How Fast Can A Tasmanian Devil Run? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

When many of us think of the Tasmanian devil, we think of the old dim witted, ferocious Looney Tunes character, who would spend the entirety of his day chasing prey. The Tasmanian devil would also offer some characteristic grunts and growls, which became a signature for his character.  But, are any of these attributes applicable …

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Are Racoons Marsupials?

Racoons are a loveable and largely misunderstood member of the animal kingdom, and can be found at varying points throughout the world – although they are mostly associated with North America.  However, despite their widespread placement, and the fact that they are cute and loved within popular culture, there are still many misconceptions held by …

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What Eats Kangaroo?

Kangaroos might seem like a dominant species to many – namely due to their size and musculature. However, they too can fall victim to various predatory creatures, reminding us that as far as nature goes, there is always something bigger.  But what exactly eats kangaroos, and what makes them susceptible to predation?  What Eats Kangaroos?  …

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