N Is For Newt: 14 Animals That Start With N

When thinking about animals that begin with ‘n’, most people would probably remember the newt, and maybe even the narwhal. But, how many other animals start with this letter?

N is For Newt: 14 Animals That Start With N

In this article, we will be listing 14 animals that start with the letter ‘n’.


The narwhal is a medium-sized whale that only inhabits the high arctic’s frigid seas.

These animals can reach heights of 3.95 to 5.5 m, excluding its distinctive tusk. Its stunning spiral tusk that emerges from its skull is its most noticeable characteristic.

This is actually a tooth that can extend up to 9 feet long and develops through the skin.

Millions of nerve endings make up the extremely sensitive tool that makes up a narwhal’s tusk.


Since the terms ‘newt’ and ‘salamander’ are sometimes used interchangeably around the world, many people are unsure of what exactly a newt is.

Newts are amphibians that belong to the salamander family.

The Pleurodelinae subfamily of salamanders includes newts.

A bizarre aspect about newts is that they begin life as an aquatic larva with gills, change into a terrestrial juvenile stage with lungs, then change back into an aquatic adult stage to breed.


These huge earthworms, also known as lob worms or dew worms, can be found in different parts of the world.

They are referred to as nightcrawlers in the US.

A nightcrawler usually reaches a maximum length of 14 inches.

However,  in 2016, one measuring a remarkable 16 inches in length, and another measuring more than 24 inches, were found in the United Kingdom.

Nightcrawlers are different from most earthworms in that they feed on plant materials at the surface rather than digging through the ground.


The Ningaui is a tiny carnivorous marsupial, despite the fact that they resemble small rodents. 

The Wongai Ningaui, Pilbara Ningaui, and Southern Ningaui are the three species that can be found in Australia.

They got their name from little, hairy creatures that only appeared at night in Aboriginal mythology.

These tiny creatures are very recent discoveries, having only been uncovered for the first time in 1975.

They are voracious predators of insects, attacking them with their keen teeth, and weigh less than 10 grams, making them smaller than mice. 


The Blue Bull is another name for the wild cattle species known as the nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) in India. The Hindi word ‘nilgai’ roughly translates to ‘blue cow’.

N is For Newt: 14 Animals That Start With N

Only the males of the species can grow the fairly modest horns. 

In some regions of India, this giant antelope is so common that it is regarded as a plague in agriculture.

One of the last remaining Asiatic lions in India enjoy eating nilgai.


A family of long, slender fish known as needlefish has a large beak with sharp teeth.

These needle-shaped fish can reach lengths of up to 4 feet and have a mouthful of needles.

Despite having extremely long and pointed teeth, needlefish are more likely to impale a human than to bite them.

Living close to the surface, needlefish frequently leap out of the water to move swiftly.


The Noolbenger, the only completely nectarivorous marsupial on the earth, can only be found in Australia’s extreme southwest.

Even though the mouse-sized Noolbenger is only 10 grams in weight, it can consume up to 7 milliliters of nectar daily, which is the same as 50 liters of soda for a human.

The extra-long bristly tongue of the Noolbenger, which resembles a hummingbird, quickly enters and exits its mouth to slurp up nectar roughly three times per second.


A medium-sized bat called the Common Noctule may be found in most of Europe, and some regions of Asia.

Any of the eight species of bats in the genus Nyctalus may also be referred to as noctule.

They are the most prevalent type of bat in several cities in Eastern Europe.

Noctule bats forage on huge moths and beetles in the summertime over forests and marshes.

They hibernate during the winter months in rock caverns or buildings. 


The Numbat, an Australian marsupial, has evolved to occupy the same ecological niche as anteaters on other continents.

Its other frequent terms are banded anteater and marsupial anteater.

Less than a thousand mature Numbats currently remain in the wild, making it an endangered species, according to the IUCN.


Any of the 28 species that make up the Sittidae family are referred to as nuthatch.

N is For Newt: 14 Animals That Start With N

If you reside in North America or Eurasia, you might even spot one of these small critters in your own backyard.

These birds have distinctive, immediately recognizable calls that resemble the squeak of a rubber duck and are frequently seen with blue, yellow, and white plumage.


Native to Southern Africa, the Nyala is a stunning antelope. One of the trickier large antelope to locate on a South African safari is this species, since they are rather secretive and like extensive concealment.

A vivid rusty orange coat with white stripes and spots is the initial appearance for females and young males.

Larger and sporting enormous, spiraled horns, adult males will have a thick, scruffy brown coat that is tinted with black.


The tiny hoofed mammals known as the Napu is unique to Southeast Asia.

Ironically, it is one of the largest members of its genus, reaching barely a foot in height at the shoulder.

It is neither a mouse nor a real deer, but is also frequently referred to as the Greater Mousedeer.


A toad called the Natterjack can be found throughout much of Western Europe.

The Natterjack Toad favors heath lands and sand dunes along the coastline.

The center yellow stripe along the back of these reptiles makes them simple to distinguish from others.

According to legend, the toads’ raucous mating call is the source of the common name.


Nightingales are one of the few birds that sing both during the day and at night, earning them the popular name ‘night singer’ and being found over most of Europe and Asia.

The commonplace nightingale’s lovely and intricate song has been a source of inspiration for poets and writers for thousands of years.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it; those were 14 animals that start with the letter ‘n’. 

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you learned the names of some animals beginning with this letter that you had never heard before. Finally, checkout the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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