List Of 19 Animals That Start With N – With Fun Facts

Are you looking for interesting animals that start with N?

From massive elephants to tiny insects, there’s sure to be an animal here that will pique your interest. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some fascinating animals that start with N.

Animals That Start With N – With Fun Facts

Naked Mole Rat

naked mole rat, animals that start with N
One of the interesting animal that starts with N.

Naked mole rats are animals that start with N and are unique in many ways. They are part of an endangered species, and native to South America

Naked Mole Rat is among the mammals, and despite the name “naked,” they have whiskers and hairs between their toes. They are found in underground caves in eastern Africa.

A fantastic fun fact is that the naked mole rat has no external ears and tiny eyes, which enhance their sense of smell and help them find food and dig tunnels.

A naked mole rat can live for up to twenty-eight years. That makes them one of the animals that live the longest in their genus.

New Guinea Singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a unique dog breed that you may be surprised to hear about, but it’s one of the animals that start with N.

New guinea singing dog, animals that start with N.
An animal that starts with N

As its name implies, this breed is from New Guinea and has a distinct howling sound. Due to their rarity, little is known about them in the wild. But the new guinea singing dog is generally considered a primitive domestic dog. They have an alert and independent nature and are brilliant animals.


Many animals start with ‘n,’ and one, in particular, is the Nabarlek, a type of rock-dwelling wallaby native to western Australia. They are commonly known as the pygmy rock wallaby or the little rock-wallaby.

Pygmy rock-wallaby or the little rock-wallaby, Nabarlek
 Pygmy rock-wallaby or the little rock-wallaby.

Nabarleks are from the group of mammals known as marsupials, and it is the second smallest member of the Macropodid family (kangaroos and wallabies.

The Nabarlek is considered an endangered species due to its decreasing numbers, so conservation status is being taken very seriously. This nocturnal animal is incredibly social.


Nutria, the animal that starts with n, is an invasive species native to South America. Nutria can weigh up to seventeen pounds and have yellow-brown fur, webbed hind feet, a rat-like tail, and orange teeth.The other names of the nutria are coypu, nutria-rat, South American beaver, Argentine beaver, and swamp beaver.

Nalolo Fish, Animals that start with N.

Although this aquatic rodent may look cute outside, they feed on almost any vegetation. They can be found near rivers or lakeshores in North and South America.

Nalolo Fish

Nalolo is the name of an animal that starts with the letter ‘N.’ This creature is quite a rare sight in the animal kingdom. It is a tiny fish found in coral reefs of the western Indian ocean.

Nalolo measures up to around two and a half inches long and can be recognized by their brilliant blue stripes along their lateral line. They are an essential part of the coral reef ecosystem as they feed on plankton and zooplankton, which helps keep the other interesting animals living there healthy.

Northern Night Monkeys

One of the unique monkey species, the Northern Night Monkey, is an interesting animal that starts with N. The Northern Night Monkey lives in the Central and South American tropical forests. This adorable primate is quite tiny, reaching twelve inches in length on average.

Three-striped night monkeys, animals that start with N.

The Northern Night Monkey has grey fur on its face, along with a cream-colored collar around its neck. Its eyes are enormous and expressive, allowing these nocturnal animals to even see at night.


Niglai is another name in the list of animals beginning with N. Nilgai means blue cow and is found in India and largerly in South Asia. One fun fact is that only male nilgai has horns, which are 15 to 25 cm long.


One of the rare animals starts with n and is characterized by a greyish-brown coat that sometimes appears bluish due to a shimmering effect caused by light reflecting off its fur.

This majestic animal stands up to four feet tall at the shoulder and looks almost deerlike in stature, with an impressive weight of up to six hundred pounds and a lifespan of up to twelve years. They are one of India’s most iconic animals.


Newts are animals that start with “n” and are some fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom.

Newts, animals that start with N

They belong to the salamander family and have a special ability that sets them apart from other animals their regeneration property of the limbs and organs. Newts start their lives on land, living in damp regions until they reach sexual maturity.


The Nyala, a magnificent animal that starts with ‘N,’ is native to Southern Africa and known for its bright rusty orange coat. It is primarily a browser rather than a grazer, so its diet mainly consists of leaves, fruits, and young shoots.

nyala, animals that start with N
An animal that start with N

This graceful mammal can reach lengths up to 160cm and can weigh up to one hundred and ten kilograms, making it larger than most spiral-horned antelopes. They mainly inhabit woodlands and bushlands found throughout the region.

Nurse Sharks

 Nurse Shark, one of the animals that start with n, is a carpet shark species inhabiting warm, shallow waters in coral reefs. Nurse sharks are marine animals that can be found across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

nurse shark, animals that start with N

But they are a threatened species due to its low reproduction rate, overfishing, and decline in prey availability. Despite this conservation status and thousands of sharp teeth, the Nurse Shark is a relatively harmless animal, and primarily feeds on spiny lobsters, crustaceans, small stingrays, sea urchins, squid, and small fishes.

Natal Ghost Frog

The Natal Ghost Frog is an animal that starts with an N. This fascinating animal is commonly found in South Africa. And can commonly be found in running waters at altitudes up to 2,100 meters.

Natal Ghost Frogs, animals that start with N

The fun fact about the natal ghost frog is their reproduction cycle, as their larval development takes two years and thus requires permanent streams for reproduction.

This frog primarily feeds on flying insects that it catches while perched on rocks or logs near rivers and streams. This amphibian has a dark grey or black coloration with white, yellow, or light orange mottling.

Unfortunately, the Natal Ghost Frog population is threatened and listed as conservation status by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss and degradation.


Nudibranchs are unique and amazing animals that start with n. They are often referred to as the “coral animals of the sea,” These colorful sea slugs have bright and vivid colors and types of sea slugs with eye-catching patterns.

chromodoris, nudibranch, slug
chromodoris, nudibranch, slug

Nudibranch sea slugs live in the deep and shallow water of the oceans. Plus, these sea slugs are popular critters for divers around the globe to check out when they go underwater diving.

The conservation status of these animals is still relatively unknown at this stage, but it is known that they can be found on many continents.

Northern Inuit Dogs

Northern Inuit Dogs are animals that start with “N” and are a unique dog species native to the United Kingdom. They possess all the energetic playfulness of traditional loyal canines, but their coats, reminiscent of wolves and huskies, give them a unique elegance.

Northern Inuit Dogs, animals that start with N.

With their majestic wolf-like features, from their coats, ears, and tails, the Northern Inuit Dogs are loyal and loving companions. Furthermore, they have an interesting conservation status because they aren’t considered vulnerable animals.


The nurseryfish is an awesome animal that starts with N and is found in northern Australia. This small yet interesting Fish can grow up to 4 centimeters and survives in murky waters due to its poor eyesight.

The Nurseryfish is a bottom-dweller and feeds on small fishes, shrimps, and crayfish. Unfortunately, the Nurseryfish has become quite rare, so they are now listed as “vulnerable” on the Conservation status list.


The Nightfish is one of many animals that start with the letter N. Night fish are animals that start with n and lives in rivers, streams, and lakes as they grow up to 10 inches in length.

These fishes consume a wide variety of aquatic insects and small Fish. Unfortunately, these animals have become increasingly rare, and their conservation status is threatened.

Though it looks quite small, an average adult reaches no more than 7 inches in length. The night fish is an incredibly resilient species and has adapted to living in most aquatic habitats. Its main food sources are aquatic plants, insects, and smaller Fish.


The Nighthawk is a nocturnal bird, one of the animals that starts with “N.” These nocturnal birds have a species known as Chordeilestes and are found either living in open grasslands or deserts.

Nighthawk, animals that start with N

Their wings are broad, and their tails are pointed, which gives them great maneuverability when in flight. They primarily feed on flying insects. Unfortunately, this animal’s conservation status is nearer to danger due to its decreasing numbers.

Nile Crocodile

The Nile crocodile is a large animal that starts with ‘N,’ and Its conservation status is listed as “least concern.” This giant reptile is found in Sub-Saharan Africa in freshwater lakes or slow-moving streams.

crocodile, reptile, animal
An animal that start with N.

They have powerful jaws and long, muscular tail that helps them swim quickly. However, a female crocodile is usually between 3-4 meters in length, can weigh up to 500 kg, and is the biggest ever caught, measured at over six meters.

Moreover, a female Nile crocodile builds huge nests to lay their eggs, while the males fiercely guard them until they hatch.


The Nkupe, or African Redeye, is an animal that starts with n and is also a popular game fish. These fishes are native to Africa. They are mostly found in dams and rivers throughout the continent due to their hard-fighting characteristics.

animal that start with N, Nkupe

Nkupe has conservation status near threatened due to heavy fishing pressure, which means they face a high risk of becoming endangered soon. Conservation efforts have been undertaken to protect Nkupe populations from overfishing.

Despite this, Nkupe remains a popular game fish throughout East Africa due to its intense fight and delicious flesh.


Napu is an animal that starts with N. They are also known as Greater mouse deer and are living fossils.

Greater mouse deer , animals that start with N

Well-known for its striking colors and unique features, Napus is an even-toed ungulate native to Southeast Asia. However, they have beautiful features that distinguish them from other animals in their area.

They are rare animals beginning with N and are endangered species due to their habitat loss. They are currently on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List as a vulnerable species.

Q. Which mammals start with N?

Naked Mole Rat, Narwhal, Neanderthal, Neapolitan Mastiff, Nebelung, Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, and Newfoundland are mammals that start with n.

Q. Are there any large rodent animals that start with N?

The large aquatic rodent that starts with the letter N is Nutria (Myocastor coypus).

The list of animals that start with N, from the vibrant nightingale to the elusive numbat and nuthatch, showcases a diverse range. Delving into ecosystems, from the needlefish in freshwater to the enigmatic nightjar, offers a fascinating glimpse into nature’s variety. Each creature, from birds to freshwater fish, brings unique facets to their respective habitats.

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you learned the names of some animals beginning with this letter that you had never heard before. Finally, checkout the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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