Animals That Saved Humans

There are several cases where domesticated animals have been able to save humans.

Animals That Saved Humans

Some dogs have been able to alert a baby’s parents of their need for medical attention, and some other dogs have been able to scare off intruders trying to burgle a home. 

However, it is truly mesmerizing to hear stories of wild animals saving the lives of humans, especially those who have no previous experience being around humans. 

This article is going to give you some brief descriptions of some miraculous instances, where animals stepped in to save the lives of humans. 

Whale Protects Scientist From Shark

A scientist named Nan Hauser was conducting research underwater when she noticed a whale kept pushing and guiding her in the water. 

She was scared and confused at first, but it turns out, a large tiger shark was swimming nearby. 

The whale, seeing the shark, was trying to protect Nan, and although she’s spent her entire career studying and protecting whales, she had never seen anything like it before. 

Whales have been shown to display similar behavior when protecting seals from killer whales, but she had no idea they had the capacity to protect humans too! 

Three Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers

Animals That Saved Humans

Back in 2005 in Ethiopia, a twelve-year-old girl was taken by four men as she was walking home from school. 

One week later, her kidnappers were attempting to move her, but three lions chased them away. The three lions stayed by the girl’s side until police officers arrived to take her home.

The girl insisted that the lions did not touch her, and the minute they saw she was safe, the lions left. 

Some experts believe that the lions did not attack the girl because her cries resembled those of a newborn cub.

Sea Lion Saves A Man Who Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge 

During a bout of mental illness, Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in the year 2000. 

As he was in the water, he was miraculously kept afloat by a sea lion. This creature was able to keep his head above water until a rescue team was able to get him out of the water.

It is believed that he may not be alive today if it wasn’t for that sea lion. 

Dolphins Protect Family From Shark 

In 2004, lifeguard Rob Howes was swimming with his family in Ocean Beach in New Zealand. 

All of a sudden, they noticed around seven bottlenose dolphins approaching them, herding the family together. 

They kept swimming in circles around them and slapping the water with their tails. A few family members had drifted away from the others, and a dolphin swam right up to them and kept diving into the water beneath them. 

Then, they noticed a great white shark was headed toward the family members that had drifted off, and the dolphins continued to swim in circles around them for around 45 minutes! 

This behavior deterred the shark away. Experts stated that the dolphins were acting in a protective nature. They are known for helping helpless things, and they saw these humans as exactly that! 

Gorilla Saves A Young Boy

Animals That Saved Humans

Back in 1996, a young boy fell into a gorilla enclosure while visiting the Brookfield Zoo with his family. 

As he fell in, Binti Jua, a lowland gorilla, wandered over and cradled the injured boy until the paramedics were able to get to him. 

This gorilla acted on a desire to nurture the harmed boy, and ensure he was able to be kept safe until help arrived. 

Deer Saves Woman From Attacker 

In Ohio in 2012, a woman was dragged behind a building and choked by a man.

His intention was to rob her, or worse, but at that moment, a deer emerged from some nearby bushes and managed to chase the attacker away! 

Thanks to this heroic deer, the victim did not have any belongings stolen, and she did not require any hospital treatment. 

Pig Saves Woman From Heart Attack

Jo Ann Altsman was suffering a heart attack at home, and her companion pig Lulu, instantly knew something was wrong. 

Pigs are very intelligent animals, so Lulu ran outside to the road and oinked with all that she had until a driver stopped to find out what was wrong with this pig.

Lulu was then able to lead him inside the house where he noticed Jo Ann and rang an ambulance. 

Afterward, the doctors said that if 15 more minutes had passed, this woman would not have survived. 

Beavers Comfort Orphaned Boy

Animals That Saved Humans

A young boy named Rheal Guindon was on a camping trip in Canada with his parents. His parents decided to go fishing, but he stayed onshore and was horrified to see their boat capsize and both of his parents drown. 

He began to walk to the nearest town, but the sun began to set, and he realized he’d need to sleep outside before trying again in the morning. 

As he slept, he felt something furry next to him, so he snuggled up next to it and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, he noticed three beavers snuggled against him, and it turns out that they had saved him from freezing to death when the temperature dropped to below zero. 

Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire

One night in California, a fire broke out in the middle of the night in this family’s apartment. Their pet pit bull named Sasha alerted the mother of the family by barking loudly. 

Sasha also managed to save the baby of the family by carrying her off the bed. If it wasn’t for this heroic dog, who knows what might have happened! 

Cat Saves Woman From Heart Attack

Animals That Saved Humans

A woman named Claire Nelson wasn’t feeling too great. Her cat then started acting very strangely, and begin jumping on her, pawing at her chest while making very strange, loud noises. 

She continued to feel poorly, so she decided to take the bus to the doctor’s office. At the bus stop, she had a heart attack. She believes that her pet cat was acting strangely because he could tell something was wrong. 

She claims that her cat saved her life, as his strange behavior is what led her to go to the doctor’s office.

Parrot Saves Family From Fire

One night, LauraJean Nielsen and her fiancé were woken up by their parrot making a lot of noise. It turns out a fire had broken out in their laundry room, and their parrot was able to alert them to it. 

Thanks to the parrot, the family was able to leave the apartment safely, and they called the emergency services who were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of the house! 

Dolphins Protect Man From Shark

A long-distance swimmer was swimming in the ocean when he noticed a pod of dolphins surrounding him. 

It turns out that there was a great white shark swimming beneath him, and these dolphins stayed with him until the shark swam away! 

Whale Saves Drowning Diver

In China in 2009, at the Polar Land Aquarium, a diver named Yang Yun was taking part in a free diving competition in order to apply for a training job at the aquarium.

While diving in the cold water, she developed a cramp in her leg that prevented her from swimming up to the surface. 

Mila, one of the whales in the tank, noticed her struggling and grabbed her leg, pulling her up to the surface! 

Elephant Saves Girl From Tsunami

Animals That Saved Humans

During the well-known Tsunami in Thailand that happened in 2004, an 8-year-old girl was saved by an elephant

As the wave struck, the elephant grabbed the girl, taking her on its back as it ran to find higher ground. It was also able to protect the girl from the wave by creating a protective wall by turning its back to the wave. 

The girl would have drowned if this elephant had not stepped in.

Dolphins Rescue Surfer

In 2007, a surfer had been attacked by a shark in California. The skin on his back had been peeled, and his right leg had been completely sheered to the bone. 

A pod of dolphins appeared and surrounded him, protecting him from further attacks from the shark. They were also able to protect him and guide him back to shore, so he could reach help. 

Final Thoughts 

These incredible stories show us that animals also have compassion and instincts, and are not always threats and pests that we need to get rid of. 

They too, have the capability to protect those who are less able than themselves, and they are able to acknowledge true signs of danger, in order to save those who need it.

Therefore, let these stories resonate with you, and show you that animals should be treated with kindness (see also: Animals That Are Kind)and respect. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these fantastic, and inspiring stories on how animals can also be heroes. 

Olivia Kepner