Animals That Start With C – Bizzare Animals Facts

From cuddly cats to cold-blooded crocodiles, animals that start with ‘C’ have long captivated the imaginations of people around the world.

From cheetahs to cockroaches, cougars to cicadas, these remarkable creatures have unique characteristics and fascinating habits that make them special.

We will look at some of the most exciting animals that start with ‘C’ and learn more about them! Take, for example, the common cheetah – a predator known for its incredible speed and agility. But did you know that these graceful cats are also highly social animals?

Bizzare Facts about Animals Beginning With C

How about the curious cuttlefish – an octopus-like creature whose tentacles are perfectly adapted for zipping underwater and hunting for prey?

With their amazing camouflage abilities and impressive intelligence, cuttlefish are some of the ocean’s most remarkable creatures!

From cheetahs to cockroaches, come explore with us all the different animals that start with C – You’ll be amazed just how incredible they are!

Cane Toads

cane toad, toad, bufo marinus

Cane Toads are widespread in Central and South America and are one of the few animals beginning with the letter ‘C’ found across a large continent.

The toad is easily recognizable due to its large size, ranging from 7-15 inches long. They have warty bumps all over their back that look like warts.

Cane Toads have been known to eat almost anything, including smaller animals and even insects. They are also known for their potent toxin, which causes skin irritation on contact and extreme discomfort if ingested by certain animals.

Despite these adaptations, which make the Cane Toad unique, the species has been slow to evolve compared to other animals that start with ‘C.’

Its extensive geographical range enables it to thrive in different areas without needing to diversify through evolution too drastically.

Caiman Lizards

Caiman lizards, found exclusively in Central and South America, fascinate many who spend time exploring the local wildlife.

caiman lizard, lizard, reptile

These animals are one of the few creatures that begin with the letter C, making them surprising and unusual to many people. The reptilian species is native to South America, where they can be found crawling around trees and other foliage while they search for food.

They’ve adapted well to their habitat over the years. Even if you’re not an expert, it’s possible to identify them quickly – they typically have long tails and shiny skin with circles or stripes sometimes running along them.

Czech Dog Breed

The Czech Dog breed can be distinguished by its beautiful gray and white coat. Originating from the Czech Republic, this breed is known for being loyal and affectionate to its family.

barbara de bordeaux, dogue de bordeaux, dog

As a medium-sized breed, the Czech Dog stands between 16 and 22 inches tall, with an athletic body type.


rodent, chinchilla, mouse

Chinchillas are one of the most popular and unique creatures, starting with the letter ‘C.’ They are a member of the rodent family but have soft and fluffy fur like a small bear.

These animals are a calm and friendly breed unless startled, making them ideal pets for children. They do not require a lot of space, as each chinchilla will only occupy one square foot!

In Texas, they can live in large groups on rocky ledges and canyon crevices to stay safe from predators.

Christmas Island Red Crab

crab, animal, wildlife

Christmas Island Red Crab is the perfect animal beginning with C. These crabs are famously known for their annual migration.

Each year, tens of millions of these animals crawl from the forests and beaches to the Indian Ocean shores in Australia.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a regal, gentle creature with a warm personality and furry coat.

cavalier king charles, cavalier king charles spaniel, spaniel

Though they may be considered small animals that start with C, these animals beginning have great spirits. They come in four color-pattern variations—black and tan, tricolor, ruby, and Blenheim—each of which has unique coloring on their soft, silky fur.


Chipmunks are some of the most mischievous, intriguing animals, starting with the letter ‘C.’ These tiny critters belong to the squirrel family, yet they look and act nothing like their larger squirrel relatives.

chipmunk, animal, rocks

Chipmunks are known for their undeniable charm and cheeky behavior, often seen stored away in trees or gathering and stashing food around areas in preparation for winter.

Though many people don’t know much about chipmunks, these wild small mammals live around us every day, quietly blending in with their environment and neighbors while enjoying life as one of the Earth’s oldest inhabitants in the animal kingdom.

Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog is such a fantastic animal! Often referred to as the “American Dingo,” these four-legged cuties are one of many amazing animals that start with the letter C in the animal kingdom.

beach, ocean, sea

If you’re looking to adopt an exotic animal but don’t know where to start, you can consider getting a Carolina Dog. It looks like a cross between a fox and a wolf, rarely sheds, and its excellent hunting skills make it perfect for outdoor adventures.


crab, crustacean, sea

Crabs are amazing animals, often causing us to double-take at first glance. These tiny crustaceans belong to the animal Kingdom and come in many incredible shapes, sizes, and colors.

Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese spider crab is among the larger species that can reach up to 12 feet in leg span and weigh up to 44 lbs!

They’re known for their incredible defensive powers as they battle against predators with impressive accuracy.

Camel Spider

Camel Spiders are one of the most mysterious and unique animals that start with C. Also referred to as wind scorpions. These eight-legged, Camel Spiders have been traveling throughout the animal kingdom since millions of years ago.

Wind Scorpions have striped, patterned bodies in deserts, grasslands, and forests worldwide.

Despite their somewhat intimidating names, the camel spider is a peaceful, nocturnal creature that rarely threatens humans and tends to avoid interactions with them actively.


Cobras are one of the fascinating venomous snakes that inhabit the animal Kingdom. They belong to a family of animals that start with C and have truly mesmerizing features.

king cobra, cobra, snake

From their impressive hoods and eye-catching patterns, these venomous snakes, Cobras captivate us as we observe them in amazement.

Cobras are equally remarkable when it comes to their predatory behavior. They are highly venomous and adept hunters, with eyesight so sharp that they can see even in the darkest environments.


Cats are one of the most impressive domestic cats on the list of animals that start with c.

cat, tabby, face

In the animal kingdom, cats have unique characteristics – like other carnivores. They have sharp teeth and claws capable of catching their prey. On average, they can leap up to five times their length!

Chinstrap Penguin

The Chinstrap Penguin, a unique animal, is part of the animal kingdom’s largest chinstrap penguin colony.

chinstrap penguin, penguins, mother

Found on islands and coasts throughout the Southern Ocean, this species is distinguished by its iconic “chinstrap” band of black feathers running from one side of the head to the other.

Although they are small in size, these animals are powerful swimmers and flyers, as well as capable foragers.

Clouded leopard

leopard, animal, safari

The clouded leopard is a fantastic animal native to Southeast Asia’s Borneo and Sumatra islands.

The Clouded Leopard primarily feeds on birds, reptiles, small rodents, and even small primates!

Crab Eating Fox

South America has no shortage of interesting animals, but one of the most fascinating is the Crab Eating Fox.

wildlife, maned wolf, predator

These remarkable animals are found in a variety of South American countries and are part of the Canidae family.

As their name implies, these foxes love to feast on crabs and other shellfish which they find in coastal areas.

Interesting facts about Crab Eating Foxes are that they will gather into groups at night to feed on crabs, making them one of the few examples of cooperative hunting amongst non-primate animals.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the most recognizable and iconic members of the animal kingdom that start with ‘C’.

ants, insects, camponotus ligniperda

Although other species that start with a ‘C’ exist — including cheetahs, cows, cats, chickens, and cats.

The Carpenter ant stands out by its characteristic behavior and their signature black-and-red coloration. These creatures are known to construct intricate underground networks made up of tunnels and chambers to house their colonies.

Carpet Viper

The Carpet Viper is found in the rocky areas of Eastern and Northern Africa, and its scientific name is Bitis arietans. It is also sometimes known as the Horned Adder and it gets this second moniker due to its “horns,” which are two large scales on top of its head in between its eyes.

Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a hairless breed of dog that originates from China.

dog, naked, chinese crested dog

It has distinctive erect ears, a huge personality, and an adorable underbite. Interestingly, its hairless breed is the most popular one despite there being a powderpuff version!


are amazing animals that belong to a family of other species such as the wolf, fox, and other wild dogs. Native to North America, coyotes can be found in most areas around the continent, including parts of Central and South America.

coyote, animal, wildlife

Coyotes may appear similar to other animals from a distance, however, there are other interesting facts that really set them apart from their closely related family members.

What is a mammal that starts with C?

The cheetah is a mammal that starts with the letter C. It is the fastest animal in the world and can reach top speeds of up to 70 mph when running.

What Australian animal starts with C?

The Duck-Billed Platypus is an Australian animal that starts with the letter C. It is a unique creature, as it is one of the only species in the world to lay eggs and have fur. Its bill looks like that of a duck, but it also has webbed feet like a beaver.

What kind of animals live in the sea?

Marine mammals can be classified into four taxonomy groups: cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoids) and pinnipeds.

Finally, checkout the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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