List of 16 Animals That Start With W

Do you know which animals start with W? You might be surprised by how many there are!

Here is a list of 16 animals that start with W, along with a few fun facts about each. From the wolverine to the waxy monkey frog, you’ll explore new about these amazing creatures.

So continue reading to learn more about these wonderful animals that start with W.

List of Animals That Start With W

Whale Shark

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The whale shark is an impressive and beautiful sea animal that starts with ‘w.’ The whale shark is the largest of all living fish, reaching a maximum length of an astonishing twelve meters.

Whale sharks are closely related to the great white shark. They feed primarily on plankton by filtering it from seawater as a whale shark swims. But they also eat a variety of other smaller sea animals.

Whale sharks also have an interesting way of reproduction. For example, the females release hundreds or thousands of eggs into the water. And their male counterparts will swim in to fertilize them before the young hatch out.

Although whale shark isn’t closely related to the whale family, they often swim along the surface of the ocean much like their mammalian namesake.

Wild Boar

Wild boars are animals that start with W and form part of the million species on Earth. As a species, they have been around for millions of years.

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This species adapted to survive in many different climates, and social animals. Wild boar can be found in woodlands, prairies, grasslands, and even deserts.

Wild boar are considered to be herd animals. However, they can become quite dangerous when threatened. They are among the few animals that can interbreed with domesticated pigs, and they have even been known to become acclimated to living in urban areas.

The Wild boar are endangered species. It is essential to protect these animals, which play a vital role in our ecosystems.

A fun fact about wild boar is that male hogs will guard their young during winter and use their body heat to protect them from the cold.

Western Rat Snakes

Western Rat Snakes are animals that start with the letter ‘w’ and belong to the Colubrinae subfamily of snakes.

These animals are considered mildly venomous species. What’s interesting is that their saliva contains neurotoxins. However, they rarely bite humans.

They belong to the animals beginning with ‘w’ and can be found in South America, where they live in trees to help them stay safe from prey and predators.

To give you a fun fact, these animals have highly developed eyesight for animals of their kind, which helps them locate food sources more efficiently.

Western Rat Snakes can reach up to 2 meters in length and have a body weight of up to 5 kg.

They used to be quite common, but unfortunately, due to deforestation, they are now considered critically endangered animals that start with ‘w’ species.

Western Gorilla

The western gorilla is one of the two gorilla species and is often called the western lowland gorilla. It is an animal that starts with a “W,” which is few and far between.

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These remarkable western lowland gorillas have unique behavior patterns and an impressive body weight of 450 pounds.

Sadly, the western lowland gorilla is a critically endangered species due to habitat loss and hunting. So it’s incredibly important to preserve their population in the wild.

A fun fact about these incredible animals is they can live up to 30 to 40 years in captivity, making them some of the longest-living animals beginning with “W”.

Another amazing thing about the western lowland gorilla has despite their huge size, they are herbivores and live mostly on plants like leaves, cut flowers, and fruits.

West Indian Manatee

The West Indian manatee is an intriguing and unique creature. Animals that start with the letter ‘w’ are often brightly colored.

But this particular mammal enjoys a more subtle grey hue throughout its body. An enormous aquatic animal, its body weight is between 800-1300 pounds.

They enjoy an array of shallow coastal waters and rivers. As an example of their versatility, they can be seen in the warm waters of South America all the way to some parts of the United States.

The fun fact is West Indian Manatee have been hunted for their meat for centuries, humans remain the most significant threat to their population.

West Highland Terrier

One animal that starts with ‘w’ is the west highland terrier. For example, the West Highland White Terrier is a strong and resilient dog from the family of terriers native to the highlands of Scotland.

They come in white coats and have an average body weight between 15-22 pounds, making them comparatively smaller than some other popular dogs such as German Shepherds or Labradors

The west highland terrier belongs to the dog family. This dog species appears not to be critically endangered.

Moreover, the west highland terrier is not classified as a critically endangered species, although their numbers are relatively low compared to other more common breeds.

Wandering Albatross

The Wandering Albatross is one of the few animals that start with W and one of the most exciting birds that begin with W.

A fun fact about the Wandering Albatross is one of the largest birds in the Animal kingdom, with a wingspan stretching almost 12ft. On average, one adult wandering albatross can have a body weight of up to 17 lbs.

Wandering Albatrosses often prefer to stay near the coastlines of South America and Antarctica. However, as its name suggests, it frequently tends to wander long distances across oceans that may be thousands of miles away from its natural habitat.

Sadly, in recent times illegal hunting of wandering albatrosses has become a significant concern for conservationists owing to their critically endangered status.

Woolly Monkey

Woolly monkeys are animals that start with the letter “W” and can be found living in South America. They are some of the largest monkey species on the continent, with some adults weighing around 8 kilograms.

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They have a chocolate-brown coat of fur that protects them from predators as woolly monkey swings through trees looking for food.

Woolly monkeys are mainly known for their strong family bonds, which makes it all the more impressive that they can often survive on their own and aren’t reliant on any group.

White Tiger

The white tiger is one of the beautiful animals that start with “W.” These white tigers are found mainly in South Asia, and their range of habitats is used to extend throughout Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, and Nepal but currently white tigers can only be found in captivity.

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White tigers have beautiful white fur with black stripes, a combination rarely seen in nature that makes them stand out amongst the animals beginning with “W.

Though many people find white tigers interesting due to their rare appearance, some argue for breeding such animals in captivity as it reduces the gene pool of normal colored tigers, which could lead to a decrease in their population numbers.

White Tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle is one of the animals that start with ‘w’. Found in parts of Europe and Asia, as well as southern Africa, this majestic species is the second-largest eagle in the world.

Interestingly, it’s only beaten by the Harpy Eagle found in South America. Other animals begin with ‘w.’ This raptor lives mainly near water, where it hunts for fish, small mammals, and carrion.

Although this species was once critically endangered due to hunting and habitat loss, its current status is now stable. The fun fact about the white-tailed eagle is they are almost exclusively monogamous throughout their entire lifetime.

This interesting feat makes them unique among the animal kingdom animals and stands out as an incredible trait of this majestic bird.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider is a unique animal that starts with “W” and is one of the most common animals beginning with this letter. They have small bodies, but they are still quite impressive.

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A wolf spider can range from small to big. The largest species of Wolf Spider is found in South America and can grow to be four inches in length.

The mating season of wolf spiders seems always to be around late summer or early fall, which is an interesting fact you may not have known about these animals before.


Walruses are animals that start with the letter ‘w,’ and even more impressively, they can be found in the Arctic and North Pacific oceans.


These animals have adapted over time to the cold climate, so much so that they can swim up to a kilometer deep while searching for food.

The walrus mating season is considered one of the most amazing things about them. Males battle it out with their tusks to win over females while creating plenty of noise.

An interesting fact about walruses is that they have whiskers around two feet long, which is quite fascinating.

Water Voles

Water voles are animals that start with “w” and can be found in many countries, from the cool climate of Britain to warmer climates in South America.

They are the largest animals that begin with “w”, with an adult water vole growing up to 15 inches in length.

During mating season, males will fight for their chosen mates, sometimes exchanging vocal calls or even physical fights before returning to their own territories. This is an interesting fact about water voles that you might not know.

Another fun fact is that these solitary animals like to construct and modify their burrows, much like wombats. Some reports say they may spend up to three months doing this each year.

Walleye Fish

Walleye Fish are one of the animals that start with W. They’re native to North America and can be found as far south as South America. Walleye Fish are a large species, typically measuring up to about 20 inches long when fully grown.

These animals have an interesting mating season – during winter, male walleyes congregate in shoals at the bottom of lakes and rivers, looking for the females that are spawning around that time.

It’s a fun fact to know about these animals is that they’re outstanding at hunting because of their modified eyes. The walleye fish have double sets of eyelids, which help them gauge even the slightest changes in light, making them better hunters in low-light conditions.

Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo are animals that start with the letter W and are found mainly in south Asia, but also throughout south and southeast Asia.

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These animals have a mating season around August and September when males become very active in their pursuit of females. Water Buffalo is actually the largest species in the bovine family.

They can weigh over 2,000 pounds. An interesting fact about Water Buffalo is they form incredibly strong bonds with their young which makes them great animals to keep in captivity.

A fun fact about these animals is that they live, on average, up to 25 years, far longer than most animals of their size.

Wolf eel

The Wolf eel is a sea animal that starts with “W” and is the largest species of the Eel family. They are found in the waters of North America, South America, and parts of Japan.

Wolf Eels are quite mesmerizing animals that feed on other animals such as fish, clams, octopi, and crustaceans. During their mating season (spring through summer), Wolf Eels will travel to find a suitable mate.

Wolf eel is believed to spend their entire lives with their mate after selecting one. A fun fact about these animals is that since their eyes can’t adjust to the darkness, scientists believe it uses electrolyte receptors in their skin to determine light intensity.

What animals’ names start with the word wood?

Wood owls are found across North and South America, African and European continents. These birds of prey eat insects, rats, squirrels, rabbits, and other tiny animals.

How many animals start with W?

Learn more about 95 animals beginning with W, such as the wallaby and the wrasse worm. The popular animals beginning with the letter W are white tigers, water voles, wolf spiders, and so on


Animals beginning with W present a fascinating array of biodiversity. From the woodpecker’s rhythmic pecking to the weasel’s carnivorous pursuits, each species adapts uniquely to its environment.

The wildebeest and warthog, roaming the plains, contrast with the Wyoming toad and wahoo in aquatic realms. These animals, whether residing in habitats from the Arctic Circle to freshwater ecosystems, illustrate nature’s complexity and the intricate balance of ecosystems.

With thousands of other animals that also have a name starting with the letter W, you will never be finished learning and discovering more about new animals every day. Finally, checkout the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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