10 Proven Methods To Stop Poaching

Poaching is known as the illegal hunting or capture of wild animals, and is one of the biggest dangers to our wildlife.

10 Proven Methods To Stop Poaching

Many animals are in danger due to the activities of poachers, who either hunt for the thrill or profit for the creatures they seek. But there are ways that we can stop poaching with the help of these ten different methods.

But first, let us go into a bit more detail about what poaching is.

What Is Poaching?

Poaching is the illegal hunting or capture of wild animals, but may also include harming fauna as well. While hunting is not illegal if you have a license, if you hunt or fish without a license, it is considered poaching.

It is also considered poaching if you hunt outside of the right season, or if you use traps to catch them. 

There are specific laws in place to ensure that hunting is done legally, and hunting by itself can be viewed as a way to control local populations. However, poaching is typically done for profit, and can lead to the suffering of animals before they die.

Many poachers rely on public misconception to succeed, which is why we have compiled this list of ten ways to stop poaching. 

1. Purchase Sustainable Goods

Although you may not think that the average person has as much of an impact on poaching, you would be wrong.

Many poachers sell their products to unsustainable companies to make a profit, so it’s important that you do your research before buying a product.

One way to find out if your product is sustainable, is by understanding whether a supply chain is transparent and ethical.

If a supply chain isn’t direct about where its products come from, then you should find items that may be more ethically sourced.

2. Be Careful Of Exotic Foods

When you’re traveling to another country, you can easily get lost in the cuisine on offer. However, you should be careful about the types of food that you purchase.

In some countries, poachers will sell what they have poached to businesses who hope to profit by selling dishes made from poached ingredients.

For example, some restaurants in East Asia may sell shark fin soup, but the shark fin comes from harming wildlife populations. The best way to prevent poachers from profiting from this is by not buying these types of dishes while on vacation.

3. Don’t Buy Products Made From Exotic Animals

Much like how you shouldn’t purchase foods made from exotic creatures, you also shouldn’t buy furniture or jewelry made from endangered species. Some places sell tiger pelts, and may use ivory to make jewelry.

Poachers can make a significant profit from these items, so by not purchasing them, the businesses won’t make a profit and will hopefully not purchase them in the future. 

4. Petition To Restrict Legal Ivory Trade

In recent years, the United States imposed more rigorous control on the local ivory trade, and have restricted the amount of ivory that can be sold legally.

Hunters can only purchase two ivory trophies on an annual basis, and there are legal ramifications in place if they try to trade ivory illegally.

However, you can push your local legislators to pay more attention to legal and criminal ivory trades by increasing the limits even further in the hope that selling ivory becomes illegal.

5. Get Eco-Friendly Pets

You may be tempted to get an exotic pet, however, poaching is not only about hunting animals, but trafficking them as well. Many animals such as tarantulas are taken from their natural habitats to become exotic pets.

Some animals need to remain in the correct environment to protect the local ecosystem, so you should always do your research before you purchase any exotic animals.

Exotic pets can lead to issues with the wild species, but they can also distress the animals that are poached into trafficking. 

6. Donate To Animal Sanctuaries

10 Proven Methods To Stop Poaching

One of the best ways to prevent poachers from succeeding is by providing better sanctuaries for wild animals. There are some animals who are more at risk than others, so it is best to provide a sanctuary for them to prevent poachers from getting them.

One way you can do this is by donating to animal sanctuaries so that they can invest in better ways to protect the local wildlife from those who may wish to profit from them. 

7. Invest In More Sensors And Trackers To Animals

Along with improving sanctuaries, there should be more sensors and trackers to monitor animals to protect them. Sensors and trackers are harmless, and also helps to ensure that they are safe and looked after if they are injured for any reason.

By tracking the wildlife, the rangers who need to protect them can see if there are any disturbances in the way the animals are behaving.

If they can track the animals, they can ensure that if there are any changes, then they can act to stop any poachers that may be hunting them. 

8. Recruit More Wildlife Rangers And Scouts 

One of the best ways to protect wildlife is by ensuring that there are enough wildlife rangers and scouts who are on hand to act as soon as possible.

By donating to animal sanctuaries, they may be able to employ more rangers and scouts to protect the animals. By recruiting more rangers, they can protect endangered animals and make it more challenging for poachers to succeed.

It is also a better way for people interested in helping animals to get more involved and offer them opportunities to have a meaningful impact in preserving local wildlife. 

9. Encourage The Public To Get Involved

One of the best ways to stop poaching is to increase awareness of poaching.

Many people aren’t aware of the damage that poaching does to wildlife, so it’s essential that the public is made aware of any misconceptions that they may have about certain species.

Some poachers profit off of public misconception, and rely on this to make more money based on the suffering of animals. If the public has more knowledge on the subject, the poachers will struggle to make a profit. 

10. Report Any Suspicions Of Illegal Poaching

If the public gets more involved, it will become easier for people to notice if someone is trying to make a profit from poaching animals. As the internet is a commonplace for people to trade, it also means it’s easier for poachers to sell illegal products.

If you see anything that seems illegal, you should report it to a wildlife or law enforcement agency so that they can investigate whether anything illegal took place. 

Final Thoughts

Poaching is one of the greatest dangers to wildlife, and succeeds due to the misconceptions that people have about hunting and myths about wildlife(see also: Hunting To Be Banned? How Wildlife Would Be Affected).

By raising awareness and doing research about the items you buy, you can stop animals from getting killed needlessly for profit. 

If poachers are unable to profit, then endangered species who have been driven to the brink of extinction by poachers may still have a chance to recover.

However, this can only be done with the help of wildlife conservation agencies and they need the general public’s help to stop poachers. 

Olivia Kepner