What Is A Tasmanian Devil’s Favorite Food?

When most of us think of marsupials, kangaroos are often the first that come to mind, and many of us don’t know very much about some of the other species in the family.

Tasmanian devils are incredibly fascinating creatures that hunt and fight their prey in unusual ways. 

What Is A Tasmanian Devil's Favorite Food?

Because of their incredibly sharp teeth, they have even been known to eat the bones of their prey after killing them, devouring every piece.

If you want to find out more about the Tasmanian devil, including some of their favorite foods, keep reading below to find out more. 

What Do They Like To Eat? 

Let’s jump straight in and take a look at what Tasmanian devils enjoy eating.

In the Looney Tunes cartoon that we’re all familiar with from our childhoods, the Tasmanian devil in the show liked to eat all manner of things, including birds and rabbits.

But, is that an accurate portrayal? 

The simple answer is yes, Tasmanian devils aren’t actually that picky about their food sources, as long as there’s some meat there to devour.

They’ve been known to eat a whole host of different animals, including wombats, rabbits, squirrels, possums, fish, insects, frogs and birds. 

As you can see, their diet is quite varied, to say the least. Despite their rather cute appearance, they are one of the most ferocious creatures in the entirety of Australia. 

They are nocturnal creatures, so they come out at night to hunt prey, and simultaneously avoid predators themselves.

They like to scavenge food as well, so if they come across an animal carcass that has been partially devoured, they will finish it off. 

This includes eating items such as the organs, hair, and even the bones of the animal. Their teeth are so sharp, that it’s no issue for them to chow down into a bone fragment and then digest it. 

How Do They Hunt Their Prey? 

If you’re wondering how Tasmanian devils tend to hunt their prey, the answer is that they tend to do it in large groups.

Once they have found and killed their prey, there will be some fighting over who gets to eat each piece. 

The way in which they tend to kill their prey is simply by using their powerful teeth to bite into sensitive areas, such as the neck and head. This method is very effective for killing their prey. 

A group of Tasmanian devils will often be seen eating a carcass together, and they will make a series of screeching and grunting noises, as they fight each other for their meal. 

Although they seem rather small, some people may be surprised when they witness just how much a Tasmanian devil is able to eat.

They gorge on their food, and consume incredibly large amounts in one single session.

Some of you might be reminded of the African hyena, when you read about Tasmanian devils, and they’re very similar in terms of gorging on food.

They will eat most anything as long as it’s not plants. 

They are able to do this because Tasmanian devils can actually store food in their own tails. Then they can feed on that food at a later date, when there is little opportunity for catching prey. 

What Animals Prey On Tasmanian Devils? 

What Animals Prey On Tasmanian Devils? 

Some of you might be wondering which animals are responsible for eating Tasmanian devils, seeing as they tend to devour most animals in the surrounding areas. 

There is another creature native to Tasmania, which has since become extinct, and was responsible for the decline in the Tasmanian devil population. This animal was called the Tasmanian tiger. 

Another kind of animal that is responsible for killing Tasmanian devils comes from the bird world. Eagles have been known to stalk these creatures, before swooping down and killing them.

Quolls, particularly ones of a larger size, have also been known to kill Tasmanian devils, but they often go for the younger ones. 

Tasmanian devils can be incredibly ruthless, and if they’re hungry enough, will eat the children of their own species. 

Do They Pose A Threat To Humans? 

Some of you reading this may be wondering, because of their incredibly sharp gnashers, whether or not they might pose a threat to human beings.

It’s incredibly easy to be taken in by their cute appearance, but it’s not recommended that you get too close. 

They don’t generally pose a threat to human beings, and if they see you, will likely be afraid by your stature.

They can however, become aggressive to humans, but only if they’re provoked into this behavior. 

As long as you’re respectful to these creatures and keep a safe distance, you are not likely to come under any harm. 

How Much Do Tasmanian Devils Eat? 

As we mentioned briefly above, Tasmanian devils have a great capacity for both eating and storing food, but some of you might be wondering how much exactly they consume. 

They will not eat every day, and will typically hunt and eat prey once every four days. When they do eat, they tend to be ravenous.

A typical Tasmanian devil will eat around 1 kilogram of food in one session, which is quite a lot. 

Some exceed this amount, and another study conducted by researchers found that the Tasmanian devils that they observed ate up to 2.4 kilograms in a single session.

They consumed all of this food within just half an hour, which demonstrates that the rate at which they eat their food is incredibly speedy. 

Around 40 percent of the weight carried by Tasmanian devils will be made up from the food that they’ve consumed.

The reason why they eat so much is because they don’t know when their next meal will come, and so they’re ensuring their survival for the future. 

Can Tasmanian Devils Benefit The Environment? 

In some respects, Tasmanian devils are important to our ecosystem. Because they consume a lot of decaying meat, they’re responsible for helping the environment by not leaving any leftovers from their prey. 

They are also good because they tend to hunt animals that are not actually native to Australia. One of these animals includes the red fox.

They are extremely good at sniffing out the dens of Australian foxes, and will kill the children along with the mother. 

They’re very good at bringing money and tourism to Australia, because they are such a popular creature that many people wish to see. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, Tasmanian devils do not really have a favorite food. In fact, they will tend to consume anything as long as it has meat.

They have been known to eat birds, frogs, rabbits, foxes, insects, fish, squirrels, and wombats. 

They’re not picky eaters, and once they’ve killed their prey, will devour each part of the animal, including the hair, organs, and even the bones which they gnash with their large teeth. 

Olivia Kepner