Types Of Freshwater And Saltwater Angelfish

Looking to upgrade your at home aquarium with some exciting color? The saltwater and freshwater angelfish are some of the most popular fish in the hobby!

Types of Freshwater and Saltwater Angelfish

With their wide range of colors and their naturally gentle nature, the angel fish is a great addition to any aquarium. 

But what ones are worth your money?Below you’ll find the best saltwater and freshwater angelfish to add to your aquarium.

Whether you are just beginning to build your at home aquarium or wanting to add some color, the angelfish is perfect. Find out more below!

Freshwater Angelfish 

In a properly kept fish tank, robust tropical angelfish can survive for up to ten years.

The aquarium enthusiast has been breeding these fish in captivity for years, and there are now a staggering number of different breeds available.

There are 3 popular species of freshwater angelfish:

  • Common Angelfish- Pterophyllum scalare 
  • Altum Angelfish- Pterophyllum altum
  • Leopold’s Angelfish- Pterophyllum leopoldi

5 Types Of Freshwater Angelfish

Altum Angelfish

The more uncommon altum angelfish has a bigger and deeper body than the more widely available tank types.

In honor of one of the South American rivers where they are found, they are often referred to as Orinoco angelfish.

Commonly seen with three stripes and a silver correlation, this stunning angelfish is recommended for more experienced aquarists.

This showstopper can be a challenge to care for but are still a beautiful additional to a freshwater aquarium 

Koi Angelfish

The Koi angelfish gained it name as it has some interesting features which may look similar to the asian Koi fish.

With three colors (tricolor) of white, black and an attractive yellow/orange this angelfish is hard to miss. 

Each Koi angelfish has unique markings making it a great fish to add to your collection!

They will keep your aquarium at the top of its game as they make an excellent centerpiece.

However, due to its individuality the Koi angelfish can be a little bit more expensive than other species. 

Panda Angelfish

This angelfish was given its name due to its similarity to the bear, the Panda.

The unusual white body with black markings makes this fish interesting and unique.

This breed of angelfish lives best when in a large, tall, planted aquarium with plenty of nukes and crannies for exploring and hiding. 

Albino Angelfish

Types of Freshwater and Saltwater Angelfish

Due to their lack of pigment, albino angelfish have a white pink overall appearance and recognizable pink or red eyes.

Albino angelfish are extremely uncommon and fascinating, although they are typically less resilient than those that are naturally colored.

Fluorescent Angelfish

The fluorescent angelfish is a genetically modified breed first developed in Taiwan.

Whilst extremely rare, this species of angelfish will be the star of the show. With a dazzling pink body you simply cannot help but stare. 

The most alluring feature of this angelfish is their ability to glow in the dark.

Used as a form of communication to attract prey and distract predators this characteristic is guaranteed to have your aquarium lit up all night long. 

Saltwater Angelfish

Angelfish in saltwater are large, vibrant, and utterly magnificent.

Whether in home aquariums, public aquariums, or their natural habitats, these fish are captivating to anybody who observes them.

However, a factor to consider is the true size a saltwater angelfish can grow too once reaching full maturity. 

5 Types Of Seawater Angelfish

Coral Beauty Angelfish 

The coral beauty angelfish is a gorgeous deep purple with contrasting orange and yellow sides.

This breed is the most popular and affordable dwarf angelfish. 

The coral beauty needs room to float and munch on algae despite being a little angelfish.

Other fish, especially those of the same species and those with similar appearances, may encounter them with a little aggression.

These fish were wrongly maintained in micro settings for a long time, which increased their aggressiveness and vulnerability to common marine ailments.

Types of Freshwater and Saltwater Angelfish

Flame Angelfish 

The flame angelfish brings light and fire to your home aquarium. With a startling orange body with blue, black and yellow markings.

Considered to be a dwarf species this angelfish is small but packs an exciting punch. 

Flame angels and coral beauties are frequently put into aquariums that are far too tiny to handle their activity and hostility.

Compared to coral beauties, flame angelfish are typically a touch more aggressive and more inclined to pick at corals.

When maintained together, the two fish exhibit aggressive behavior.

Majestic Angelfish

The majestic angelfish is one of the largest angelfish to have in your aquarium.

Also commonly known as the girdled angel, this fish can be rather shy. Preferring to remain within the cover your aquarium provides.

This angelfish requires a large tank to swim as it can grow to an impressive size of 12 inches. They will pick at any fleshier corals in their surroundings. 

Blueface Angelfish

Much like its name suggests this angelfish will develop a striking electric blue face once reaching full maturity.

During their juvenile years they will sport white and light blue stripes before transitioning to their mottled gray and yellow body. 

The blueface angelfish can become aggressive, especially if they are the biggest fish in the tank.

They do best when they are the only angel in the tank with no completion.

Given proper living conditions and the proper amount of space, this angel can grow to be an impressive 15 inches. And they can live for over 15 years. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are looking to start your aquarist journey or wanting to bring vibrant colors to your home aquarium, angelfish are perfect. 

Freshwater angelfish are generally smaller and easier to care for.

With an incredible range of sizes, colors and unique markings you’ll find the most stunning collection to complete your aquarium. 

If you’re more interested in saltwater angelfish be prepared to need a larger aquarium and give them more attention.

Being able to grow to larger sizes, saltwater angelfish are stunning but can often become more aggressive in their maturity. 

Have a look at the range of freshwater and saltwater angelfish to take your aquarium to the next level!

Olivia Kepner