What Does Wolf Poop Look Like – (Identification)

Have you found poop in your backyard that looks like a dog’s poop?

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You might be mixing it with a dog’s poop. Yes it is possible that you confuse between a dog, and wolf poop, as both have similarities.  But there are some notable differences which we will discuss one by one in this blog.

Wolf poop, also known as scat, can reveal a lot about the elusive predators that roam the wild. From their diet to their health, a careful examination of wolf poop can provide valuable insights about the wolves types let discover all of it.

Identification of a Wolf Poop

Identification of a wolf poop become easier when you know the following details.

What Colour is wolf poop?

There is no fix color of a  wolf poop, as it ranges from darkish brown to brownish grey. It is dark in color when it is freshly pooped, nearly black.  But darker a wolf’s droppings indicate towards the massive consumption of meat.

And if you notice it after few hours you will observe that it turn into light brown color with greysih shade. Moreover a day old wolf poop turn into whitish color.

Does Wolf Poop Smell?

Gray Wolf and dog belongs to same canidae family, which is why their poop look alike  in size, and shape. It has a strong smell, that stays in the environment for more than 8 hours. If you will ever find it you might figure it out on your own due to its strongness.

Size and length of  Wolf’s Poop

A wolfs’ poop legnth  ranges between 4 to 7 inches, but usually longer than 10 inches. Their poop is also depend on what they have eaten. 

A wolf scat generally tapers on one side and other side rounded, A wolf scat diameter ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 inches, but usually thicker than 1 inch, and is coiled  like a rope.

How to differentiate wolf poop from the scat of other animals?

There are possibilities the recent visitor of  your backyard was not any wolf, but might be any other animal. For example a fox, or hedgehog, and you have mistaken to identify it .

But that is not your fault because some animal’s poop  closely related to wolve’s scat. So it is importortant to confirm that you are not mixing other animal’s scat as the wolf’s.

Let’s have a closer look into the differences between a wolf’s scat, and other animal’s poop.

Fox Scat 

Fox poop or scat is around 2 to 3 inches and more elongated, like twisted shape. It often contains remnants of fur, bones, and berries,showing  their omnivorous diet. Moreover it look like a cat poo.

On the other hand, wolf scat is larger and more solid like a massive coil in a tubular form. It typically contains hair, bone fragments, which is a evidence of hunting larger prey. 

Coyote scats

Coyote scat tends to be smaller and narrower, often resembling elongated tubes, while wolf scat is larger and thicker.

Moreover the color, and texture  of coyote’s scat depend on their diet, it differs from dark black to grey.  

For example if its is feeding on plants, it will eliminate dry and crumbly scat. Incase if it consumes meat their poop will be wet and runny. 

Their scat changes into bleached grey colour if it remains in contact with sunlight for longer period. 

Hedgehog poop

The notable difference  between a hedgehog, and wolf’s poop is the size. A grey wolf’s scat is 0.5 to 1.5 inches long and hedgehog’s poop is around 1 to 2 inches in legnth.

Additionally a hedgehog’s poop look like a sausage with a tapered end, and in blackish in color. And usually have seeds, and undigested parts of insects.

Do wolves mark their territory with poop?

One of the most common ways that wolves mark their territory is by using their poop, also known as scat. Wolves’ scat contains a variety of chemicals and pheromones that convey important information about their identity, social status, and reproductive status.

 By leaving their scat in strategically in different  locations such as trails, ridges, or near prey sites, wolves are able to communicate with other pack members and stop potential competitors from invading their territory.

Do wolves poop like dogs?

A wolf’s poop slightly resemble dog poop, as it is more longer and have bigger poop as compared to dogs, due to high amount of consumption of food. 

How to examine Wolf scat safely?

If you have carefully studied the previous section on wolf scat, then you are able to recognize whether it is a wolf scat or not. 

But just imagine if you have recently find scat nearer your house that looks like a wolf scat, then you might be trying to identify that why a wolf entered into your backyard. There must be something for him to eat. 

But how  you will confirm that?  By breaking the scat you have found into pieces.  But before doing that make sure you have used all the prcauation, as its poop contain bacteria and parasites that can harm you. 

So before breaking a scat follow these important points.

  1. Cover your face with a mask, and use hand gloves.
  2. Stand away from the scat, don’t get closer to it. 
  3. If you are trying to smell the scat make sure you maintained the distance of atleast 1 meter, as if you smell it closely, the bacterias might transfer into your body.
  4. For breaking a scat use a strong, thick, and long stick, don’t use your hands directly.
  5. Don’t break a moist scat, let it dry first.

What wild animal poop looks like dog poop?

Foxes poops look like dog’s poop, and are pointy from one side. Their poop have remanants like furs, feathers, and seeds.


A wolf poop is coiled, and tubular in form, with one end tapers and the other pointed. Its color ranges from dark brown to dark black, depend on what it has eaten. Moreover, a wolf’s scat look somewhat similar to dog’s scat. But a dog’s scat  is not long enough as of wolf’s.

As a wolf’s scat legnth ranges from 4 to 7 inches, and have a foul smell that remains in the air for 8 hours if freshly pooped. There are many animal’s scats which can confuse you, like fox, coyotes, and hedgehog 

But if you know how to identify a wolf’s poop you can recognize it.  Moreover, If you ever try to examine it by breaking it apart, then always use precautions, as it contains bacteria and parasites. Check out the video below for more info about a wolf’s scat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do wolf droppings look like?

A wolf’s scat look like a coil shaped, tubular structure, and have remainings of ungulates like hairs bones pieces inside it. 

What’s the difference between fox and dog poo?

There is a difference in their scat’s smell. A fox’s poo smell like musk and  look like a dog poo with pointy corners. 

What wildlife poop looks like dog poop?

A coyote poop looks like a dog poop.

What Colour is wolf poop?

If  a wolf freshly pooped then it  would be in  black color, otherwise it would bee in dark- brown and brownish grey.

What animal has black poop?

Mouse scat is black in color, and turn harder once dried.

Olivia Kepner