14 Most Interesting Animals in Morocco – You May Not Know About

Morocco is rich in reptiles, with over 90+ reptilian species recorded here. Moreover, this African country has recorded 490 species of Birds and other interesting animals in Morocco. Morocco is home to around 105 mammal species, including golden jackals, the red fox, and leopards.

 Interesting Animals in Morocco

Morocco has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, and to the north lies the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. A migratory route for interesting birds in Morocco, linking Western Europe with North Africa, passes across the Strait of Gibraltar and through Morocco.

Morocco has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The government of Morocco is working to protect its many ecosystems, including national parks, national reserves, sanctuaries, lakes, and other nature and wildlife areas from the extreme climate.

Few people would consider Morocco a travel destination worthy of visiting for its wildlife, yet tucked within its vast expanses of forests and national parks are an abundance of natural retreats. The coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate and vegetation, while the Atlas Mountains are forested inland.

interesting animals in Morocco

With over 40 ecosystems, it is home to many interesting animals, and you’d have to escape the city life to discover the spectacular wildlife and explore the wilderness of Morocco. Discover 5 places to experience unusual and interesting animals in Morocco.

Endangered Species of Interesting Animals in Morocco

interesting animals in morocco

A single endemic bird species, the northern bald ibis found here. Other 12 globally endangered species that lives here are the white-headed duck, the Balearic shearwater, the northern bald ibis, the Egyptian vulture, the lappet-faced vulture, the hooded vulture, and the white-backed vulture.

interesting animals in morocco

There are three popular interesting animals in Morocco, which are also rarest. These interesting animals include the Barbary leopard, Arabian Tahr, and Cuvier’s gazelle.

The Barbary leopard is an endangered species that is endemic to the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa. It typically inhabits mountainous areas with dense vegetation and rocky outcroppings at altitudes between 5,000 to 10,000 feet.

interesting animals in morocco

The Arabian Tahr can be found in areas of rugged terrain and steep slopes with sparse vegetation at high elevations, including the High Atlas Mountains.

interesting animals in morocco

14 Interesting Animals in Morocco

Barbary Ground Squirrel

interesting animals in morocco

The Barbary ground squirrel is the only species that live in North Africa. Its natural habitat is the rocky grounds, and you can spot these small creatures in the Anti Atlas mountain and small rocky oasis in the Sahara. Their major diet is seeds and fruits, especially almonds and Argan.

The conservation status of the Barbary ground squirrel on the IUCN red list is “Least Concern.”

West African Crocodile

interesting animals in morocco

Scientific name: Crocodylus suchus

Conservation status: Data deficient

The West African crocodile is also called the desert crocodile or sacred crocodile. This species of crocodile is related to and often confused with the Nile crocodile but is smaller in size.

The West African crocodile is also known as the sacred crocodile or the desert crocodile. It is a species of crocodile related to the Nile crocodile, although it is smaller and less aggressive. This crocodile is one of the interesting animals in morocco and it inhabits the arid desert environment of the Sahara.

Barbary Macaque

interesting animals in morocco

Barbary Macaque is a unique species known for their vestigial tail. It is found in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco. Interestingly, it is the only primate found in Europe and the only species of the Genus “Macaca” found outside of Asia.

They are considered one of the Old World monkeys, which can survive in cold, snowy winters to hot blistering summers.

Common Wall Gecko

interesting animals in morocco

Name: Common wall gecko

Scientific name : Tarentola mauritanica

Conservation status : Least concern

The common wall gecko, also known as the Moorish gecko, the European common gecko, or the crocodile gecko. These reptiles are native to the western parts of the Mediterranean Sea and have been introduced to the Balearic Islands and Madeira, and the Americas. This gecko can be found throughout most of Morocco and hides in a refuge during the day.

The Moorish wall gecko, also called the European common gecko, crocodile gecko, Salamanquesa, and the common gecko, is found in urban areas.

Sand Cat

interesting animals in morocco

Sand cat, also called sand dune cat, is a species that resembles the domestic cat but in a desert habitat. Physically, it has a weight of between 3.3 and 7.5 pounds and a shoulder height of between 9.4 and 14.2 inches.

The cat has a flat, broad head coupled with short legs and a tail with a length ranging from 9.1 to 12.2 inches. This cat spends the day resting in underground dens and emerges at night, hunting for rodents and small birds.

This cat likes to live in a desert habitat that is flat or almost flat. Since they live in deserts, these cats have little food and little vegetation. The cat can go for months without water and can survive entirely on bodily fluids from its food.

North African Hedgehog

interesting animals in morocco

North African hedgehog, also called the Algerian hedgehog, closely resembles the European hedgehog and lives in mixed-forest habitats.

The Algerian hedgehog, has a close resemblance to the European hedgehog. However, the African one has a length of between 7.87 and 9.84 inches thus making it much smaller than its European counterpart. When it comes to their physical appearance, this mysterious animal has large ears and a light-colored face with a brown head and legs.

Saharan Striped Polecat

interesting animals in morocco

The Saharan striped polecat, also known as the Saharan striped weasel, is a species of mustelid native to the surrounding areas of the Sahara, despite its name. It can thus be found from Morocco, Mauritania, and Egypt to Sudan and Djibouti.

This mammal mainly feeds on small birds, lizards, and their eggs, as well as small mammals. It tracks its prey by scent and digs it out of its burrow.

Egyptian Mongoose

interesting animals in morocco

Name: Egyptian mongoose

Scientific name: Herpestes ichneumon

Conservation status: Least concern

Despite its name, the Egyptian mongoose is absolutely not endemic to Egypt, as it can be found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa.

Egyptian Mongoose This species has a slender body that has a length of between 19 and 24 inches and a weight of between 3.7 and 8.8 pounds. In addition, they have black-tipped tails that have a length of between 13 and 21 inches. Forest, scrubs, or the savannas characterize their habitat.

Golden Jackal

interesting animals in morocco

The golden jackal is a new species of wolf discovered in Africa, closely related to gray wolves, however, golden jackals and gray wolves look dramatically different. They live in open savannas, deserts, and arid grasslands, while the side-striped jackals are found in marshes, mountains and bushlands.

The Berber Skink

interesting animals in morocco

The Berber skink or sandfish is another unusual animal. This yellow and black-striped species of lizard appear to swim through the sand of the Sahara desert. Berber skink are the most well-known desert fauna in Morocco.

Berber Toad

interesting animals in morocco

Scientific name : Sclerophrys mauritanica

Conservation status : Least concern

The Berber toad, also known as the Moorish toad, the Mauritanian toad, the Moroccan toad, or the pantherine toad. It is a species of toad endemic to northwestern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) and southern Spain, where it was introduced.

This toad inhabits subtropical and tropical dry cork oak forests, as well as freshwater marshes, rivers, arable land, plantations, and even urban areas, at elevations up to 2,650 m / 8,694 ft above sea level.

Camel Dromedary

interesting animals in morocco

Camel Dromedary is the national animal of Morocco, also known as the camel with one hump. This interesting animal used to be the main animal, specifically used for transportation in the Desert for centuries.

They are amazing animal that can stay without water for a few days, making it the best animal that can survive the harsh temperatures of the desert.

Desert Hedgehog

interesting animals in morocco

One of the mammals of the Sahara desert of Morocco, known as the smallest among hedgehogs. It is around 140-280 Cm (5,5 to 11 inches). They are globally not threatened animals on the IUCN red list, although road traffic is believed to decrease the number of hedgehogs in some regions.

Mediterranean Monk Seal

Mediterranean Monk Seal

interesting animals in morocco

Scientific name : Monachus monachus

Conservation status : Endangered

Mediterranean Monk Sea, one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world with only a few hundred currently surviving. The Mediterranean Monk Seal is believed to be the world’s rarest pinniped species found in the isolated populations in the Mediterranean. The extremely endangered Mediterranean monk seal is found on the coasts of Morocco.

Barbary Lion

Interesting animals in morocco

The Barbary lion was hunted to extinction in the wild and is one of the most interesting animals in Morocco. It is a subspecies native to Morocco and is a national emblem. The last Barbary lion in the wild was shot in the Atlas Mountains in 1922. The Barbary lion is also called the Atlas or Nubian lion and is native to the Atlas and Rif mountains.

FAQs about Interesting Animals in Morocco

What unique animals are in Morocco?

Morocco has unique animals found in Morocco, including the Barbary macaque (an Old World true monkey), the North African hedgehog, the sand cat (a desert-adapted feline), and the Crested porcupine.

What is the sacred animal of Morocco?

The sacred animal of Morocco is the Barbary lion.

What are traditional Moroccan animals?

Traditional Moroccan animals include camels, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, and mules.

Does Morocco have tigers?

Tigers are not native to Morocco but are typically found in parts of Asia.

What is the National Animal of Morocco?

The national animal of Morocco is the Barbary lion.

What wildlife live in the desert in Morocco?

The Fennec fox, single-humped camel (also called Arabian camel or dromedary), Dorcas gazelle, jerboa, desert hedgehog, Dab lizard, and Berber skink are Morocco’s most well-known desert fauna.

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