sad fact, as wildlife should be able to thrive and flourish on their own without outside help from organizations and charities.

What Is The Goal Of Wildlife Conservation

However, conservation efforts are also ignored or misunderstood by some members of society, which begs the question: what is the goal of wildlife conservation, and what can we do to help?

What Is Wildlife Conservation?

As the name suggests, wildlife conservation – in its various forms – is work (see also: How The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission Works)that aims to conserve animal populations around the world.

There are various groups, organizations, and charities that each have their own specific focus and causes, and in many cases they are the only thing standing between some species and complete extinction.

Do Species Need Conserving?

This is a common argument by groups who are opposed to wildlife conservation, (see also: Theodore Roosevelt And The History Of Wildlife Conservation)and it generally comes from sources who have distinct personal or financial interests in various industries – such as the ones that damage habitats.

The argument tends to be that “species come and go all the time”. This is both true and false, at least in terms of the rate they are talking about.

Over the centuries, certain species have come and gone, and this process is entirely natural in some cases, but the alarming thing about what we are currently seeing is the sheer increase and speed at which species around the world are becoming endangered.

This is because we as a species have amped up our own manufacturing and industry, something that has overpowered populations and made it impossible for them to thrive.

As such, wildlife conservation agencies feel that it is our place as humans to step in and correct this wrong.

What Are Their Goals?

When it comes to the various wildlife conservation organizations, (see also: How To Create A Wildlife Conservation Organization: Step-By-Step Guide)there are certain goals that they are working towards – and while these might differ based on the nature of the group in question, they are generally working towards the same end.

Protecting Species

What Is The Goal Of Wildlife Conservation

One of their main goals is to protect endangered species from the modern threats they face – such as heavy industry, deforestation, poaching, hunting, and any number of other specific factors.

This is because we need them as much as they need us, and when animals start dying off, other species suffer, and the belief is that this will have a larger effect on the planet as a whole.

What’s more, we also exist in the food chain, and we have a dependence on nature and wildlife too, which means that, eventually, we will suffer the effects of our actions.

Encourage Growth

They also aim to encourage ailing species to grow and thrive on their own.

This is how nature intended them to be, and as such, returning them to this natural state is the ultimate goal of wildlife conservation(se  also: African Wildlife Conservation 101).

The natural order of things should be that everything can exist together and continue to manage – even with natural hunting amongst species.

Getting back to this state is paramount if we are all going to thrive and live contentedly in the long term.


Conservation groups also seek to educate people about animal species, with the ultimate goal of making everyone care about the planet and the creatures that reside there.

The thinking is that, if people care and have respect for nature, then the world will be a happier place for everyone involved.


They also seek to get people to live sustainably. This means living within our means and not pillaging the planet of its vital resources that we all rely on.

This is specifically aimed at large corporations, but we can all make a difference to how we live and what we consume.

If we live sustainably, there will only be enough for everyone, but the animal species who have previously suffered will stand the best chance of survival.


Many people on the opposing side of the argument, as mentioned above, consider it to be a natural part of life. However, this is not true – at least not in the way they mean.

While the human population has lived in relatively the same way for thousands of years – and had pretty much the same level of impact on nature – the population has skyrocketed in the last 200 years, reaching nearly 7 billion people.

As such, industry has changed dramatically, mass producing items and food on a global scale to meet the growing demands.

As such, we need to make changes to how we live on the planet, and act accordingly with the impact we are having.

How Can People Help?

There are many ways people can help conservation efforts.

What Is The Goal Of WildlifeConservation

Embrace Nature

The best way to understand and appreciate something is to immerse yourself within it. This means getting to know nature, and realizing the importance of its survival.

Join Programs

You can also join conservation programs, where you can learn about efforts made, join rallies, and even donate money to the cause.


You could also protest and appeal to politicians to put sanctions on large corporations who are causing the most damage.

This way, we can handle the problem at the source, making it much easier.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about wildlife conservation, (see also: Everything You Need To Know About The Fish And Wildlife Act Of 1980)and what their goals are on the global scale.

Wildlife conservation (see also: Wildlife Conservation Funding: 10 Biggest Funding Sources)is incredibly important when it comes to protecting habitats and ensuring species continue to thrive, and without them, the world would certainly be a very different place – not to mention devoid of some of our favorite species of animals that we all know and love.

So if you are a fan of wildlife and want to help make a difference, then why not check out how you can get involved?

Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

Olivia Kepner