Why Do Kangaroos Box Each Other?

Why do kangaroos box each other? This is the first time most people have heard of boxing kangaroos.

They are normally shy and skittish animals, but when an intruder comes too close, they’ll fight back with a full-on, three-round knockout.

Why Do Kangaroos Box Each Other

They are viewed as the representative animal of Australia but they can be a little bit aggressive at times and have been known for their fighting style.

But what are the reasons for them wanting to fight each other and sometimes even humans? Find out more here below.


One of the main reasons you will see Kangaroos fighting as they get older, is for more serious reasons like protecting their territory.

They will always fight if they just want to be alone or if they are protecting their food reserve which is abundant there.

The third reason is for females which are in this territory. Fighting over and for females is a very common reason.

They will have to fight for their territory against predators too where you will find them using their defense techniques.

They are very good fighters, and you probably do not want to be on the wrong side of one.

Food And Water

In all wild settings, animals are trying to stay alive in the sense of finding their own food and water naturally.

There fighting can occur if the food resource becomes low or if there are Kangaroos on their territory trying to take the food.

It might sound funny but Kangaroos love to eat grass. It might seem like there is lots everywhere to some people.

However, in some areas there will be quite a bit, and others quite dry. Therefore, you could see a fight to keep the territory of the grass filled land.

Water is such a huge factor of any animal’s lives because it can be reduced at times in the wild.

When water is scarce you will find both male and females fighting for water resources. This is not only against other Kangaroos, but also other animals.

Fun And Games

Sometimes kangaroos just like to box for the purpose of fun.

It is like watching a sparring match with all the punches thrown. They basically love to fight and play around and there does not have to be a reason.

As mentioned previously, Kangaroos always love to box from an early age and that doesn’t completely stop when they get older.

Unfortunately when they get older, they have to fight for real too.


Fighting for mating or females is very common because they must prove themselves to the female so she will choose them over another Kangaroo.

They will actually fight till death to get the female they want which can get very messy, but it is all part of being a Kangaroo.

The female is most likely going to choose the Kangaroo (Also check out Are Kangaroos Smart?) which wins the fight because he has shown his strength and resistance.


This is not only true for Kangaroos, but many animals across the world. It is important for male kangaroos to show dominance because all of the sections start to link together.

If they are the most dominant kangaroo, the female is more likely to choose them to mate with. Therefore, it goes round in circles!

Fighting Styles

Why Do Kangaroos Box EachOther

They are very well known for their legs because they are very springy and powerful. They also have extremely sharp claws and strong tails.

Their styles are very funny and interesting to watch because they look very similar to human fighting.

They use their powerful tail to stand up and help them balance while kicking. They also grab the head of their opponent to hold while kicking their stomach.

They know what is going to hurt and over the years they will master their fighting techniques, starting from an early age.

It is essential that kangaroos learn how to fight because it will be a necessity in their survival.

They need to fight for several reasons listed above and if they can’t then they can’t protect where they live or their mate/female.

They can become very scary fighting mechanisms which will ultimately fight till death if needed.

However, in most fights there will only be mild injuries, but sometimes they can get really hurt. Even though they are vegetarian animals, they will still fight and hurt one another.

Do Females Fight Often?

Yes, females can also be very territorial – especially if they have little ones.

It is mainly the same for every animal mother when they have babies because they are very protective over them and will fight to protect them against predators.

When the baby Kangaroos leave the pouch, they will start their fighting straight away with each other and their mother.

You will find that they will try and play box with their mother quite often to start with.

Human Attacks

It is quite uncommon for a Kangaroo to attack a human for absolutely no reason. However, like any animals, if they feel threatened by someone or are being provoked for any reason, they will attack.

You should never be threatening a Kangaroo or trying to get too close to them because they have such a powerful kick and boxing style, they could kill you.

Even though they will not eat you like a lion or bear, they will definitely still kill you if they can.

They are even more likely to attack you if you are getting too close to their joeys or if they feel like you are threatening the joeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Kangaroos Fight Each Other?

When Kangaroos are younger, they tend to fight as a way of playing around with each other.

However, when they start getting older, this is when the fighting actually becomes far more aggressive and serious.

If you see Kangaroos fighting, it will either be because they are determining their rank or because of female Kangaroos.

What To Do If A Kangaroo Wants To Fight?

If you find yourself in a position where a Kangaroo wants to fight with you. You need to get yourself into a position where you can protect your body.

The most commonly recommended is curling up into a ball to protect your front, and wait for help to come!


Overall, Kangaroos (Also check out How Long Is A Kangaroo’s Life Span) are very interesting animals and do fight for many reasons in life. However, it will always circle back round to the dominance of each Kangaroo.

If they show dominance and win the fight, they will get the mate they want. If they show dominance when it concerns food, water or territory, they are more likely to win.

Even though these animals are viewed as cute and friendly, they could potentially want a boxing match with you which would be quite scary.

However, as mentioned above, you will need to protect your stomach by curling up into a ball and just waiting for help.

Hopefully this guide shed some light on why Kangaroos box each other and how deadly the fights can actually get!

Olivia Kepner