68 Amazing Animals That Start With A – Fun Facts

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If I ask you to list animals that start with A, you will name a few regular ones, like ants, anemones, and anteaters. However, here’s a great list of 100+ animals that start with A.

From African bush elephants to African grey parrots, how these animals that start with A live, fight, or make love is different in their way.

Every animal is unique, rare, and different in its way. This list has all the facts you need to know about these exotic animals, starting with A.


The Aardvark is a burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. It’s known for its long, sensitive snout and strong claws for digging.

Their name is from the Afrikaans language in South Africa, which means ‘earth pig.’

Aardvarks are amazing animals that start with a! Most solitary animals live in Africa.

They can weigh up to 177 pounds, making them one of the largest animals on the continent.


animals that with a, aardwolf

The Aardwolf is a small carnivore that lives in the savannahs of Africa. It feeds on insects, such as termites, which it catches with its long tongue.


cat, abyssinian, pet

The Abyssinian is a short-haired domestic cat originally from Ethiopia. It has an elegant appearance and is noted for its intelligence and energetic personality.


butterfly, insect, nature

Achrioptera manga is an African butterfly with striking, bright red wings and black eyespots.


adax, addax nasomaculatus, antelope

Addax, also known as the white antelope, is found in the deserts of North Africa. They’re well adapted to dry environments due to their light-colored fur and broad hooves.

Adelie Penguin

antarctica, antarctic peninsula, brown bluff

The Adelie Penguin is native to Antarctica’s coastal regions and can be found on ice floes near shorelines. They have black upperparts and white underparts

with white eyebrows above their eyes.

The Adelie Penguin is the smallest and most widely distributed species of Penguin in the Southern Ocean and is one of only two species of Penguin found in the Antarctic.

Aesculapian Snake

snake, reptile, animal

Aesculapian snakes are nonvenomous European snakes that get their name from Aesculapius, the god of healing in Greek mythology. They live near human dwellings, feeding on rodents and other small animals like lizards or frogs.


dog, affenpinscher, pet

Affenpinschers are small toy dogs with shaggy fur coats bred initially in Germany during the 1600s. They have terrier-like personalities and are known for being alert watchdogs due to their sharp bark when they sense danger nearby.

Afghan Hound

afghan, greyhound, afghan hound

Afghan Hounds are tall sight hounds native to Afghanistan that have been bred since ancient times for hunting game birds like partridges or pheasants as well as hares or foxes in open terrains such as deserts or steppes.

African Bullfrog

African Bullfrogs are large amphibians native to Sub-Saharan Africa that can grow up to 20 cm (8 inches) long!

frog, portrait, thailand

They spend most of their time at night feeding on insects but will burrow underground during the day, where they remain dormant until nightfall arrives again.

African Bush Elephant

elephant, africa, namibia

African Bush Elephants are the largest land animal that starts with a, growing up to 13 feet tall!

The tusks of African Bush elephants are involved mainly to defend against predators or break branches off trees so they can access food hidden within them.

African Bush Elephant With some individuals weighing over six tons, the African Elephant is the largest land animal on Earth.

African Civet

fossa, mammal, madagascar

African Civets may resemble cats, but they’re related more closely to mongooses!

Located mainly in Africa, these omnivorous mammals feed on fruits, insects, rodents, reptiles, and even eggs.

African Clawed Frog

frog, amphibian, animals

African Clawed Frogs inhabit shallow ponds in tropical climates across sub-Saharan Africa, so naturally, they thrive best when water temperatures range between 18–25 °C (64–77 °F).

African Forest Elephant

African Forest Elephants live in dense rain forests of Central Africa compared to their relatives.

elephants, black, large

The African bush elephants occupy savannas instead ‒ making them distinguishable by their smaller size and warmer gray coloring!

African Grey Parrot

grey parrot, african grey parrot, parrot

African Grey Parrots are one of the most popular pet birds. They’re known for being able to imitate human speech remarkably well after being trained properly via positive reinforcement methods!

African Palm Civet

civets, animal, animals

African Palm Civets look similar to cats but belong in the same family as mongooses! These mammals subsist mainly on fruits such as dates or figs, supplemented by insects now and then, depending on availability.

African Penguin

penguins, birds, mother

African Penguins live along South Africa’s coasts. They are found waddling around along rocky shorelines filled with guano, which provides them with vital nutrients essential for raising healthy chicks year after year.

The African Penguin is a small to medium-sized Penguin species found along the coast of South Africa and on several of its surrounding islands.

African Tree Toad

toad, frog, amphibian

The African Tree Toad is a small, tree-dwelling amphibian in Africa’s tropical rainforests.

It camouflages itself from predators by matching the colors of its surroundings and can often be found near streams or ponds.

African Wild Dog

african wild dog, animal, close-up

The African Wild Dog is one of the most endangered species on the continent, facing threats from habitat loss and human conflict, which has led to their depletion in all but a few parts of Africa.

Agama Lizard

african striped skink, reptile, animal

Agama Lizards are colorful reptiles native to parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

They use their bright colors as a warning sign to potential predators and feed mainly on insects, fruits, and flowers.


dog, reception, guardian

Aidi is an ancient breed of livestock guardian dog that has been bred for centuries to protect sheep herds in North African tribes’ mountainous regions from jackals and other large predators.


dog, puppy, canine

Ainus are a rare breed of dog from Japan that has thick white fur coats and black faces with upright ears. They make loyal companions with their gentle natures and easygoing personalities.

Airedale Terrier

yorkshire terrier, dog, pet

Airedale Terriers are known as “The King of Terriers” because they are larger than other terrier breeds. They’re also very eager learners making them excellent at obedience training!


puppy, dog, pet

Airedoodles are a crossbreed between an Airedale Terrier and a Poodle, first created by breeders in Australia in 2009.

They tend to get along well with everyone – both humans and animals – making them great family pets!


akbash, dog, herd protection dog

Akbash dogs were initially bred to guard livestock in Turkey.

However, they now make lovely companion animals worldwide due to their devotion towards owners, gentleness around children, low maintenance needs, & good watchdog abilities!


Akitas are Japanese spitz-type dogs celebrated by ancient Samurai warriors for their loyalty & bravery hundreds of years ago.

dog, dog head, light brown

Although they can bear a resemblance to wolves, they possess loving temperaments, making them great family pets today!

Akita Shepherd

dog, dog portrait, portrait

Akita Shepherds are crosses between Akitas & German shepherds bred since 2018, primarily in the US East Coast region as guardians/guardian type dogs due to their strength & intelligence when it comes to protecting property or people.


pyrenean mountain dog, security dog, animal

Alabais come from Kazakhstan, where nomads raised herds of livestock like goats or cows; these ancient dogs helped protect valuable assets leading them to be popularly kept as guard/herding type dogs among the local populace for centuries prior!

Alaskan Husky

animal, dog, pet

Alaskan Huskies are sled dogs descended from crosses between Siberian and North American breeds. They are known for their incredible speed and endurance, making them great companions for outdoor activities such as backpacking or mushing.

Alaskan Klee Kai

alaskan malamute, climbed, sled dog

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a small-sized Spitz-type dog from Alaska in the late 1970s. They were bred to be companion dogs that resemble miniature versions of their larger domestic cousins, the Husky and Malamute.

Alaskan Malamute

huskies, dogs, race, animals that start a

The Alaskan Malamute is an ancient Arctic breed believed to have descended from domesticated wolves 5,000-7,000 years ago. They are powerful working sled dogs with thick coats and great endurance in cold climates.

Alaskan Pollock

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Alaskan Pollock is one of the most abundant fish species on Earth, living in cold waters off the coast of Alaska and other northern regions near Russia and Japan. It’s often fried or as part of sushi rolls or fish cakes.

Alaskan Shepherd

The Alaskan Shepherd is a newer breed developed by selectively breeding German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes since the 1990s to combine the strength and intelligence of both breeds into one versatile animal.

Albacore Tuna

Albacore Tuna are found throughout the world’s oceans but are especially common off the coast of California and other parts of western North America near Japan. Their meaty texture made them famous for canning and smoked tuna recipes.


The albatross is among the largest seabirds on Earth. It has a wingspan of up to 11 feet wide, allowing it to fly long distances over the open ocean without flapping its wings! Moreover, it can remain airborne without flapping for up to 10 hours at a time!

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoises can live up to 150 years old due to their slow metabolic rate, which conserves energy & allows them to spend long periods without food or water; they grow up to 1 meter (3 ft) in length & weigh over 200 kg (450 lbs)!


Alligators feed primarily on fish but will also hunt turtles, snakes, birds & mammals that come near their habitats; they use their sharp teeth & powerful jaws along with strategic laying-in-wait postures to ambush unsuspecting prey from within shallow waters!

Alligator Gar

Alligator Gar are massive freshwater fish indigenous mostly throughout parts of Texas rivers & bayous across the southeast USA, where they thrive thanks to warm temperatures; despite intimidating size & tough armored scales, these gentle giants pose no danger to humans!


Alpacas originated in Peru over 5000 years ago when ancient Peruvians interbred wild Vicunas with domesticated llamas; today, this species is celebrated worldwide for its luxurious fleece used heavily by the fashion industry for apparel production!

Alpine Dachsbracke

Alpine Dachsbracke is an ancient German dog breed bred to track wounded deer using their keen sense of smell and ability to traverse mountainous terrain. They’re friendly and loyal companions with thick, short coats and a happy-go-lucky attitude!

Alpine Goat

Alpine Goats are an ancient Swiss breed developed for dairy production and meat; they possess long beards and horns plus tough hooves suited for traversing rugged mountain terrains, allowing them to thrive in regions like Alps & Pyrenees Mountains!


Aluskies are crosses between Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies first bred by designer dog enthusiasts in the mid-2000s; they boast combined traits from both parent breeds, including thick plush coats, loving temperaments & intelligence plus athleticism qualities!


Amargasaurus was a quadrupedal herbivore dinosaur hailing from the Upper Cretaceous period of Argentina. It grew up to 10 meters (33 ft) in length due to its single pair of bony spines found along the neck & back portions of the body!

Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrots are beautiful tropical birds native to South America’s rainforest who possess vibrant rainbowish plumage with the unique ability to mimic human voices; most can learn up to a hundred words, but some exceptional parrots can even understand syntax & grammar as well!

Amazon River Dolphin (Pink Dolphin)

The Amazon River Dolphin or “Pink Dolphin” is one of the world’s few freshwater dolphin species endemic only in tributaries within the Amazon basin located mainly across Peru, Brazil, Colombia Venezuela, making them quite rare sights even amongst aquatically inclined tourists!

Ambrosia Beetle

Ambrosia Beetles belong to a unique group of insects whose larvae feed upon ambrosia fungi found inside tree trunks instead of traditionally available materials such as leaves or stems; female parents carry fungal spores through tunnel networks they dig into tree bark, thus creating fascinating landscapes captured by microscope photography!

American Alsatian

American Alsatians were designed by animal breeders/geneticists since 1988 as companion animals displaying looks similar to wolves while retaining gentle personalities more often associated with domestic dogs; these large creatures stand up tall at 77 cm (30in the) tall back at shoulder level, making them impressive companions indeed!

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs were bred initially centuries ago in Great Britain for bull-baiting but eventually crossed over to the USA, where they became celebrated all-purpose farm dogs capable of herding livestock as well as protecting property when necessary; they remain excellent family pets too, thanks to their calm natures around kids despite muscular figures.

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a small, affectionate companion dog bred to hunt and flush out birds in the UK. They were brought to the US during World War I and are now one of America’s top 10 most popular dog breeds.

American Cockroach

The American Cockroach is one of North America’s largest species of cockroaches, and it can grow up to 3 inches long! They are typically found indoors near food and moisture sources, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. However, they are capable of flying short distances, too.

American Coonhound

The American Coonhound is a hunting breed developed in the United States to hunt raccoons, opossums, and other small game. They are affectionate with their families but also independent and reserved around strangers. They have a deep bark that can carry for long distances, which keeps them well-suited for their job as hunters!

American Dog Tick

The American Dog Tick is usually found in grassy/wooded areas throughout the US. It survives by attaching itself to hosts such as dogs or humans, where it can feed on its blood for several days before dropping off. Unfortunately, these ticks can carry Lyme disease, so if you find one attached to your pet, it’s essential to remove it properly with tweezers!

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is known for its intelligent and alert personality, making it an excellent watchdog. They are also highly active sporting dogs – they often participate in sledding, agility, or even Frisbee competitions! This breed has a thick white coat of fur that requires plenty of grooming to stay healthy and shiny.

American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a scent hound developed primarily to trail and tree foxes during hunts in North America. Despite having an independent nature typical of most hounds, these courageous dogs are still loyal members of any family they may join; they need plenty of physical and mental stimulation due to their boundless energy levels!

American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier is one of the rarest dog breeds out there due to its lack of fur; this distinctive trait gives this Terrier breed many hypoallergenic properties and no need for regular grooming whatsoever. However, be warned: these small energetic dogs need lots of exercises. Otherwise, they may turn into naughty troublemakers!

American Leopard Hound

The American Leopard Hound is a loyal, energetic, outgoing hunting dog with an even-tempered disposition. It was initially bred to hunt big game animals such as deer, bear, and boar, but it makes a great family pet due to its obedient nature and intelligence.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American pit Bull Terrier is an incredibly loyal, intelligent, and athletic breed of dog that originated in America during the 19th century. They were initially used for bull baiting and ratting, but today make suitable companion pets thanks to their strong affinity for people and eagerness to please!

American Pygmy Goat

The American Pygmy Goat is a small breed of goat that typically stands at less than 22 inches in height. They are sometimes called ‘pygmies’ due to their size, but they can still be surprisingly strong! Pygmy Goats enjoy being around people and thrive on human companionship – they can even be taught tricks!

American Robin

The American Robin is the official state bird of around six states, including Michigan and Connecticut. It has adapted to living near humans as it feeds on earthworms found in our lawns! These adaptable birds can also survive through winter by huddling together in flocks when temperatures drop.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an iconic breed known for its muscular physique and bold personality. They are vigilant dogs, always eager to please their owners; they require plenty of exercises and mental stimulation, but once you have their trust, they become very loyal companions.

American Toad

The American Toad is one of North America’s most widely distributed amphibians, and it’s easy to recognize with its distinctive spots and bumpy skin. This species can live up to 10 years in captivity if given proper care, which includes lots of freshwater-based habitats such as shallow ponds or streams.

American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel was bred as a hunting dog with its webbed feet, making it perfect for swimming after game birds. However, nowadays, this type of spaniel affectionate canine companion makes more suitable family pets thanks to its friendly nature and low-maintenance coat!

Amethystine python

The Amethystine python is one of the world’s most giant snakes, growing up to 8 m in length. This species is endangered in Australia but can be found in Indonesia, New Guinea, and surrounding islands. They are excellent climbers and love to hide amongst rocks and crevices for protection!

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is an endangered species native to Russia’s Far East Primorsky region. It has thick fur that helps keep it warm during the harsh winter months and allows it to camouflage well against the snow-covered ground. In addition, it has a potent bite force, enabling it to quickly take down large prey such as deer or boar.


The Anaconda is a giant constrictor snake endemic to South America and Central America. It spends most of its time on land but can swim underwater due to its waterproof scales. They eat various animals, including birds, rodents, turtles, fish, frogs, and other snakes!

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed from the Anatolian region of Turkey. They were initially bred as livestock guardians but now make great family companions due to their courageous personalities and protective nature. This breed needs plenty of exercises every day, so it’s best suited for someone who enjoys outdoor activities!


Anchovies are small silvery fish found in saltwater worldwide; they are often used as baitfish or food sources for larger predatory fish. Anchovies have a robust flavor that most people don’t particularly enjoy; however, they are loved by specific cultures, such as Italian, which include them in various dishes like pizza toppings or pasta sauces!


Angelfish are tropical freshwater fish that belong to the cichlid family; they have long fins with beautiful stripes ranging from light yellow to vibrant blues and oranges, depending on the species. These elegant creatures make great tank mates when kept with non-aggressive tankmates such as tetras or danios!

Angora Ferret

The Angora Ferret is a long-haired ferret breed with fur that can grow up to six inches in length. They are relatively calm and docile animals, making them great house pets for those looking for an affectionate companion!

Angora Goat

The Angora Goat is a unique breed of goat that produces fine, silky wool known as mohair. It’s native to the mountains of Turkey and was once kept primarily for its luxurious wool; nowadays, they are just as likely to be seen being kept as pets or used in shows due to their beautiful appearance!

Anole Lizard

The Anole Lizard is a small, tropical lizard found in Central and South America. They range in size from 2-6 inches long and come in brown, green, grey, or yellow colors. These lizards are renowned jumpers and can leap up to twenty times their body height!


Ants are one of the most successful insect species on Earth. They are social insects who live together in colonies with complex behavior, including division of labor amongst different types of individuals. Ants communicate via pheromones, allowing them to recognize each other and coordinate their activities.

Antarctic scale worm

The Antarctic scale worm is an aquatic species native to Antarctica’s marine habitats with temperatures rarely exceeding ten °C; it uses its 8 pairs of legs covered in dense bristles for locomotion above the substrate surface. Its scales protect against predators like birds or fish while also helping it blend into its environment.


Anteaters are native to Central and South America; these unusual creatures have large snouts, which they use for sucking up ants with sticky tongues! They often feed on ant eggs which provide them with protein without having to hunt down prey items like other creatures.


Antelope are some of the fastest land mammals on Earth – capable of reaching speeds around 60 mph – making them incredibly well-suited for escaping predators! There’s a wide variety available throughout Africa, Asia, and North America, depending on what type you’re looking at; they vary significantly in size, too, from life-sized deer up to larger stocky varieties like Bongo antelopes found in Africa’s rainforests.


Apes make incredibly intelligent primates whose brains are remarkably similar to humans. There are two main types: great apes, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and lesser apes, such as gibbons and siamangs. All these species share specific characteristics, such as high problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and sophisticated communication abilities!

Appenzeller Dog

The Appenzeller Dog is a medium-sized breed originating in Switzerland; they have a deep bark that can carry far, making them excellent guard dogs. They usually have two or three colors—black with tan markings, black with brown markings, and black with white markings.

Apple Head Chihuahua

Apple Head Chihuahuas are one of the oldest breeds of lap dogs known for their exceptional intelligence, alertness, and loyalty. These charming little dogs originated in Mexico, where their favored status amongst the wealthy brought them a reputation as ‘royalty’ among pets.

Apple moth

Apple moths are tiny but destructive insects native to Europe, Asia, North Africa, and some parts of North America. These pests feed on fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and other deciduous trees; they can cause significant damage if left unchecked due to their large numbers.

Arabian Cobra

Arabian Cobras are venomous snakes found throughout Arabia and the Middle East that sport characteristic hoods on their heads when threatened.

They prefer dry climates but also live in wetter areas up to 5500 feet above sea level, which makes them difficult to distinguish from other cobras indigenous to the region.

Arafura File Snake

The Arafura File Snake is an aquatic species found in areas around Australia’s northern coastlines and islands; it has smooth skin with a series of yellow stripes running along its back and sides, which give it an attractive patterned look! It feeds mainly on fish eggs but also eats small invertebrates like tadpoles.


Arapaima is a giant South American freshwater fish that reaches lengths up to 15ft long; it has razor-sharp teeth for catching smaller prey in its expansive mouth cavity! Fishermen highly value it due to its delicious taste when cooked – making it one of the most sought-after catches in the Amazon basin!


Archaeotherium was an ancient species of rhinoceros that lived during the Oligocene epoch around 33.9 million years ago. It is believed that it was one of the first true rhinoceroses, and its size was estimated to be similar to a modern adult hippopotamus.

Archelon Turtle

The Archelon Turtle is an extinct marine turtle that lived in the Cretaceous period over 70 million years ago. It had a giant shell and is believed to have been capable of reaching lengths up to 4 meters!

Arctic Fox

Arctic Foxes are small, intelligent, omnivorous animals native to the arctic regions of the world. They are well adapted for cold climates with their thick fur coats, which can change color seasonally from brown in summer to white in winter for camouflage.

Arctic Hare

Arctic Hares are hardy herbivores found throughout some northern regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. These adaptive critters survive freezing weather conditions thanks to their short ears and feet covered with fur and their densely packed coat which insulates them from the cold and allows them to stay warm in temperatures as low as -50°C!

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolves are powerful predators native to northern regions of Canada, Greenland, and Alaska; they can grow up to a meter tall at the shoulder and weigh between 40-80kgs!

Their thick white coats provide excellent insulation against icy temperatures enabling them to hunt successfully even during the harshest winters.


Arctodus was an extinct species of giant bear that roamed North America during the late Pleistocene period around 11000-100000 years ago.

They were significantly larger than modern bears – some specimens growing up 9ft tall at shoulders and weighing as much as 1,200 lbs!


Arctotherium was an extinct species of giant short-faced bear that lived in South America around 3 million years ago. It was the most potent land mammal of its day, likely standing over 2 meters tall at the shoulder and weighing up to 1500 kgs!

Arizona Bark Scorpion

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is a venomous species found in the deserts of the southwestern United States, sometimes known as ‘yellow’ or ‘desert scorpions.’

They have distinctive long slender pincers and a yellowish body with brown markings on their back – they’re one of the few species that can survive prolonged periods without water.

Arizona Black Rattlesnake

Arizona Black Rattlesnakes are giant venomous snakes native to western North America. Their broad, triangular head characterizes them, and their zigzag-patterned bodies are covered in large diamond-shaped blotches.

Their venom is highly potent and capable of killing an adult human in less than an hour if left unchecked.

Arizona Coral Snake

Arizona Coral Snakes are small but highly venomous snakes living in the desert areas of the southwestern United States. They typically feed off other reptiles, such as lizards and snakes;


devotional battleship, mammal, nature

Armadillos are small mammals found throughout Central and South America, with an armored shell covering their back, protecting them from predators like jaguars or cougars. Although they are primarily solitary creatures, some species have been known to band together in groups for protection purposes!

Armadillo Lizard

Armadillo Lizards are unique animals native to southern Africa whose bodies resemble armor plating due to their overlapping scales; these provide excellent camouflage against predators while also allowing them to escape danger underground by burrowing rapidly through sand or dirt!


larva, worm, armyworm

Armyworm is a caterpillar native to North America and parts of Europe. They travel in large swarms and can cause significant damage to crops, consuming an entire field in only 3 days!

Aruba Rattlesnake

mexican west coast rattlesnake, snake, reptile

Aruba Rattlesnakes are the only venomous species on the island of Aruba, located off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. They are small, shy snakes with a yellow-orange-brown coloration and typically grow no more than 80 cm in length.

Asian Arowana

Asian Arowanas are rare and highly sought-after freshwater fish native to some areas of Asia.

They have bright scales and long whisker-like barbels around their mouths, giving them a distinct ‘dragon-like look; some specimens can reach lengths up to 1 meter!

American Alligator 

alligator, american alligator, gator

The American alligator is a predatory, semiaquatic reptile. The species lives in the southeastern United States rivers, lakes, and swamps. It can reach up to 16 ft. (5 m) in length and is an apex predator with no natural predators.

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