Animals That Are Kind

There is no doubt that the animal kingdom is bursting with less than desirable characters. 

Animals That Are Kind

There are so many animals in the world that are not only capable of killing or harming you, but that actually seek to do so on purpose. 

However, to counter these scary and dangerous animals, there are also some animals in the animal kingdom that are kind, not only to their own groups but also to other animals as well. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the friendliest animals in the world. 


The capybara is an unusual-looking animal, it is quite large in size and can make quite a loud barking sound when they are sending warnings to other animals. 

These things can be off-putting, especially if you bump into one in the wild. 

However, the capybara is one of the friendliest animals in the world.  Native to South America and surviving off of a diet of grass, these giant rodents are complete water babies.  

The capybara is a surprisingly sociable and trainable animal making it super friendly and kind. 

Capybaras live in large groups of between 10 and 30 members with a dominant capybara leading the pack and protecting them.  They also make friendly purring sounds to communicate with one another.  


Dolphins are widely considered to be one of the smartest animals on the planet.  They are famous the world over for their intelligence, social skills, and friendly behaviors. 

One of the main reasons that dolphins are considered one of the friendliest animals in the world is that they are almost completely harmless.  

Another huge factor in dolphins being one of the friendliest animals is their capacity for empathy. 

Dolphins are surprisingly compassionate animals and if they come across a human in the water they will assume they are part of their pod. 

Because of this, dolphins have been known to protect humans from nearby sharks and other dangers in the ocean. 


This animal might be somewhat controversial depending on your experiences with cat behavior. 

However, cats really are one of the kindest animals on the planet, there’s a reason why they’re such a popular house pet. 

One of the friendliest things about cats is their playful nature, especially when they are young.  

There are so many different breeds of domestic cats in the world that it is safe to say that not all cats are super friendly. 

However, breeds such as Maine Coons and Tonkinese are known for their friendly and affectionate nature.  These animals make great companions that are very low maintenance and entertaining.  


A list of friendliest animals wouldn’t be complete without featuring man’s best friend.  Again, there are so many different breeds from all around the world and some dogs are friendlier than others. 

However, the laws surrounding safe dog ownership mean that most of the less friendly breeds have died out.  

Dogs are very sociable animals and are easily trainable, they also often have traits that make them want to please their owner. 

Breeds such as labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and beagles are some of the friendliest in the world and are perfect for families with small children thanks to their gentle nature. 


Horses have been super helpful to humans for centuries.  We have used them as transport, labor, and leisure. 

However, in more recent times, they have also become popular to help people overcome trauma and other psychological struggles. 

Not only is caring for a horse a great way to encourage someone to leave their house when they normally couldn’t, but people swear by the healing nature of these creatures.

A horse’s ability to help someone heal their mind and heart is often attributed to its compassion. 

Horses are incredibly intuitive animals and have been known to alter their demeanor or attitude depending on who they are with.  Not to mention that these animals are playful and majestic beasts. 

Guinea Pig

A slightly smaller rodent than the capybara is the guinea pig. 

These animals are common classroom pets for elementary and middle schools.  This isn’t just because they are small enough to keep in a cage.  

These adorable little animals are incredibly docile and willing to sit in someone’s lap and let them stroke them while they munch on some lettuce. 

There are so many different breeds of guinea pigs in the world but they are all sociable, friendly, and fun.  

Giant Panda

Giant pandas are a bit like the cartoon characters of the animal (see also: Animals That Used To Be Giant)kingdom.  Because they are an extremely endangered species, we most commonly see them living in captivity. 

This is sad, but it does give us a unique opportunity to observe their behavior when they can just have fun. 

Giant pandas are incredibly comical, they are friendly, sociable, and seem to have an unquenchable thirst for mischief and fun. 

No matter how old a giant panda gets, they never seem to lose their love of climbing or rolling around with other pandas or humans. 


Sheep are more than just simple farm animals that produce meat, milk, and wool.  These animals are incredibly intelligent and are able to not only seek out mischief but also create it. 

Sheep have been domesticated for a long time now and so are used to cohabiting with humans.  

While sheep can sometimes be defensive of their pastures, especially around lambing season, they can also be incredibly playful. 

They will often form fun, playful relationships with the farmers that raise them.


Swans might seem like a bit of a left-field choice, however, they are incredibly friendly and kind animals.  There are different types of swans however that might not apply to their relationship with humans, we wouldn’t recommend getting too close. 

Although the relationship between swans and people isn’t great, inter-swan relationships are beautiful. 

These animals mate for life and create strong family units when their offspring are young.  There are few better examples of love and devotion in the animal world than swans. 

Even their necks create a heart shape.  

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of kind and friendly animals in the animal kingdom.  Although not all relationships exist between different species, there is plenty of kindness to be found in the animal world.

Olivia Kepner