Types Of Bulldog From Around The World

Dogs are a man’s best friend, however, some breeds of dog seem to get all of the love; in this case, it’s the lovable bulldog with their cute faces and sloppy kisses.

Types Of Bulldog From Around The World

The most common household pets, you’re likely in the know about some of the more common breeds.

However there are plenty that seem to go under the radar, and today we will explore the types of bulldog breeds and what makes them different from each other.

English Bulldog

Let’s start with one of the most popular breeds: the English bulldog is probably what you pictured, and is the most synonymous.

They are categorized by their wrinkly face and have quite stocky bodies.

They are a social breed that gets along with other dogs and other pets, and will likely bark at the door if someone knocks or rings the bell.

What is sad about this breed is that due to poor breeding, the newer generation suffers health issues, and has breathing instructions.

French Bulldog

Slightly smaller than the English bulldog, and a popular breed in this group is the French Bulldog, often referred to as a Frenchie.

They are small in stature and have oversized points, making them look cute.

They are excitable, friendly, sociable, and make great lap dogs for company.

They also don’t require that much exercise, but once they are out they will not want to go back inside.

One thing to note is that they crave attention and will do whatever they can to get yours!

American Bulldog

The lankier and taller version of the Bulldog is the American bulldog, and are recognizable by their facial structure, but typically have thinner and longer limbs and torso.

If you like dogs that are goofy and want to do everything in their power to make me happy, you’ll get along great with an American bulldog.

However, they do require plenty of exercises, and won’t be happy if you don’t take them out for a regular walk.

Olde English Bulldogge

One common misconception about bulldogs is that all English Bulldogs are built the same.

However this is not the case, and an Olde English Bulldogge is a combination and crossbreed of a mastiff, an English bulldog, an American bulldog, and a pit bull. They almost look like a bulldog mixed with a pug.

Types Of Bulldog From Around The World

When fully grown they can be quite heavy, and will likely push the boundaries if you’re not careful.

So ensure you set the rules early on, and they’ll give you the respect you deserve.

Australian Bulldog

Did you know that bulldogs also come from Australia, too?

They have similar personality traits to the English bulldog, but are slightly smaller and can often have a more grumpy look.

But don’t let looks fool you as they are spirited and loyal to the bone. And they are also one of the more intelligent Bulldogs.

Luckily this breed has a lot fewer issues with health and breathing due to better breeding conditions, but can often have heart-related issues and skin infections.

Alano Espanol

Here’s a loyal and intelligent dog that has the characteristics of a loyal and lovable pup dedicated to serving its master.

It’s a medium-sized dog usually weighing around 80 pounds and is physically capable, which means that it needs plenty of exercise.

As these dogs are historically bred for work, they’re quite active and can love to immerse themselves in the outdoors, so they get plenty of sunshine. 

They are also considered one of the healthiest breeds of the bulldog and do not struggle as much with breathing difficulties.


One of the largest breeds of bulldog and which typically weigh well over 120 lbs; they are descendants of the extinct old English bulldog and mastiff.

Bullmastiffs can get away with a moderate amount of exercise, and you should take care to monitor their health for issues with hips and skin ailments.

Similar to many of the other breeds on this list, they are lovable, warm-hearted, and will do whatever they can to protect their master.

This makes them highly loyal and is a perfect option for those looking to raise children with pets.

Mammut Bulldog

Types Of Bulldog From Around The World

This lovely creature has many characteristics of many bulldogs and can be recognized by the longer snouts and their leaner bodies.

This is a great option for those that don’t want a larger dog as they only weigh around 60 pounds as adults.

Although one thing to consider is this breed will need plenty of exercise variety and plenty of training as they are notorious for being stubborn and disobeying orders.

Similar to other Bulldogs, they may struggle with breathing issues and skin conditions.

Ca de Bou

Ca de Bou is Spanish for bulldog, and this lovely breed has elements of a Labrador, but all the characteristics of a bulldog.

They are a beefy breed and can weigh up to 85 pounds with a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years.

As they have been raised as a defensive breed, they are well known for making excellent guard dogs, giving them the label of a loyal and devoted dog to their family.

Just make sure you set the boundaries early on so that they understand and respect you.

Victorian Bulldog

With the controversy around breeding bulldogs, this breed has been known to be the inspiration for how to breed bulldogs as they set out to remove any complications permanently.

This makes them look less like a bulldog, and more like a Terrier breed.

They have a friendly and relaxed personality, with the squishy rolls that you see in many of the English varieties of the bulldog.

Because they are bred properly, they are not prone to breathing issues, but can still suffer from skin complications such as allergies.

Final Thoughts

Bulldogs are wonderful breeds that will be welcome in my household and family, with their lovable personality and fierce loyalty to protecting their owners.

Because they come in many shapes and sizes, there truly is a breed for everyone. 

Olivia Kepner