9 Types Of Koi Fish

Koi fish are a really popular type of fish that lots of people end up getting for their ponds.

They are one of the most beautiful types of fish that you can find and you’d be surprised by how many different types of koi fish there actually are.

9 Types Of Koi Fish

There are over 100 types of koi fish, so trying to learn about all of them in one go could take you a little while!

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you learn about some of them. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular koi fish you can find and how you can differentiate between them.

So let’s learn a bit more about this beautiful species of fish

1. Kohaku

The Kohaku koi fish is made up of two colors. It is usually all white on its base color, followed by a reddish color blotched all over its body.

The majority of Kohaky koi will also have a yellowish tint on their nose. 

Kohaku koi will always have red markings, but there are two distinct types of these red markings.

The first distinct type is with a purple tint. The markings will appear really thick at first, but as the Kohaku ages, they begin to fade. The second distinct type is an orangey–red. 

The Kohaku koi is a very popular choice of koi when it comes to actually keep one in your pond

2. Showa

The Showa koi also goes by the name of Showa Sanshoku or Showa Sanke.

This type of koi has three distinct colors that are usually white, black, and red. 

They are very similar to the Sanke koi fish, but the Showa has a black body, which the Sanke does not. 

Showa koi also have black markings on their heads, which is not common among all types of koi. 

3. Taisho Sanke

The Taisho Sanke koi, like the Showa, has three colors on its body, which are red, white, and black. 

The Taisho Sanke’s head is only made up of two colors, while its body supports all three.

The black is usually more sparse than it is on the Showa koi and the Taisho Sanke has white on the base of its fins. 

9 Types Of Koi Fish

4.  Utsuri

The Utsuri koi is a beautiful subspecies of koi that is actually a name given to three different types: Shiro Utsuri, Ki Utsuri, and Hi Utsuri. 

This type of koi fish is a beautiful subspecies that has a black body with stunning orange blotches spread all over its body.

Though they are usually orange markings, they can also be white, red, or yellow too. 

The Utsuri koi are easier to differentiate because of their unique markings. 

5. Bekko

The Bekko koi are like the opposite of the Utsuri koi, but lots of people actually get the two types confused.

Whereas the Utsuri has a black base, the Bekko koi has a white base. 

Though the most common type is the white-bodied Bekko, or the Shiro Bekko, there are also other variants, such as the Aka Bekko (red-bodied) and the Ki Bekko (yellow-bodied). 

One of the most distinctive features of all forms of Bekko koi is that they have no black markings on their head. 

6. Tancho

The Tancho koi is distinct because it is usually one color throughout its whole body and has a distinct spot on its face.

The Tancho koi gets its name from the national bird of Japan, the Tancho Crane. 

The red spot on its face is extremely prominent. It is usually round in shape, but it can be any form of heart, diamond, or oval shape too.

The most defining feature of the Tancho koi is one of these red spots, being clear, prominent, and unobstructed. 

7. Asagi

The Asagi koi fish is very distinct in color. It is usually blue, with a net-like pattern on its body, and its fins, gills, and belly are all colored in a striking red-orange color. 

Another distinct feature of the Asagi koi is that as it ages, the coloring spreads from the bottom of its body up to the top. 

The Asagi koi’s head is usually clear and doesn’t really have any markings.

9 Types Of Koi Fish

The color of its head will usually be white or a pale blue. 

8. Koromo

The Koromo also goes by the name of Goromo. It is a hybrid species of the Kohaku koi and the Asagi koi.

It has the colors of the Kohaku and the net pattern of the Asagi Koi. 

A standard Koromo koi has a red-orange pattern on a white body, but the net pattern gives it a blue tint. 

There are three different variations of the Koromo, each with its own distinctive pattern and features.

The three variations include Aigoromo, Sumigoromo, and Budogoromo. 

9. Shusui

The Shusi koi is actually a variation of the Asagi koi, but the Shusi is the scale-less version of the Asagi.

Because the Shusi has no scales, there is no blue tint or net pattern on its body. 

The scales on this koi variation are actually just located on the entire length of the spine and in a single row.

They are usually a very pale gray or almost black color and can be found all along the spine. 

The Shusui koi usually have some red-orange color on their bodies, with a white body and their faces have no extra markings or spots. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different types of koi fish you can find. 

With over 100 types out there, it will take you a little bit of time to really get to know each individual type.

As you can see from this list as well, lots of koi are simply variations of other koi, so from first glance and without the proper knowledge, it can be hard to tell which is which. 

Koi fish are a fascinating and beautiful type of fish that are worth getting to know about. Meanwhile, exploring various types of catfish and the intriguing diversity among stingrays can offer further insights into the captivating world of aquatic creatures.

Hopefully this list has helped you on your koi journey! 

Olivia Kepner