What Sound Does A Koala Make?

The koala is a marsupial found in Australia. It is the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae.

The koala is notable for its large, powerful fists and is a popular symbol of Australia.

What Sound Does A Koala Make

They are quite beautiful and calm creatures, but what sort of sounds do they usually make?

Koalas are one of the few marsupials in Australia. This article will explore the sounds of these small Australian animals, and provide some information on their distribution and behavior.

A koala’s call is so distinctive that you can tell it’s a koala just by its call. Find out more here below!

What Is A Koala?

Koalas are relatives of the bear and are found primarily in Queensland, Australia.

They are nocturnal, meaning that they are active at night. Koalas have a very interesting diet and have been known to eat eucalyptus leaves.

They are small bear-like marsupials that are native to Australia(see also: Are There Marsupials Outside Of Australia? [A Guide]). Koalas are animals that are listed as endangered in some countries.

Different Sounds They Can Make

When it comes to the particular sounds they like to make, it all comes down to their gender.

Males tend to produce a lot more vocals than the females because of their roars and grunts which also tend to be much louder.


This is the most common sound you will know a Koala to make. Their shriek is from deep in the larynx.

This is a very unusual sound that they create and you probably won’t be expecting what it sounds like but it is created from a second vocal cord and can be much lower than expected.


This type of sound is made during mating season by the males when they are trying to get the female’s attention.

It is similar with many animals to do something during mating season and this is their thing.

Sometimes they even sound like they are roaring, but it is more of a bellow.


The snarling will arise when the males are protecting themselves from intruders.

It is a warning sound and can be quite loud.

Females also make these sounds but in a much lower tone and don’t tend to be as loud.

When the danger increases, you will hear the snarls only getting louder and louder until there is an attack.


This is their alarming sound to warn others that there is a predator coming.

They are only made in short notes but are quite high-range but deep.

You might also hear screams from the females during the mating season as you will find a lot of the males harassing them during this period.


You will most likely hear a roar sound when a Koala is getting beaten up.

It is very common to find that younger Koalas tend to fight with the adults when they meet for the first time.

Do They Also Have Different Calls?

What Sound Does A Koala Make

Most animals that are very social with one another will have different calls which translate into different signals for Koala’s.

Here are a few of these calls and why they make them!

Night Calls

The night calls are made on the off season when they are warning of other Koalas. This is a threat to them not to come near them.

However, you will not be able to hear many of these throughout the year.


This is when they are responding to an unwelcome predator. This can either be a mix of action and sound or just bellowing.

This might sound quite similar to the sounds they make in the breeding system.


mating is one of the times where there will be lots of sounds going on at the same time.

You have the males making sounds to attract the females and you have the females shrieking when they are getting harassed.


Even Koalas have a dominance call for when they are fighting for their land and territory.

The power of sound in this moment is very intense and it can be very loud. Like dogs, they will also mark their area with their scent as a way of showing their dominance.

Baby Koala’s

You will hear the most sound from a baby Koala when it is separated from its mother because they are very attached at the start of their lives.

You are likely to hear a lot of screaming and screeching when they can’t find her.

This is them showing their emotional distress of not being with her which is quite similar to most human babies.

You will also hear the mother shreil when she hears her baby to let them know she is coming back to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Koalas Make Sounds?

Koalas make sounds for many reasons, but mainly for attracting mates.

They also make sounds for a number of other reasons, such as marking their territory, auditioning for mates and making noise in certain situations that are known to cause stress.

All animals make sounds for different reasons but it is usually if they want or need something or are protecting themselves.


Overall, Koala’s are actually very smart beings with lots of different sounds they make signifying different meanings.

Even though some of the sounds might overlap slightly, you will be able to tell the difference between a bellow and a scream and what that will mean for them.

Like any animals, they are very protective of their territory and families which is one of the most common reasons for sounds when fighting off predators from them.

Hopefully this guide has shed some light on why Koala’s make certain sounds and have different calls they make.

There are more than you might have initially thought but wild Koala’s are very different to the ones you might have been in the Zoo because they are in their natural habitats where their behavior is real.

Olivia Kepner