Difference Between Kangaroo And Rabbit (The Answers Might Surprise You)

Kangaroos and rabbits are two very distinct creatures that are found in different parts of the world.

They share some characteristics, but the differences are more noticeable.

Difference Between Kangaroo And Rabbit (The Answers Might Surprise You)

The major differences between these two are distribution, variety, and body size.

In this article, however, we will also see some significant and fascinating characteristics which are slightly unusual.


The kangaroo is the biggest marsupial creature in the Macropodidae family. A kangaroo can only be encountered in Australia and no place else.

The English pronunciation of the Australian indigenous language ‘Gungurru’ is what led to the animal being called today’s kangaroo.

A male kangaroo will usually be named Buck, Boom, or Old Man, whereas a female one will be a Doe, a Flyer, or a Jill.

This animal is great at adapting to arid environments because it can go months without hydrating itself in desert areas.

More than 40 different species of kangaroos exist, each with its own skin color and body size. The red kangaroos are the biggest of all kangaroos.

They are creatures that hop around with their enormous rear legs.

Their bouncing speed can reach up to 70 km/h, which allows these animals to avoid wild animals hunting them.

Kangaroos are herbivorous mammals that feed on a variety of grass species, and their teeth are designed specifically for eating grass.

The vast majority of kangaroos are social creatures that live in groups.

The male ones use the flehmen response to trace females in high temperatures as that is when the female kangaroo is reproductive.

Following a one-month pregnancy period, females give birth to a little kangaroo.

The baby grows for about seven months inside the female’s distinctive pouch by feeding on its mother’s milk.

The baby then tends to stick out its head after 6 months and is then ready to get out of the pouch within a month or two.

The female kangaroo is thought to be in an endless pregnancy period as it becomes sexually responsive shortly after a newborn is introduced into her pouch.

This marvelous and one-of-a-kind creature is a truly grateful creation of nature!


A rabbit is a small animal that belongs to the Lagomorpha order and the Leporidae family.

It is a mammal with eight distinct genera and with over 50 species.

A male rabbit is known as a Buck, a female is known as Doe, and young rabbits are Kits and Kittens respectively.

A rabbit inhabits a wide range of environments, such as wetlands, woodlands, and dry pastures.

Typically, though, it lives in burrows and under the ground.

Rabbits are found nearly all over the planet, except for Australia, where it is an invasive species in Australia, creating serious pest infestations.

These animals also have distinctively long ears, which are meant to catch the sounds predators make before they become their prey.

Moreover, they have extremely short tails and small yet very strong legs, which allow them to jump quickly in an event of an emergency.

Their body sizes vary, so you can see rabbits between 20 and 50 cm in length. Their weight can be anything from half a kilo to 2 kg.

The color of their coats depends largely on their species. Climatic factors also determine whether rabbits will have short furs or long ones.

Rabbits, unlike rats, have two pairs of incisors, with one in front of the other.

To get to the higher grasslands, rabbits can often stand on their two back legs, resembling a tiny kangaroo.

Rabbits are hindgut fermenters, which means that their digestion occurs at the caecum.

Another intriguing feature of these animals is their coprophagous attitude, which means they consume their own fecal matter.

Their reproduction process happens quickly enough, as they can impregnate every month, and the number of births can range from 4 to 12 babies.

The Differences Between A Kangaroo And A Rabbit

Kangaroos and rabbits are both plant-eating foragers.

Both the male and female kangaroos and rabbits have comparable popular names, but kangaroos have two more nicknames for both genders.

More clashing distinctions, however, are outlined below.


First, rabbits are mammals with placentas, whereas kangaroos are mammals that belong to the marsupial ones as they carry their babies in a pouch.

Rabbits can be found in abundance everywhere on the planet, but they appear to be an invasive species in Australia.

On the contrary, the only place you can see kangaroos is in Australia and New Guinea.


Even though kangaroos have over 40 different species, rabbits outmatch them with over 50 different species in total. 


Since they are not marsupial animals, female rabbits don’t have a pouch where their little ones can grow up and be fed.

So, breastfeeding for rabbits is a process that compares to that of cats, with both these animals standing over their babies to breastfeed them.

Kangaroos, on the other hand, are equipped with mammary glands that are located inside their pouch.

So, when the female kangaroo produces milk, the little one claws slowly up to the nipple to receive the essential nutrients it requires to grow and become stronger.


Whatismore, rabbits do reproduce quickly. With a breeding season that lasts a month, female rabbits are pregnant once every month and bring more than one baby rabbit into the world.

Even right after childbirth, kangaroos get to be sexually responsive. Female kangaroos can have two little kangaroos, but not always simultaneously.

Kangaroos can then become pregnant quickly after delivering a baby, but the second baby will not reach maturity until the latest one has fully matured.


Rabbits employ both their forelegs and hind legs, whereas kangaroos walk and jump with their rear legs.

Height, Weight, Size

Rabbits are tiny, with a height limit of 0.5m and a mass of 2kg. Kangaroos are big animals. They are usually 2 meters tall, weighing around 90kg.


Rabbits are mammalian coprophages. They consume their own feces as well as the feces of many other living creatures.

Kangaroos are not mammalian coprophages. This suggests they do not eat their own or other creatures’ feces.

The Similarities Of Kangaroos And Rabbits

So, what does all this come down to? What are the similarities between these two animals?

Firstly, both the kangaroos and the rabbits are mammals.

Secondly, rabbits move through the environment by hopping, and so do kangaroos.

Both of them use their legs to do that, even though there is still a distinction here as rabbits employ both their rear and front legs, but kangaroos only have their rear ones.

Even so, another similarity these animals have is that both of them have extremely strong back legs.

The Bottom Line

Rabbits and kangaroos have little things in common and the fact that they are not seen in the same territory is enough for people to tell them apart (even though they look completely different). 

So, if you are interested in seeing a rabbit up close, you can do that anywhere but in Australia.

However, that is the one place you can go to meet the marvelous kangaroos and watch them hop around the fields!

Olivia Kepner