15 Amazing Animals That Start With D

Is it D for dog, deer, or duck?

In this list, we’ll explore some amazing animals that start with D from all around the world.

From the massive and popular Dalmatians to the tiniest Diplomonads, there’s bound to be animals that start with D here for everyone!

So let’s get started learning about these 15 incredible animals with D.

Dung beetle

Dung beetle

The dung beetle should definitely be on the list of 15 amazing animals that start with d!

This remarkable little Dung beetle is an impressive creature, having an extraordinary ability to move and roll dung balls up to 50 times its own body weight, as well as burying dung and fertilizing soil with essential nutrients.

Amazingly, dung beetle can actually navigate by looking up at the night sky and using the stars to guide them. In fact, dung beetles are known to be such excellent navigators they were even used in ancient Egypt as directional guides!

As if these amazing creatures couldn’t get any better, dung beetle can also dig tunnels in dung heaps for self-defense from predators – a particularly incredible feature that sets them apart from other animals that start with d.

Devil’s coach horse beetle

The devil’s coach horse beetles are one of the animals that start with D but, there is definitely nothing devilish about this fascinating little creature!

It can be identified by its black body and large curved pincers. These animals beginning with the letter “D” are native to Europe and spring or summer which happens to be their preferred breeding season.

One interesting fun fact about the devil’s coach horse beetle is that they actually use their large curved pincers to protect themselves from predators.

The pincer are not just as an intimidation tactic, as many animals starting with ‘D’ do. When threatened, these beetles will raise up their pincers and make a loud hissing sound.

Desert Rain Frog

Desert Rain Frog

The desert rain frog is truly amazing animals that start with “D . This species of frog is found in the deserts of South Africa and Namibia.

The desert rain frog is small in size measuring almost 4 cm and soft, rubbery skin allowing it to adapt to its environment. The desert rain frog’s color can range from yellow to tan and they have darker spots on their bellies. These frogs are also known for their unique mating calls.

Death’s Head Cockroach

Death's Head Cockroach

The death’s head cockroach – or species Blaberus Craniifer – is amongst 13 peculiar animals that start with D!

It can be identified by its overall large size, black and yellow coloration, and unmistakable skull-like shape toward the end of its thorax. But even more interesting than how it looks is how it lives!

First off, it is a nocturnal species and likes to find refuge in dark places during the night. This species also has an extremely long life span, typically reaching four to five years.

Lastly, though often feared as dangerous pests due to their intimidating size, death’s head cockroaches are actually quite docile.

Desert Tortoise

Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise is a species of animals that starts with the letter d, native to the deserts of the South America and Mexico.

Surprisingly, the desert tortoise has adapted to survive in extreme climates and temperatures ranging from 10-120°F! This sturdy breed can live up to 80 years of age, weigh up to 15 pounds, and reach a length of up to 16 inches for males.

As an interesting fact, desert tortoises living as long as 165 years through fossil records! They are a slow-growing species that begin mating at the ripe age of 15-20 years old. Without any doubt, the humble desert tortoise is one among many animals that start with D that deserves our appreciation.

Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird

Dodo birds are believed to be one of the most amazing pre-historic animals that start with d. According to zoologist, Dodos were large, flightless birds that were native to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

They had greyish-brown plumage, big bellies and wings adapted for swimming rather than flying. They were omnivorous animals that fed on both plants and animals like crabs, lizards and sugary fruits.

Drum Fish

Drum Fish

The drum fish is a species of ray-finned fish with an impressive appearance. They have a unique coloration, with shades of green, yellow, and brown. It’s no wonder they earned the name “drum fish” due to their ability to produce sound when struck by a hard object!

Drum fish lives in both fresh and salt water across the world. They can grow to be up to 60 centimeters long!

Keeping the drum fish in home aquariums can be challenging as they require large tanks for their size and big appetites.

They also serve as a major source of food for other animals that start with ‘D’ such as dolphins, dugongs, and dolphins—all of which feed on smaller invertebrates like crabs and shrimps.



There are over 300 breeds of domestic dogs, and these range hugely in size from the tiny Chihuahua to the massive Great Dane. These breeds may be classified into two groups: small and large.

Large dog Breeds include mastiffs, St Bernard’s, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies (also check out Types of Chihuahua).

Wild dogs also share many traits with their domesticated cousins. Dingoes are a type of wild dogs native to Australia—they’re slightly larger than domestic dogs but share some similar characteristics such as being pack animals and having an affinity for human companionship.

Other animals that start with ‘D’ closely related to dogs include coyotes and foxes. Coyotes resemble foxes. Gray wolves are the largest canine family members, and they’re fascinating animals! It’s thought that all species of domestic dog have evolved from gray wolf family.

The Relevancy Between Gray Wolf and Dog Species

Gray Wolf

The relationship between the gray wolf and domestic dog species is remarkable. It’s widely accepted that all breeds of domestic dogs have evolved from the gray wolf ancestors. Despite these differences, they remain remarkably similar in many ways—habits such as pack mentality, eye contact with humans to show submission or alertness, barking, and howling.

Draco Volans Lizard

Draco Volans Lizard

At only 5-8cm long, the Draco Volans Lizard is one of the animals that start with a ‘D’.

Not to be confused with its dragonfly-looking namesake, the Draco Volans can be found in tropical forests around Southeast Asia and parts of Indonesia. Its ability to glide over distances using flaps of skin on their side.

Darwin’s Frog

The frog’s name comes from Charles Darwin, who discovered it while sailing. Darwin’s frogs are found in Chile or Argentine. They are difficult to find because of their appearance.

Funny Fact: Darwin frogs have male babies stored inside a vocal sac for 57-60 days.

Dark-eye junco

 dark-eyed junco

The Dark Eyed Junco is a species of small North American bird that can be found across the continent. It’s easily identified by its slate gray feathers, an indication of its common name, The Slate Colored Junco. These animals are hardy creatures and are well adapted to survive cold winters.

They typically migrate further south for the winter months but can often be seen staying near their breeding grounds during the colder seasons if food sources remain dependable.

Interesting facts about Dark Eyed Junco include the fact that they might not stay with just one partner during their mating season. A single male may mate with several female birds, and so too may a single female mate with multiple males; quite different from many animals that start with D! Discover even more interesting animals beginning with ‘D’ such as deer, dolphin or dragonfly!

Desert Locust

Desert Locust

The Desert Locust looks like grasshoppers with curved back legs as well as compound eyes. Locusts can move with speeds up to 22 mph in swarms. They could gather in large flocks with more than 80 million people and attack entire grain fields in a single hour.

Fun facts: Locusts change color with each gathering and colors range between neutral shades and bright yellows.

Deathwatch Beetle

Deathwatch Beetle

Darwin’s Fox

Darwin's Fox

Darwin’s Fox (Lycalopex fulvipes) is a species of culpeo fox endemic to temperate rainforest on Chiloé Island, Chile. It has thick fur which varies in color from dark brown to black and yellow-reddish tones on its side and lower parts.

Darwin’s Fox is considered an endangered animal, as its total population is estimated to be around 500 individuals living mainly in the thick forests of Nahuelbuta National Park. This fox is also critically endangered due to habitat destruction by farming and logging activities, hunting, and predation by feral cats, dogs and the Andean Mountain Cat.

Dromedary Camel

Dromedary Camel

The Dromedary camel lives in arid climates such as the Sahara Desert for over 600 years. Quite remarkable, the dromedary camel can go without water for up to 17 days and still maintain their energy levels.

In fact, dromedary camels are able to change their body temperature depending on their environment. It can take them 5-6 minutes to elevate their body heat from 97 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees in order to conserve water!

Dromedary camel also stores fat in humps on their back which provides a sort of built-in energy reserve. With these features, dromedary camels have become exceedingly hardy animals that can survive in some of the harshest environmental conditions.

Fun Fact: Deathwatch beetles live only ten months.

This was all about amazing animals that start with D. From the beautiful dolphin to the Dromedary Camel, these creatures hold our attention. Another exciting adventure awaits you if you’re fascinated by the diverse world of animals, including 18 animals that begin with F.

What is a mammal starting with D?

A list of mammals beginning with D includes Dachsadore, Dachshunds, Dalmatoodles, Dalmaters, Dalmatians, Angus dachshunds, Darwin foxes, and Deer.

What animal in Africa starts with D?

Duiker is an antelope of the sub-family Cephalophinae. The duiker can be found in 23 species. Duikers are usually found in subsaharican rainforests.

What animal starts with D and ends with E?

The animal which begins with d but ends with E includes Desert tortail, Deutsche Bracken, and Dr. Dormously Crocodiles.

What are the five animals’ names?

Animal Names Squirrel. Canine. Chimpanzees. Oxen. Lions. Pandas. Walrus Otters.

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