Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Details And Location

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is 200 acres in size and it is home to the most fantastic creatures. At this conservation center, you will have the opportunity to see bears and other amazing animals up close, all of which are detailed in this article. 

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Details And Location

The AWCC has set out to protect and preserve the wildlife of Alaska. It does this through conservation, education and research as well as providing top-level care for its animals. 

This conservation center has been running for many years, opening its doors to the public in 1993. You will have the opportunity to see coyotes, bears and bald eagles, among many other fascinating animals. 

This article will explore the details of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation (see also: Meadowlands Conservation And Wildlife Area: Details And Location)Center, as well as its location. Read on for more information on this amazing place! 

Where Is The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center?

This conservation center can be found in Turnagain Arm. This is a beautiful setting, and you will not be disappointed with the amazing views that you will experience while you are learning about the wildlife of Alaska. 

In this setting, you will be surrounded by glaciers and mountains. This center is huge, and it is a good idea to drive around the park before you begin to get your bearings.

After you have done this, you can figure out the direction that you want to walk in and park up. 

When you reach each section of the park you will be met with a sign explaining the habitat that you are looking at, as well as the history and habits of the animals that you are looking at.

Animal Encounters At The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

There are lots of different encounters for you to enjoy at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. 

Walk On The Wild Side Tour

The walk on the wild side tour (WOW) that occurs at 2pm every day. This tour shows you the way that the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center works.

On this tour, you will experience the naturalist guide that will walk you through the wildlife center and give you information on all of the wildlife that is resident in the center. On this tour you will also get lots of information on the history of the center. 

As well as this, you will have the opportunity to feed some of the animals. This tour is for people aged 10 and above and is available all year round.

Moose Encounter 

This tour happens seasonally. It occurs on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30am. It takes place between June 1st and September 15th. 

You will get the opportunity to meet the moose that resides at the center, and learn all about the amazing animals.

Bear Encounter 

The bear encounter happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3.45pm. It Happens between June 1st and August 15th.

This tour allows you to experience the bears up close. You can help with the daily feeding and training, and learn all about the behavior of the bear and the bear’s diet. 

You have to be aged 12 and above to take part on this tour and you will not experience any physical touching of the bear.

What Should You Expect To See At The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center?

Grizzly Bears

Hugo is the grizzly bear kept at this conservation center that steals people’s hearts. She was found in Alaska by hunters near Kotzebue.

She was very young when she was found and she was starving, unable to find any food for herself. She was injured, with lots of porcupine quills stuck in her paws.

Hugo was brought to the center where she was fed a high-fat diet and was given antibiotics for her injuries.

Hugo now lives in the conservation center and you can see her enjoying herself in her 20-acre habitat. 

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Details And Location

Winter Wildlife 

One of the most interesting things to see at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is the wintery wildlife that you will struggle to see elsewhere.

If you want to catch a glimpse of this then you should visit the conservation center during the winter months, anytime from October to April.

If you go during this time, you will spot moose, reindeer, deer, foxes and wood bison. However, you should note that if you visit at this time of year you may not see the black or brown bears. This is because they tend to hibernate through the winter.

What Else Can You Do At The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center?

There are not only fantastic animals to see at the conservation center, you can also experience the fun of the snow!

The center provides kick-sled for people of all sizes and ages. You can travel around the sanctuary and view the animals by kicksled, or on skis to add to the fun! 

There are also lots of other events available at the center. You can take part in the Fat Bike Ride that takes place in January, or the Bison Run that happens in April.

Rental Facilities 

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (see also: How To Volunteer At The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center)is home to a beautiful rental facility that is perfect for one-of-a-kind event space.

This space is located in the beautiful landscape of Alaska and you have the opportunity to experience the amazing wildlife right on your doorstep. 

The accommodation is called Buson Hall, and it is a large barn style building that has wooden beams and beautiful large windows. 

There is also a smaller room which holds 40 people, but for larger events Bison Hall is absolutely breathtaking.

What Should You Bring With You To Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center?

There are lots of things that you should bring with you to ensure that your visit to the conservation center is as good as it can be. 

It is a good idea to bring good, strong walking shoes along with you. This is because you will be walking a lot to see all of the animals that you want to see!

You will also likely be walking in tough terrains, such as ice and snow so make sure that you wear appropriate shoes. 

It is also likely to be very cold when you visit the conservation center and you will be outside for a long time. Ensure that you dress in layers so that you don’t get cold! 

Bring along a camera to capture some of the amazing shots, and some binoculars to catch a glimpse of some of the amazing animals from a distance.

Sometimes, you may not be able to see the animals up close, so it is very important to bring along binoculars for this. It will increase your chances of seeing all of the wonderful animals that you want to see.

Final Thoughts 

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is definitely worth (see also: 10 Of Our Favorite Wildlife Conservation Charities Worth Your Support)a visit! You will see some amazing animals and experience some fantastic things while you are there.

It is something that the whole family will absolutely love, and you will get some once-in-a-lifetime experiences while you are there. 

If you are looking for an event space, Bison Hall, which is located in the grounds of the center, is absolutely stunning.

Olivia Kepner