Poodles: What Types Can You Get?

Poodles are some of the most fun and full of life dogs that you can have as a pet. Not only are they vibrant and energetic, but also fiercely smart, making them perfect company.

On top of that, they are easy to train, which makes them an easy addition to your home and family. With that being said, there are a handful of different types of poodle that you can pick from.

Poodles: What Types Can You Get?

It can be difficult narrowing it down and finding the type that will be best for you, so how can you choose?

We’ve done the work for you! In our handy guide below, we’ll discuss a handful of different types of poodle, with information on their characteristics and nature to help you find the poodle that is the best fit for you.

Standard Poodles

This is the most common type of poodle, which is why it’s called the Standard version. These are an all-around treat of a pet, good looking and very elegant in its movement.

They are speedy and sharp, in both physical movement and intelligence, and move around gracefully. 

As for their size, the standard poodle will usually grow to a minimum of 15 inches in height. As for its weight, it differs by sex.

A male standard poodle will weigh in at around 60 to 70 pounds, while females will be lighter, at anywhere between 40 and 50 pounds. 

Visually, these elegant poodles will have plenty of curly hair, which adds to their look.

With that being said, the long hair can easily be shaved down to suit whichever style you prefer – and making the poodle cooler in the process!

As for shedding, a standard poodle won’t shed too much.

Shedding is a process shared by most dogs, where they regularly get rid of their old and damaged hairs in order to let the new ones be healthy and thrive.

There won’t be much maintenance and cleaning up behind a standard poodle. 

A big benefit with a standard poodle is that their hair is typically hypoallergenic, which means that it should cause few allergic reactions within those around them.

If you’ve got small children with allergies, yet you want a cuddly pet in the house, then this hypoallergenic standard poodle will fit right in without too many runny noses.

With that being said, young children may not get on with the sheer energy of this poodle, which could be dangerous.

Miniature Poodles

As you can tell from the name, these are much smaller than the standard poodle.

While a standard poodle will grow 15 inches and taller, these will only grow up to 15 inches as their maximum height – usually being between that and 10.

On top of that difference, their size contrast also makes them easier to care for, because their hair is shorter and there is less of it. 

There are two types of miniature poodle that you can come across, the first being more square shaped and primed for exercise and athletic performance.

These square miniature poodles have straight legs, which help its athleticism.

The other type, however, is different because they have a small deformity that results in them having a longer back and shorter legs.

Though they can still move well, they aren’t nearly as sporty as a square miniature poodle. 

Speaking of sports, a miniature poodle will want something to do. These energetic pets like to run around and play, which is helped by their lightness on their feet.

For this reason, they are easy to train up. With regards to their lightness, a miniature poodle will weigh anything between just 10 and 15 pounds, which is an enormous difference to the standard.

Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles

These are a variation of miniature poodles, somehow being even smaller than them! These weigh only between 4 and 6 pounds and all have a height of less than 10 inches tall.

Though fun and affectionate, they aren’t quite as easy going as other miniature poodles or other types. 

This is because they can get anxious when they are separated from their owner, as well as getting aggressive with strangers.

You might think that such a tiny dog wouldn’t even know the meaning of aggressive, but they can surprise you.

With that being said, it won’t always be the case that they get that way. Sometimes they may just not be as friendly as usual. 

As you can tell, these are shy and delicate things. If you have children around them, they will need to be extra careful when handling them, because they are so tiny and fragile. 

Royal Standard Poodles

These are a type of standard poodle that is both taller and heavier, potentially reaching 25 inches in the former and sometimes almost 70 pounds in the latter.

Other than that, they are the same: elegant, smart, energetic. 

Teacup Poodles

These are the smallest of all poodles, which means you need to be extra careful around them and handling them.

They are just as energetic and friendly as other poodles, but need more focus and attention because they are so tiny and fragile.

Moyen Poodles

These are the medium sized poodles, and are perfect for families because of their friendliness and willingness to follow commands.

However, they are prone to diseases, particularly eye-related ones.

If you want one, it is best to find a healthy litter of puppies from a good breeder. Besides that, they are very intelligent and sweet.

Mixed Poodles

There are plenty of poodle varieties that have come from being bred with another dog.

The labrador/poodle blend is famous, mainly due to their energy and friendliness, as well as the fact that some can be guide dogs. 

Final Thoughts

With this guide, you’re bound to find the poodle type that’s perfect for you.

Olivia Kepner