10 Easy Ways You Can Help To Support Wildlife

Wildlife is incredibly important to our world, and of course we all want to try to help out where we can. However, helping to support wildlife is never usually an easy task, so we might be looking for easy ways we could support wildlife.

10 Easy Ways You Can Help To Support Wildlife

So, what exactly could you do? Luckily, we’ve written this handy guide to help you to understand 10 of the easiest ways to help support wildlife that you can do. Looking to learn more? Then read on!

Reduce Your Speed On The Roads

Pretty much anywhere you live on the planet, you will find roadkill. It’s a sad truth that roadkill is an incredibly common sight – and the even more painful truth is the fact that these animals could easily have been avoided.

The major problem that causes these animals to pass away so early though is because of dangerous road users. Due to our busy lifestyles and driving in hard to see conditions, we can easily hit wildlife out on our highways or roads.

The thing is though, this doesn’t always have to happen. Granted, it will not save every animal – but a great way that you can help support wildlife easily is simply by reducing your speed on the roads.

By doing this easy step, you will be better placed to see an animal if they run out on the road – and as a result of this, you can hit the brakes in time and save an animal’s life.

In conjunction with this, be sure that you’re using the right headlight settings in difficult conditions and take extra care when traveling through areas near woodlands or other animal habitats.

Call For Help When You Can

Another easy way that you can help wildlife is simply by making a call to the wildlife rescue services, if at any time you see an injured animal or an animal in danger. Depending on where you live, the process might be different.

It’s a good idea then to look up the number and save it on your cell phone, in case you need to contact them in the future. If at any time then you do encounter an injured animal or an animal in danger, you simply need to make the call and await their arrival.

Wildlife rescue services will arrive and do their best to save any animal that they can, but they will need you to let them know about what the situation is. While this might sound a little basic, it’s one of the most important ways that you can help, and indeed – easy.

Perhaps one of the most simple but effective ways that you can help to support wildlife is by donating regularly to an animal charity(see also: 10 Of Our Favorite Wildlife Conservation Charities Worth Your Support). It’s up to you which charity you support, but it’s a good idea to research them and see which one most suits you.

Animal charities do amazing work to help our wildlife, but they are non-profit organizations. As a result, they have little budget and rely solely on donations to help them in their tasks. This is where you can come in and lend a helping hand.

If you really want to increase your helping of an animal charity on top of donation though, you could organize a monthly event where all the proceeds go to that specific charity, and invite one of the representatives of that charity to attend.

You may even be lucky enough to have a member of the press arrive and make the charity more well-known, leading to even further donations!

Help Out In The Weather

Help Out In The Weather

The world can be unpredictable and no more so than when we’re talking about the climate and weather conditions. When times get tough on the hot or cold side, our animal friends will need some extra help.

There are some easy ways that you can do this. In the very hot weather, you can put down some clean, fresh and cold water in troughs or similar, in your yard – but away from the main areas, in case of attracting certain animals too close to your home.

Indeed, little cooling stations can help stray dogs and cats during these hot weathers, but it can also help birds and other animals when they need a little hydration and cooling down.

During the cold weather, you can help by having a small shelter set up for stray cats and dogs. Having a dog/cat door set up in your shed or garage can allow them to come in when it’s very cold outside – and they can take refuge.

Have some blankets set up around the area to allow them to warm up, and if possible, have radiators on. However, do not use portable heaters when you’re not in attendance.

Beware Of Nests

One of the most simple ways you can help is by keeping an eye out for nests, whether that’s birds nests or turtle nests etc.

Just be careful when you’re around them and try to avoid them as much as possible – in case they get spooked or even if their mother attacks you.

Turn Off Your Lights

Not only does switching off your lights help the environment and save energy, but it can easily support wildlife because they are not used to fluorescent lights.

As a result, their behaviors can change and they can get scared or aggressive when they are not normally like this.

Plant Trees And Plants

Planting more trees and growing a nice ecosystem can significantly help to support wildlife. Remember, their habitat is struggling to cope – so helping out where you can will be a significant improvement!

Beware Of Garbage

Having a clean and garbage free environment is critical to wildlife’s protection, so whenever you can, be sure that you’re clearing up your surroundings.

Whether this is at home or if you go out camping, hiking etc. This might be a very basic idea, but it can make all the difference!

Reduce Your Meat Intake

By choosing to reduce the amount of meat you eat, the need for the meat market reduces – and as a result, wildlife are not being used in such huge numbers for food.

You do not need to give up meat entirely if you do not want to, but reducing your intake will make a massive difference!

Be Kind To Your Pets

Our last point is an obvious one and it goes back to the saying of “charity starts at home”. Just be kind and loving to your pets and all animals that you see out in the wild.

Animals, like us, are not inherently dangerous – they are products of their own lives. By being kind and respecting them, we can support their existence massively.

Final Thoughts

Supporting wildlife does not need to be very difficult, and by taking some of these easy and quick steps – you can help to support our wildlife friends hugely!

Olivia Kepner