List Of 16 Animals That Start With U

Are you curious about animals that start with the letter U? From the elusive Uakari monkey to the majestic Urial sheep, there are several fascinating creatures to discover.

However, due to their lesser-known status, finding information about these animals can be challenging. Understanding their unique traits and habitats can be both educational and exciting.

In this guide, we’ll explore 16 animals that start with the letter U, including the Uganda kob, Uinta Chipmunk, and Ulysses Butterfly. By learning about these animals, you’ll not only expand your knowledge but also gain a deeper awareness for the diversity of life on Earth.

Animals That Start With U


Uakari is animals that start with the letter u and live in the rainforests of central and south America. These animals are easily recognized by their bald heads, exposed during a photoperiod each day.

They vary in size but typically weigh between four to five kilos, with some males reaching a maximum of seven kilograms. Uakari feeds primarily on fruits, insects, and small animals that they can catch from trees or the riverbanks.

Furthermore, their long tails help them balance when moving around the forest canopy, and their fur-covered toes make climbing trees easier.

Uakari, monkey

Uganda kob

The Uganda kob is an antelope species found in the African countries of Uganda and Southern Sudan. Unlike other animals that start with ‘u,’ this one is relatively unknown, as it lives in dense timber grasslands and hides away from animals of prey.

Uganda kob

Their hidden nature has earned them the nickname “the hidden forest chipmunk.” Although small for an antelope, Uganda kob can still weigh 350 pounds when fully grown. As fierce fighters, they are known for head-butting each other’s horns to establish dominance during mating season.

Another peculiar fact about this u animals species is that males suffer an opportunity cost when mating, which means that choosing to mate or reproduce diminishes their ability to feed themselves. Despite being one of the animals that start with ‘u,’ Uganda Kobs are unique animals, full of fascinating facts.


The Uguisu, or Japanese bush warbler, is a small bird native to East Asia, although different subspecies are known to be found in other places such as central and south America. It is one of the few animals whose name starts with the letter U, making it an exciting example of animals that start with this particular letter.


Its popularity stems from its beautiful song, which has been enjoyed in Japan for centuries and is believed by some to bring good luck. Its feathers were also historically used to make ceremonial garments due to their softness and luxurious feel.

Uinta Ground Squirrel

The Uinta Ground Squirrel is quite an exciting animal found in South America. It nests, takes shelter in caves, and grows 18-33 cm long, similar to an average house cat. Its body is covered in short fur that ranges in color from greyish-brown to pale yellow.

Uinta Ground Squirrel

Uinta ground squirrel is omnivores who enjoy foraging for plants, insects, and even small animals like lizards. These animals store food surplus in their burrows, which goes a long way in helping them survive during the cold winter months when there’s little food around.

A fascinating fact about Uinta ground squirrels is that they hibernate alone and always enter and exit their burrow alone.

Ulysses Butterfly

The Ulysses Butterfly is a species of animal that starts with U and can be found in the tropical parts of Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

butterfly, insect, animal

The beautiful butterfly can have wingspans of up to nine centimeters and has a unique iridescent blue color with black edges on the upper sides of its wings.

Ulysses Butterfly can be seen flittering around gardens, woodlands, forests, and other protected areas where they feed on nectar and fruit juices.

Uinta Chipmunk

The Uinta Chipmunk is a small member of the squirrel family that can be found in western North America. Known for its vocalizations and bouncing movements, it’s one of the few animals beginning with U, with others including the Uakari Monkey and Ubiquitous Yellow Underwing Moth.

chipmunk, nature, wildlife

Depending on their population range, these chipmunks have creamy brown fur coloration and lighter stripes along their neck and back.

They prefer to live in forested areas near mountain streams, where they are well-stocked with cones, berries, seeds, insects, and other food items. In winter, these chipmunks will often remain buried underground in hibernation until spring returns.


The Umbrellabird, an animal that starts with U, is one of the unique animals living on Earth today. This charismatic animal is found primarily in the tropical forest region of South America and is a member of the Cotingidae family.

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It is home in lowland rainforests, often near streams or rivers, where it roosts in trees at night. As its name suggests, this species has a large crest that can resemble an open umbrella or fan when the bird spreads it out.

The magnificent crest atop their heads can grow up to 9 inches wide, and its long tail plumes can reach up to 20 inches. Furthermore, the Umbrellabird’s eyes are orange-red, and they also have a distinctive “chuckle” sound while communicating with other members of their flock.


The Urial, a wild sheep found in Central and South Asia, is one of the animals that starts with the letter “U.” The species’ scientific name is Ovis Orientalis Vignei. It has excellent adaptability when it comes to its habitat.

mouflon, sheep, horns

Although typically found in mountainous terrain, Ural owls and Unaus (also known as sloths) have been known to inhabit grassland steppes just as successfully. It is an ungulate mammal defined by its thick woolly coat, which it sheds twice a year, and its horns, which can grow very long male horns, can reach up to 102cm.

Other distinguishing physical characteristics of this species include their distinct facial marking and tail tuft. Staying true to their wild nature, Urial animals usually live in herds or flocks of about 10-50 animals led by a single dominant ram.


Uromastyx, also known as “spiny-tailed lizards,” are animals that start with the letter ‘u’ and have many interesting characteristics. Native to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and India, these animals come in various sizes and colors.

Uromastyx has large spines down their back that act like armor to protect them from predators. These animals are omnivorous and can sustain themselves from plant material and insects.


Urchins are animals that start with the letter U and are found in oceans around the world. While they might not look like much on the surface, these animals have a very complex ecosystem underneath and are essential to many aquatic habitats.

Urchins eat algae off rocks and sometimes drift along currents, forming huge clusters or patches. While some animals may find them intimidating due to their spikes, urchins can also be beautiful when observed up close.

Utah Prairie Dog

The Utah prairie dog is an animal that starts with “u” that is well adapted for life in the Prarie regions of Utah. This unique species, the Utah prairie dog, lives in colonies, which sometimes reach up to 2000 members.

They build burrows underground and live there with their families. In addition to eating seeds, plants, and insects, these animals also make sounds that are used as communication, from warning calls to sounds of pleasure.

The Utah prairie dog also has unique physical features such as long front claws used for digging their burrows, black beady eyes, and short legs like a chipmunk.

animal, prairie dogs, rodents

Unexpected Cotton Rat

An unexpected cotton rat is an adorable yet rare animal that starts with the letter “U.” This small mammal can be found throughout parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas.

Not only is it one of the animals that start with U, but it’s also one of a few animals listed as endangered species in the United States. The unexpected cotton rat mainly feeds on insects like grasshoppers, beetles, and centipedes, as well as Spanish needles and wildflowers.

Unadorned Rock Wallaby

The unadorned rock wallaby is an unlikely animal that starts with the letter U. It’s a unique species known for its rock-climbing abilities and particular, sandy fur coat. This agile creature can be found lounging in its rocky habitat throughout much of tropical and central Australia.

The unadorned rock wallaby is nocturnal and only comes out to feed at night. During the day, you can often find them perched atop rocks or hiding in caves.

Underwood’s Long-Tongued Bat

underwood's long tongued bat

The Unadorned Rock Wallaby is an unlikely animal that starts with the letter U. It’s a unique species known for its rock-climbing abilities and particular, sandy fur coat. This agile creature can be found lounging in its rocky habitat throughout much of tropical and central Australia.

The unadorned rock wallaby is nocturnal and only comes out to feed at night. During the day, you can often find them perched atop rocks or hiding in caves.

Unstriped Ground Squirrel

The unstriped ground squirrel, also known as an animal that starts with you, is an endangered species found in grasslands and semi-arid habitats of Africa. These animals usually weigh between two and seven pounds and can grow up to 24 inches long, including their tail.

They are diurnal animals which means they are active during the day, unlike some animals that start with you that are nocturnal.

An interesting fact about unstriped ground squirrels is they live in colonies where each one digs its den, which contains nesting boxes and sleeping chambers. This behavior helps protect the animals from predators since one animal can keep a lookout while others rest.

Uganda Woodland Warbler

The Uganda woodland warbler is a unique and impressive animal that starts with a ‘u.’ Known for its distinctive crimson plumage punctuated by white feathers, this tiny bird is native to the forests of Central and East Africa. They have intriguing physicality, and these sand have also developed several adaptations to survive in their environment. For example, they have evolved to hunt insects on the forest floor using their beaks like tweezers.

Furthermore, these wild animals are incredibly vocal and can be heard singing from trees or shrubs in the early morning. This species is just one of many animals that start with ‘u,’ which makes our planet an exciting place to explore. Moreover, You can also explore the names of animals that start with Y here.

Do animals start with V?

Animals that start with V are mammals such as vampire bats, vervets and opossums, and Virginia rabbits.

Do any animals start with Y?

Animals that start with Y include mammals such as the yak, yapok yellow-winged bat, and yellow mongoose; birds such as the yellowhammer and yellow-eyed penguin; reptiles such as the yak, yapok yellow.

Is there an animal that starts with Z?

The most popular animals that start with Z are Z key, and zebra sharks are the least common ones. Z names are also engaging in many ways. Zore has only one zebra and two horses.

What is a horned animal that starts with U?

The horned animal that starts with the letter U is the Urial. The Urial is a wild sheep species native to Central Asia. Urials are medium-sized wild sheep with distinctive spiral-shaped horns. They have a reddish-brown coat that turns grayer in the winter.

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