What Is A Luna Wolf?

The luna wolf got its name from the Latin word Luna, which is derived from the moon, and it symbolizes the moon’s changing cycle. 

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According to lupine mythology, the lupus was a human being, and later on, it was changed into a werewolf cause of the bite of another werewolf. 

Moreover, a werewolf alpha is the alpha female wolf of a wolf’s pack. And holds the highest rank, but what are her responsibilities in a pack, and with whom she mates? We will discuss all these questions in this blog. 

What is a Luna Wolf? (The Alpha Female) 

A luna wolf is also called an alpha female. She is the mating partner of the alpha male in a pack. Additionally, she has the right to breed and get help from other pack members in raising her pups. 

How Many Luna Wolves Are There in a Pack?

In a pack, there is only one Luna wolf. And there can not be more than one Luna female wolf, as it would destroy the pack system.

This shows that there is only one female for mating each breeding season. And during their mating season, the alphas’ become more aggressive and dominant.

Responsibilities of a Luna Wolf

A Luna wolf’s biggest responsibility is to give birth to new ones, but there are other responsibilities of hers.

Moreover, her other responsibilities include taking care of and raising pups, maintaining the order of the pack, and involvement in hunting.

What Is an Alpha Female?

Alpha female wolf holds the position of a leader in a pack. Besides the alpha female wolf, there are other female wolves in the pack. 

An alpha female wolf holds the authority and is the most powerful wolf of a pack. After giving birth to the new ones, she gets help from other pack wolves to look after her pups. 

Moreover, she does not go on hunting after giving birth to the pups, as she stays in the den. And she looks after her pup when the other wolves of the pack are busy hunting. And when the alpha male wolf returns, she greets him and feeds the hunted prey to the pups. 

Furthermore, when the Luna wolf is pregnant, the other wolves protect her and the unborn pups and give her helpful suggestions and guidance. 

Additionally, the other members follow their pack’s social order, and all members are ordered to respect each other. In a pack, the alpha male and alpha male resides at the top position. 

An alpha male is the most crucial part of a pack. He makes all important decisions and selects the alpha female for mating and raising his pups.

 Being the partner of the alpha male, the alpha female is not responsible for deciding the daytime activities and at what location they will go.    

Why Is the Alpha Female Called Luna Wolf?

A moon expresses femininity, and the luna means the moon. It symbolizes the female side of a woman. This is why an alpha female wolf is called a luna wolf. More authentic logic behind it is still unknown. 

The Luna wolf is mostly seen in werewolf literature and media. With this, the alpha wolf is the most appreciated member of a pack. 

In many books, the Luna wolf is romanticized and has many human features and actions, which makes it hard to differentiate it from a human female. 

What Is The Mate Of An Alpha Wolf Called?

The mate of an alpha male wolf is often referred as the ‘alpha female.’ This term refers to the wolf at the top of the pack hierarchy.

Alpha females are generally larger and stronger than other wolves in their pack and lead hunting. 

In addition to leading hunts, they also help protect their packs from predators. Alpha females typically mate for life, with the alpha male serving as a protector and provider for her and their pups. 

The alpha female plays an important role in maintaining stability within a pack by establishing hierarchy and assigning roles to each member.


The Luna wolf got its name from Luna, which means moon. And according to Lupine mythology, the lupus was a human being who changed into a werewolf after being bitten by another werewolf. 

Moreover, a luna wolf symbolizes the changing cycle of the moon. Additionally, there is only one alpha male and an alpha female in a wolf pack. And alpha males only mate with the alpha females. 

She is responsible for giving birth to the new one, while other wolves offer her helpful suggestions and guidance during her pregnancy. With this, an alpha wolf feeds her cubs and raises her cubs. Check out the interesting video for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the female Alpha wolf called?

The female alpha wolf of the pack is called the Luna wolf. 

What is the dominant female wolf called?

The dominant female wolf is called the alpha female wolf.

What is Luna Wolf?

The alpha female wolf is also called the Luna wolf, the dominant female wolf of a pack. 

Is Luna the alpha female wolf?

A Luna is the alpha female wolf.

Olivia Kepner