Can A Wolf Jump High?

You might be surprised to know that a wolf can not climb a tree, although they live in different habitats, including forests, mountains, tundra, grasslands, and deserts. Moreover, you hardly see any wolves roaming the trees. As wolves are bad at climbing tall trees, they can reach the branches that are not too high through …

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Can a Wolf Smell? – How far can it Smell?

Wolves are widespread species of the animal kingdom with interesting characteristics and behaviour. This wild creature lives and hunts in packs.  Their unique communication ways not only include different sounds, body postures, and behaviours, but they also use their sense of smell. Compared to domestic dogs, wild wolves have a keen sense of smell, which …

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What Do Arctic Wolves Eat?

What do Arctic Wolves Eat? – (Characteristics & Hunting Behaviour) Arctic wolves, also known as white wolves or polar wolves. The Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland.  The Arctic wolves eat large ungulates like caribou, muskoxen, and arctic hares. They also supplement their diet with small mammals, lemmings, and birds …

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