Types Of Black Birds From Around The World

If you’re a fan of bird watching or want to expand your knowledge on A particular type of bird; then look no further than this group of fascinating black birds.

Types Of Black Birds From Around The World

We’ll go through many of the common species found in parts of Northern America and Europe, as well as some of the more exotic species that you might find in more tropical climates close to the equator, and further below towards South America.

1. Crows

Crows are typically medium to large, and have a black or black and gray color, with many of them being more colorful or well patterns.

They are one the most common forms of the black bird, and are adaptable to many situations but maintain a shy persona.

2. Rook

Rooks have a bare, grayish-white face, characterized by a fine beak that separates them from other all-black birds.

They are more sociable than crows and often be spotted with another, sometimes with another common black bird; the Jackdaw.

3. Jackdaw

Jackdaw is a small black crow with a gray and silver sheen on the back of the head, which often means it gets mistaken for a rook.

Jackdaws tend to nest in man-made structures such as buildings, and chimneys, but also in natural crevices and trees.

4. Carrion Crow

The carrion crow is another all-black bird, with the characteristics of an adaptable and intelligent type.

They are synonymous with being fearless and are considered one of the lone wolves of the bird World, typically found alone but sometimes in a pair.

5. Raven

Ravens are a common bird that is large and are another member of the crow (see also: What’s The Difference Between A Raven And A Crow?)family.

Easily the biggest; it has a large bill and a large wingspan, that typically sticks to one area and doesn’t often migrate.

6. Hooded Crow

Sticking with our species of Crow, this type can be spotted with its black and gray color body, and looks almost identical to a carrion crow.

they are one of the more sociable types of Crow and you’ll often see groups of them together in areas such as Fields.

7. Magpie

Another common black bird is the magpie, which is easily distinguishable with its black and white body, and a long tail that has elements of green and blue Sheen.

Types Of Black Birds From Around The World

Often considered one of the most arrogant black birds, they are known for scavenging and pest destroying.

8. Chough

A Chough is just like its common crow cousin, except that it has a red bill and red legs, unlike any other type of crow in that family of birds(see also: Birds That Start With Y).

can often be found in the colder months,  and if you are lucky enough to see one in flight, it will likely show off an aerial display of diving and swooping.

9. Jay

This is one of the more multi-colored black birds, and in fact, only small parts of the bird are black, with flashes of Whites on the rump, and multi-colored wings.

This is a woodland bird that is shy and will rarely be seen, making it a rare site for avid birdwatchers. 

10. Common Blackbird

It wouldn’t Be right to talk about black birds, without talking about Blackbirds.

The common blackbird is similar to the crow, in that it has many species in that category, Known for its territorial nature, and for sticking in moderate temperatures until they are ready to migrate.

11. Red-Winged Blackbird

Can you guess how this bird got their name? The red-winged blackbird is found in most of North America and also Central America, and is one of the most studied wild bird species in the world, as the male and female look completely different.

12. Common Grackle

The Common Grackle is a large type of blackbird found in big flocks throughout most of North America, especially the Rocky Mountains.

They have a large and dark bill, with pale yellow eyes, and a long tail similar to a magpie.

13. Brown-Headed Cowbirds

Here’s another smallish blackbird, characterized by a shorter tail and a thicker head.

They can be spotted by their glossy black plumage and their famous brown head that can be notoriously difficult to spot from afar.

Types Of Black Birds From Around The World

14. Yellow-Rumped Cacique

The Yellow-Rumped Cacique is a bird found in the Central and Southern Americas and is a slim bird with a long tail, and a pale yellow bill that is pointed.

This is a colonial bird that will nest in trees closely located to active wasp nests.

15. Campo Troupial

A tropical bird is the Campo Troupial, and if the name didn’t give it away, its multicolored appearance gives it a distinctive look, along with its black hood and wings. Expect to spot these in Brazil and Venezuela.

16. Colombian Mountain Grackle

As the name suggests, this species of Grackle is endemic to Colombia where the habitat is tropical.

Sadly, this species of bird is being threatened by habitat loss and numbers of it are declining, categorized as endangered.

17. Chestnut-Capped Blackbird

Sticking with our South America theme, this species of bird is found in parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, sticking close to swamps and rice fields.

They have a straight-colored beak, and dark legs and the male has a chestnut-colored head, whilst the female has dark olive-brown.

18. Austral Blackbird

The Australian blackbird is found in Argentina and Chile and prefers to live in temperate forests located in high-altitude shrubland.

It can be spotted by its relatively small size and all-black scheme, with no differences in beak or foot color.

19. Oropendola

The Oropendola is commonly found in Central and South America and shares similar characteristics to many of its blackbird derivatives.

They have pointed bills, and long tails, and the tips of the tail are usually bright yellow.

20. Brewer’s Blackbird

This small, all but long-legged songbird looks distinctively similar to many types of blackbirds, with its round head, long tail, and cute complexion with a blue sheen on the head and green (see also: Are There Any Green Animals?)on the body.

Final Thoughts

Blackbirds come in all shapes and sizes, and many have distinctive features with colorful wings and long tails.

Olivia Kepner