List Of 17 Animals that Start with H

Have you ever wondered what animals that start with H?

We all know the animals that start with A, B, and C, but what about the animals that start with H?

Here is a list of amazing animals that start with H, with some interesting facts about each one. In this blog post, we’ll explore these fascinating h animals.

Humpback Whale

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An animal that starts with “H” is the majestic humpback whale, which can be found in the North Pacific. Animals beginning with H are incredible living beings, but none compare to this one, with its ability to dive up to 500 meters deep.

The largest populations are located in the North Pacific and off the coast of South America. These marine mammals can measure up to 49 feet long and weigh 90,000 pounds.

Humpback whales are known for their complex vocalizations and playful behaviors near coastal areas worldwide.

Honey Badger

Animals that start with the letter H are some of the cutest and most popular, from Hamsters to Hedgehogs. Honey Badgers can be found in Central and South America.

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Honey Badgers have long bodies with short limbs that allow them to fit through small spaces and make quicker turns than other animals. They can even stand up on their hind legs. Although they are visibly attractive, Honey Badgers are incredibly fierce defenders when angered or provoked.

Horn Shark

Animals that start with “h” is often difficult to think of, yet many forget about the incredible Horn Shark. This h animal is a highly unique species that can be found in the North Atlantic and has been around for hundreds of millions of years.

They were among the first vertebrates in the oceans and seas. The horn shark can grow up to a whopping three feet long.

Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks are one of the most amazing animals that start with H and are one of the animals most beginning divers or curious beach-goers are surprised by on their journeys.

shark, sea, ocean

These animals, despite what their sharp heads may suggest, are amongst the most gentle animals, except under certain conditions. Such as when they feel threatened or during periods like mating when they are particularly territorial.

Hammerhead Sharks’ eyesight and sense of smell are more powerful, and it’s impressive how agile they are in ocean waters.

These animals live in oceans and seas. There are two species of Hammerhead Sharks, the Great Hammerhead Shark, and the Smooth Hammerhead Shark.

The Great Hammerhead Shark is known for its large size, reaching up to 20 feet in length. This species can also be identified by their long, thin eyes, which protrude from their head on either side.

On the other hand, the Smooth Hammerhead Shark is much smaller, reaching only about 10 feet in length. Hammerhead Sharks are known for their unique behavior of swimming in circles and sifting sand to find prey. They also have a powerful sense of smell which helps them locate prey easily.

These animals feed mainly on various sea animals like small fish, squid, and octopus, making them apex predators in the ocean.

Hermit Crabs

These animals start with “H,” and they are one of the most resilient creatures. They are found in seas and oceans worldwide.

hermit crabs

These crabs have a hard outer shell that protects their body and helps them from their predators.

They use their two claws to move around, and these claws are used for digging as well as gathering food.

They also have very keen eyesight to spot potential threats more quickly. And feed on algae, small animals, dead animals, and other organic matter.

Harpy Eagle

Harpy eagles start with “H” and are one of the giant birds in the animal kingdom. These h animals live mainly in rainforests, with powerful talons and sharp beaks that help them catch their prey.

The Harpy Eagle has a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet and a total body length of up to 3 feet. Its feathers are dark gray with white spots around its chest and neck, and its legs are heavily feathered down to their claws.

These animals have a super firm grip and use their sharp beaks to rip apart their prey. They feed on animals like sloths, monkeys, opossums, and large birds but occasionally eat reptiles or fish.

Harpy Eagles are solitary animals that live in tropical forests of Central and South America. They typically build large nests in tall trees and rocky cliffs. They raise one or two chicks per year.

Harpy Eagles are listed as endangered species, as their population is slowly declining due to habitat loss and hunting.

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seals are animals that start with H and are commonly referred to as ‘h animals. They can be found along coastal waters of the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic Ocean southward.

gray seal, seal, halichoerus grypus

Harbor Seals have a stocky appearance with short front flippers. And their fur coat is marked by spots on a gray or brown background.

Harbor Seals are 4-6 feet long and weigh anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds. They have small, dog-like snouts and use their whiskers to sense movement in murky water.

Harbor Seals have a diverse diet, consisting of fish, crabs, squid, and other animals living in the waters they inhabit. Harbor Seals are also highly social animals and can be found in large groups or colonies.

Hercules Beetle

The Hercules Beetle is a fascinating creature that is part of the animals that start with the letter H. This beetle belongs to the rhinoceros beetles and is known for its impressive size and strength, which gives it its namesake Hercules.

Found in rainforests across Central America, these unique animals have an impressive lifespan of up to 5 years, allowing them to grow up to 17 cm in length and 3.5 cm in width.

These animals have a great physical appearance, featuring a unique brown-green coloring on their wing casings and striking black horns from their head.

Harp Seal

Haarp seals are animals that start with H. These animals are found in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and have a white coat for camouflage.

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Harp Seals are quite social animals and live in large colonies on drifting ice floes. They also migrate every year, traveling from the Arctic to the warmer temperate waters of the North Atlantic. They are important species that help keep marine ecosystems healthy and thriving.

Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is a fantastic animal that starts with H. It’s a carnivorous mammal native to Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.

They’re known for their thick skin and sharp claws, allowing them to quickly slash through animal defenses like bee hives, beehives, and even snake coils.

The Honey Badger is fearless and seems immune from the venom, as they eat animals like cobras without effect. They’re potent animals and often come out of fights unscathed.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee is also an animal that starts with the letter H. This industrious species belongs to the order Hymenoptera and is known for creating delicious honey and wax.

honey bees, insects, hive

The Honey Bee is essential to our ecosystem as they provide us with honey and wax and help pollinate crops. They live in colonies of up to 10,000 bees, with one queen and hundreds of worker bees.

They feed on nectar and pollen gathered from flowers. Honey Bee is an important animal that helps keep our ecosystem healthy and functioning.

Honduran White Bat

The Honduran White Bat, also known as the Caribbean white tent-making bat, is one of many animals that start with H.

This bat species are found in Central America and Caribbean islands such as Jamaica and Cuba. It mainly lives in tropical rainforests and cloud forests, where it can find plenty of food sources to eat.

Its white fur is not the only thing that makes it stand out from other animals; Honduran White Bats also have a special adaptation for making homes.

Instead of building or finding shelter, these bats use special leaves to make tents by folding them together and securing them with their saliva. These tents protect from predators and help the bats stay cool. They also use them to hide from the sun on hot days.

Honduran White Bats are very social animals, living in large colonies of up to several hundred individuals. During their time together, they make a lot of noise.

They do it to communicate with one another.

Horseshoe Crabs

Horseshoe Crabs are animals that start with the letter H. They have been around since before the dinosaurs. The scientific name for a Horseshoe Crab is Limulus polyphemus, which means ‘many eyes.’ They have ten eyes on their head, two compound eyes and eight smaller eyes.

They also have four pairs of walking legs and a tail-like appendage that helps them swim. These animals are found in warmer, shallow coastal waters along North America’s east coast and Southeast Asia. The Horseshoe Crab can be identified by their brownish-green color, with a hard carapace on their backs.

The Horseshoe Crab is often thought of as an animal that scavenges for food in the ocean. However, they feed primarily on worms and other small crustaceans. This thing makes them an important species of the ecosystem.

Horned Frogs

Horned Frogs are another interesting animals that start with H and are found in parts of North and South America.

These animals have a unique appearance, with stout bodies and long horns resting on their heads. Horned frogs get their name from the horns, which are made up of spines that give them the ‘horned’ look.

The Horned frog is a carnivorous animal. And their diet consists of insects, worms, and larvae. They use their long tongues to capture prey, making them very efficient predators in the wild.

They also have a wide range of colors, from bright greens to earthy browns, that help them blend in with their environment.

The Horned frog is an interesting species, and their unique appearance makes them a popular choice for people interested in animals starting with H.

Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle are animals that start with H and are among the most iconic h animals. They have thick coats and long horns, making them one of the most recognizable animals.

cow, animal, pasture

Their wool is used in making sweaters, hats, and other clothing items. Highland Cattle are also known for their intelligence and friendly nature, making them great animals to keep as pets or on farms.

Hawaiian Crow

The Hawaiian Crow, also known as Alala, is an animal that starts with H. It’s a unique species native to Hawaii and was once on the brink of extinction.

raven, bird, rock

The Hawaiian Crow can reach up to 17 inches tall and is grey-brown with a black tail and a white face. They eat insects, seeds, fruits, and small animals such as reptiles and rodents.

Hawaiian Crows are intelligent animals; they use tools to get food, communicate with each other, and even build nests. This unique animal is an endangered species.


Hares are animals that start with ‘H’ but are often overlooked compared to more commonly known animals beginning with ‘H,’ such as horses, hippos, and hyenas.

rabbit, hare, bunny

However, these animals have many unique traits that make them fascinating creatures. On average, hares make twenty-five feet leaps, reaching speeds up to 45 miles an hour when sprinting. Now that’s pretty impressive.

Beyond sprinting speed records, this interesting animal typically weighs four to eight pounds and has ears twice as large as its head. All these fantastic adaptations allow the hare to stay one step ahead of predators.

What’s a mammal that starts with H?

The Mammals that start with H are Hamsters, Harbor Seal, Hare, Harp Seal, Harrier, Hartebeest, Havanese, Havapoo, etc.

What is the animal that is pink and starts with H?

Hagfish is an incredibly unique animal with a slimy, pinkish-gray slimy body.

What cute animal starts with a?

Albatross, Anaconda, Anteater, Antelope, Alligator, Ape, and Armadillo are cute animals that start with a.

What is the animal that is pink and starts with H?

Hagfish is an incredibly unique animal having a slimy, pinkish-gray slimy body.

What cute animal starts with a?

Albatross, Anaconda, Anteater, Antelope, Alligator, Ape, and Armadillo are cute animals that start with a.

This fascinating list of animals that start with ‘H’ encompasses a wide spectrum, from the majestic hummingbird to the formidable huntsman spider. One of the largest, the Howler Monkey, amazes with its loud calls, while the Hawaiian Monk Seal, with its rectangular head, stands as a unique marine species. 

The Honey Buzzard, Hawk, and Heron showcase diverse hunting prowess. A fun fact lies in the Horned Viper’s distinct genus, captivating with its horn-like scales. Among these common animals, each creature, like the Huntsman Spider, Spider, and Horned Viper, contributes to the richness and wonder of the animal kingdom.

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