30 Animals That Start With M

Did you know that there are quite a few animals whose names begin with the letter M? Maybe you can name a few off the top, like monkeys, meerkats, and moose. But there are plenty more where those came from.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some interesting animals whose names start with M. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Popular Animals That Start with M: Updated List

Birds that start with M

Macaw – The Colorful Birds

macaw, parrot, bird

Macaws are animals that start with “M,” as you may have heard. These birds belong to the bird family Psittacidae and can be found in tropical jungles around Central and South America.

Macaws are known for their beautiful colors. Combining up to seven distinct shades can make quite a majestic sight. Macaws are a group of New World parrots that have long tails and colorful feathers

Macaws occupy the top of the food chain in the jungles where they live, but their colorful language makes them unique among animals. They can learn more than one hundred different words.

This makes them one of the world’s most intelligent parrots. What a fun fact about these animals that start with M. But, unfortunately, the population of macaws have led to a decline in their wild populations, as they often fall prey to the illegal pet trade.

Macaroni Penguin

Macronic penguins, animals that start with M

Macaroni penguins are animals that start with M and belong to a group of aquatic flightless. This penguin species lives in Antarctica.

Macaroni penguins typically have black and white colored, orange beaks, with a yellow crest of feathers on the top of their head. A fun fact about macaroni penguins is they use their feet for swimming in the icy cold waters.

They live in huge colonies full of hundreds to thousands of birds, which helps them stay warm during winter. A macaroni penguin is a social creature that spends time with other colony members when they’re not out searching for food.

Magellanic Penguin

Magellanic Penguin, animals that start with M

The Magellanic Penguin is a beautiful animal that starts with M and is found nesting on coasts and islands in the southern hemisphere, including islands near South America. These animals usually live near rocky shorelines.

They love to spend most of their time swimming, but they are also known to occasionally hike over land in search of food.

An interesting fun fact about these animals is they can spend time in both environments. It’s no surprise that some can stay underwater for about 15-20 minutes hunting for dinner.

Fish That Start With M

Manta Ray

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Manta Rays are animals that start with ‘M’ and are closely related to sharks, skates, and stingrays. A fun fact about them is they can grow up to 22 ft in width and weigh up to 3,000 lbs.

A fun fact about the manta ray is that they don’t have a backbone in their skeletal system since they can’t have rigid bodies like other animals starting with M.

A Manta ray can move rapidly in the water, up to 24 km/h. These animals also use gills to filter plankton from the water, which helps them feed.

Moray Eel

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The Moray Eel is a fun and fascinating animal that starts with M. Moray Eels usually have a long, snake-like body. These eels can measure anywhere from one to thirteen feet long. They come in many colors, such as brown, yellow, and blue.

Moray eel lives in warm, shallow waters like coral reefs and usually hides in rocks and crevices for protection. They are carnivore animals and feed mainly on small fishes and crustaceans like crabs, but a moray eel also eats octopuses.

A fun fact about a moray Eel is that they have an extra set razor sharp teeth inside their throat, which can be used to grab prey and hold them until they can be swallowed.

Minke whale.

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Did you know that the minke whales are one of the most common animals in the world’s oceans?

It is also known as “the little piked whale” because of its pointed snout. The minke whale is usually between seven and ten meters in length and can weigh up to thirteen tons.

There are two species of minke whales, the common minke whale and the Southern or Antarctic minke whale. It is a small whale compared to some of its closely related species, such as the blue whale. Its diet consists mainly of krill, fish, squid, and shrimp.

Unfortunately, they are near threatened because killer whales and humans widely hunt them.

Mekong Giant Catfish

catfish, fish, predatory fish

Mekong giant catfish start with M, a great example of animals beginning with this letter. These fishes can reach up to lengths of 3 meters and weigh over 300 kilograms.

They are native to the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia, where they graze on plant matter and small invertebrates that live on the riverbed.

They have been listed as Critically Endangered since 2006 due to overfishing, pollution, and dams blocking their migration routes.

Reptiles and Insects That Start With M

Monarch Butterfly

garden, flowers, butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly is an animal that starts with the letter M and is closely related to the butterflies.

This fascinating species is light as a feather and belongs to the Nymphalidae family. They can be found in North American habitats. On appearance, many people recognize them by their vibrant orange wings with black accents along their edges.

An amazing fun fact about these butterflies is that they can migrate as far as 3,000 miles yearly. They migrate thousands of miles to their wintering grounds, typically between California and central Mexico.

Marsh Frog

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Marsh Frogs are a fun and interesting species of frog. They belong to the family Ranidae, which includes animals that start with the letter “M,” such as mink, muskrats, and mudpuppies.

These small animals can be found in marshes, ponds, streams, and other wetland areas across the United States.

Marsh frogs have a unique triangular-shaped head much wider at the front than at the back. Their skin is also slightly bumpy and can range from greenish-grey to brown.

One fun fact is that they change color depending on their mood. The frog’s skin becomes brighter and more vibrant if they are happy. On the other hand, if they become scared or agitated, they will change to a duller color to blend into their environment.

In addition to their fun color-changing abilities, marsh frogs have a few other peculiar habits. They are very vocal and make loud croaking noises, especially during mating season. They also tend to be nocturnal animals, hiding in the reeds in the daytime and coming out to hunt for food at night.

Another Interesting Frog Species – Mantella Frogs

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Mantella Frogs are fun animals that start with the letter “M.” These frogs are colorful critters in Madagascar and are full of fun facts.

These frogs can be anywhere from yellow to black and even red. Some of them even have stripes or spots.

Mantella Frogs are also unique because they lay their eggs on land instead of in water like many other species of frogs. The female Mantella Frog lays eggs in damp leaf litter on the ground.

The Mantella frog is a highly endangered species. It’s estimated that the population of these frogs has declined by 90% since the early 21st century. This is largely due to habitat destruction.

Marine Toad

cane toad, toad, amphibian

The marine toad is a fun animal that starts with M. Marine toad is another name for the cane toad, an amphibian native to Central and South America and an invasive species in several other regions.

Marine toads are one of the enormous toads in the Bufonidae family. And a fun fact about Marine Toads is that they have large parotoid glands on either side of their head.

This gland secretes a toxin that deters predators from eating them, making them a fascinating species. Another fun fact is that marine toad Produces a poison used in arrow darts.

However, the marine toad is not a picky eater animal. As a marine toad preys on small animals and insects and likes to live in solitude.

Mexican Alligator Lizard

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The Mexican alligator Lizard is an inspiring creature that fascinates many people. These animals that start with M are part of the Anguidae family.

The reptiles grow to around 18 inches in length. One of its most peculiar features is a small piece of bone on the tip of its lower jaw, which encircles its throat like an alligator’s.

As one of their primary defenses while alive, they can detach their tails as decoys to distract predators. They live in brackish lagoons and mangrove swamps along the Mexican coasts, typically feeding on fish and crustaceans.

The Mexican alligator lizard lives in Mexico’s cloud forests at 130 feet and is going extinct because of illegal poaching


black mamba, dendroaspis polylepis, line

The Mamba is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It is a member of the Elapidae family, which includes some of the most dangerous animals that begin with “M,” such as Moorish Idol and Moray Eels.

The Mamba can be found in habitats ranging from dense forests to open savannahs and cities. They are usually green or black and can grow up to 4 meters long.

The Mamba is a solitary hunter, using its speed and agility to catch its prey. It feeds on small creatures such as rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, and other snakes. The reason behind naming it the most venomous snake is it is one poisonous bite enough to kill a human in minutes.

Mammals that start With M


moose, bull, animal

One animal that starts with M is the moose, a large deer-like mammal native to North America and Europe. They are also known as Elk.

Moose have long legs, a big head, and a large body covered with thick fur. Their antlers can reach up to 6 feet wide. This makes them one of the largest animals in the deer family. Moose are herbivores and eat mostly plants, leaves, and aquatic vegetation.

They are solitary animals that live alone or in small groups of two or three. They make loud calls to communicate with each other during the mating season. Overall, moose are amazing animals and a great addition to any list of animals that start with M.

Mountain Gorillas –  The less famous Monkeys

gorilla, monkey, ape

Mountain Gorillas are fun animals that start with the letter’ M.’ They’re less famous. Monkeys There are many types of monkeys, and the mountain gorilla is one of them.

An interesting fun fact is a mountain gorilla can live on elevations up to 8000 to 13000 feet. In the high altitudes of East and Central Africa, climb trees to feed on their leaves, twigs, and fruit.

Besides the fun fact about climbing trees, there are many more fun facts about mountain gorillas. For example, a mountain gorilla is a highly social animal and lives in groups of up to 30 members.

They also have a long lifespan, like a mountain gorilla can live up to 50 years in the wild. The silverback male gorilla is a particular member who leads and protects his family.

Another fun fact about mountain gorillas is that they build nests on top of trees to sleep in at night. They are unique, as they are the only primates known to build nests in trees.

Mountain Lion – Pumas

puma, animal, wildlife

Animals that start with the letter ‘M’ have no natural predators. A mountain lion can be found in grasslands, chaparral, swamps, deserts, and even some rainforests.

One mountain lion can weigh up to hundred seventy-five pounds. It has flexible spines and features powerful hind legs for leaping long distances. This characteristic of a mountain lion allows him to move swiftly in tight spaces.

A fun fact about mountain lions is primarily feed on small rodents, deer, sheep, and other mammals. But it can also catch its prey with incredible speed by sprinting up to sixty miles per hour. Knowing all this makes it clear why the mountain lion is one of nature’s great hunters.

Masked Palm Civet

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The Masked Palm Civet is a small mammal native to Southeast Asia. It is an omnivorous species and feeds on fruit, insects, small animals, and plants. The Masked Palm Civet is a beautiful addition to the list of animals that start with M.

The Masked Palm Civet has a unique color pattern consisting of white patches around its eyes and nose and grayish-black stripes extending along its back and sides.

Their fun fact is they can climb tree trunks and branches and have the capability to climb up to 30 feet per minute. Another fun fact is that masked palm civet sprays a foul scent to scare off predators.

Margay – The Small wild cat

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The margay is an animal roughly the size of a domestic cat. And about a third of the size of its close relative, the ocelot, which makes them closely related to animals that start with N. They are found in South and Central America, inhabiting tropical forests, deciduous forests, and shrublands.

It is smaller than other cats, weighing around 7 to 16 pounds when fully grown. The margay has a long tail with spotted patterns, and they can climb trees like typical felines.

They have padded feet like a monkey, and they can even hang backward from high branches going downwards and then leap into another branch easily. This small wild cat is one of the most interesting animals in their genus.

Maned Wolf

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The maned wolf is one of many animals that start with the letter M. The Maned Wolf is found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and other eastern and central South American countries.

They have a bushy red-orange coat and an unmistakable “mane” that runs along the length of their back. It is also known for its long legs and distinctive howling noises.

In recent years, the maned wolf has become increasingly threatened by habitat loss at the hands of humans. Conservation efforts are ongoing to rescue the maned wolf species.

Malayan Tigers

tiger, animal, zoo

The Malayan tiger is of the most fun animals that start with M. These unique cats are found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Mountain Lion central, and north and South America. They are also called sea cows cause of their remarkable ability to swim underwater.

They are considered a subspecies of the Indochinese tiger, and their natural habitat is tropical and subtropical evergreen forests. Malayan tigers live alone except during breeding season.

Malayan tiger has stripes on their coats that are usually yellowish-orange and black. These stripes provide camouflage in the wild, keeping them hidden from potential predators.

Unfortunately, this species is critically endangered on the IUCN Red List due to poaching and habitat loss. It is estimated that only around 300 Malayan tigers are left in the wild cat.

Maine Coon

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The Maine Coon is a popular breed of a domesticated animal that starts with M. These animals are closely related to cats, another animal beginning with M. This wild cat is also known as a gentle giant.

They are known for their size, meticulous grooming, and bold personalities. A fun fact about the Maine Coon is that they have more backbones in their necks than other cat breeds. Which allows them to turn their heads almost 180 degrees.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

animals, bat, flying dog

The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat is one of the most attractive small mammals and animals that starts with an M. It’s a small mammal found in North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

As its name suggests, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat is known for its long, free-flying tail that helps it to maneuver through the air quickly. It has a wingspan of up to 10 inches and is known for its speedy flying abilities, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

This small animal is also known for catching its small prey, insects. A fun fact about them is they can consume up to 3,000 insects in an hour.

Malayan Civet

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The Malayan Civet is an animal that starts with the letter M and is found across Southeast Asia. These animals are small yet stout members of the animal kingdom. Invertebrates feed on fruit, rodents, insectivores, birds, snakes, and lizards.

They have a soft, gray coat with a white underside and black markings, which gives them an unusual appearance. Plus, a Fun fact about Malayan civets is they have long tails.

That can be up to twice the length of their bodies. And like other animals starting with M, they prefer spending nights in the jungle.

Mountain Goat

goat, mountain, mountain goat

The mountain goat, or Rocky mountain, is one of the most beautiful animals, starting with M. A mountain goat is also known as a Rocky mountain goat.

Mountain goat has a white coat of fur which helps them blend into the natural mountainous areas with rocky terrain. To walk on the terrains, mountain goats have developed sure-footedness. Their hooves are well adapted to stiffness and grip in this environment.

While more adapted for cold climates, it’s worth noting that mountain goats may face snow depths up to 10 feet in some cases during winters, even though they can dig through if necessary.

What animals live in north and south America?

North America is home to a wide variety of animals, including mammals like bears, wolves and bison; birds such as bald eagles and cardinals; reptiles like American alligators and rattlesnakes; and amphibians like bullfrogs and salamanders. South America is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including species such as jaguars, llamas, macaws, anacondas, sloths, capybaras and tapirs.

What animals’ names beginning with M?

Mammals whose names begin with “M” include the moose, mongoose, manatee, meerkat, marmoset, mustang horse, mountain goat and macaque monkey. Birds beginning with “M” include the myna bird, magpie, mallard duck and mockingbird. Reptiles and amphibians beginning with “M” include the mud turtle and mudpuppy. Fish beginning with “M” include mackerel and menhaden.

What animals that start with M?

Mammals whose names begin with “M” include the moose, mongoose, manatee, meerkat, marmoset, mustang horse, mountain goat and macaque monkey.

What animals that start with M?

Animals whose names begin with “M” include mammals like the moose, mongoose, manatee, meerkat, marmoset, mustang horse, mountain goat and macaque monkey; birds like the myna bird, magpie, mallard duck and mockingbird; reptiles and amphibians such as the mud turtle and mudpuppy; and fish like mackerel and menhaden.


Animals that start with M have fascinating ranges of animals, each with unique characteristics and adaptations. The mole, a small burrowing mammal, exemplifies adaptation with its specialized digging limbs. 

The mandrill, known for its colorful face, is a striking example of primate diversity. The markhor, with its impressive horns, and the agile monitor lizard highlight the variety in reptilian and ungulate species.

Further, the muntjac, one of the smallest deer species, and the monk seal, an aquatic marvel, demonstrate the breadth of habitats these animals occupy. 

Mosquitoes, often overlooked, play a critical role in ecosystems despite their notorious reputation. The muskrat, a resourceful swimmer, exemplifies adaptability in aquatic environments.

Incorporating interesting facts, such as the cougar’s extensive range, enriches our understanding of wildlife diversity. This exploration underscores the importance of each species, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, in maintaining the balance of our natural world.

So, there you have it! If you didn’t think you could come up with 26 animals that start with M, now you do. Now, check out entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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