Do Kangaroos Try To Drown Other Animals When They’re Threatened?

Sometimes, a kangaroo will try to drown another animal. This happens when the kangaroo is sick or hungry, but it can also happen when two kangaroos fight.

Everyone knows that Kangaroos are very funny animals, but they can also have quite a temper when fighting and in some circumstances will fight till the death.

Do Kangaroos Try To Drown Other Animals When They're Threatened?

This guide will be covering whether they will actually go into the water to drown other animals and even humans in some cases!

They are much stronger than people think, and like any animal, will protect themselves in times when they are threatened.

However, do they go to the extent of trying to drown them? Find out more right here with us!

Are They Aggressive?

The kangaroo is a marsupial from the family Macropodidae.

The three extant species are the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo, and Red Kangaroo.

Kangaroos are not aggressive when they aren’t messed with and are left to live without complication. They are very alert and aware of their surroundings.

However, they have been known to become aggressive if they feel threatened and they can lash out at predators and even other kangaroos over females, food and territory.

Kangaroos are famously known as the most aggressive animal in the world when it comes to fighting.

Kangaroos live in both large and small groups, and they are famous for their fighting skills with other animals and their own kind.

Can They Be Aggressive To Humans?

It all depends on the situation and what they are doing at the time.

If the kangaroo is looking for food on the streets or human food that has been left over, you should never try and take it away from them because they will lash out.

They can also be aggressive if they see humans holding food as they might try and take it off you.

In this situation, it is safer to just give it to them instead of trying to run or fight back.

Also, you should never swim over to them when they are in any water because if they feel threatened they will always react negatively.

Kangaroos With Their Predators

They do not have too many predators but there are a few animals they need to look out for.

Baby kangaroos are the most vulnerable to predators like foxes, but the predators need to be careful around adult kangaroos because they will attack them.

Kangaroos have many different defence skills they use to fight with when they feel threatened.

Even though it is very rare for kangaroos to drown other animals due to not having that many predators to keep an eye out for, they still can.

They will use their long arms and big claws to hold the predator under the water until they are dead. They are extremely strong animals and are very dominant in fighting situations.

They start fighting from a very young age with their peers and mother which is play-fighting.

However, this does become more serious as they get older to protect their territory and their food.

Kangaroo Kicks

Kangaroos With Their Predators

The kangaroo has a very powerful kick on them because they build up the momentum before striking their opponent.

Apart from drowning other animals they will beat them, claw them and attempt to claw their eyes out.

They use the combination of both the kick and the claw to kill and injure their predators or opponents!

Drowning Dogs

You might have heard information about how Kangaroos will mostly try and drown dogs who swim towards them.

This is true, but it is not very common. Most Kangaroos are quite nervous around dogs and will usually try and hop away from them.

However, you will sometimes find a very brave one that will lure the dog into the water where they are more vulnerable and drown them.

They are most likely going to put them in a headlock to prevent them from breathing. This combined with the water is an easy drown for the kangaroo!

Are They Ever Friendly?

It all depends on where the kangaroos are and what they are used to.

If they live in a highly populated area with humans, they are going to see them all the time and get used to them being there.

However, you shouldn’t try and make contact with them because you never know what the response is going to be.

If they live somewhere more wild where you are less likely to see dogs and humans, you will be more likely to be attacked if you make them feel threatened in any way because they are not used to seeing them.

Should You Pet Them?

You shouldn’t really just be petting them whenever you want because they could potentially attack you and you never know what they are thinking.

You also shouldn’t be allowing your pets to be going near them because they might feel threatened by them and you could be putting your dog in danger of being killed.

Differences Between Male And Female Kangaroos?

The female Kangaroos tend to be a lot more shy and quiet in comparison to male kangaroos.

You will be less likely to see them fighting as much or being aggressive. However, there are times when it comes to their babies or food/water where they will become aggressive if necessary.

Male kangaroos tend to be a lot more aggressive and fight far more for territory and their females.

Therefore, they might not only kill other animals by drowning them, but also other kangaroos who try to topple their pride or take their lady.

They might also try to fight visitors who are making them feel threatened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Kangaroo Drown A Dog?

A kangaroo can drown a dog. It depends on the size of the dog, the depth of the water, and the kangaroo’s lungs.

A dog will try and fight back and make it difficult for a Kangaroo for them to actually drown them, but a kangaroo will try.

Due to the features they have, they can drown dogs if they come to them in the water.

They will use their really strong arms and claws to hold them under the water and drown them.


Overall, when it comes to Kangaroos you can never be too careful because you don’t know what their responses might be as they can become aggressive to any animal or human if they feel threatened.

However, The notion that kangaroos deliberately drown people is more myth than fact. Studies from Australian institutions, like the University of Melbourne, highlight kangaroo behavior as typically defensive rather than aggressive. 

Native to the Australian outback, these tall herbivores, known for their powerful legs and tails, primarily feed on grass and are more likely to flee than chase.

Incidents where kangaroos have been aggressive usually occur when they feel cornered or threatened. Records from Queensland and other regions suggest they may use water bodies, like dams, as escape routes rather than spots for deadly encounters. 

While there have been rare cases of kangaroos displaying threatening behavior, such as biting, their typical reaction to humans is to avoid conflict. 

In essence, while kangaroos can be formidable due to their size and weight, there is no evidence that they purposefully drown people.

Hopefully this guide will help you understand more about the dangers of kangaroos and what they are capable of. Sometimes, People think they are extremely friendly and you can just go and pet them, but this is not the case. The evolution of the kangaroo did not include domestication like dogs.

Olivia Kepner