A Useful List Of Animals That Start With U

This article contains a list of some of the animals that begin with the letter U. The fact that these animals can be seen all around the planet is not the only reason why they are so intriguing and distinct.

Each animal comes with a fascinating tidbit just to let you know a bit more about their uniqueness!

A Useful List Of Animals That Start With U

So, keep on reading to discover these animals starting with a U!


In contrast to most monkey types, uakaris have a fairly short tail.

Because of that, they mostly employ their arms and legs, rather than their tail, to grab themselves from the branches and go from one tree to the other.

These monkeys are native to South America and are distinguished by their hairless skulls and vivid red cheeks. Four different species of Uakari exist, but all of them look quite the same in terms of size and physique.

However, they do have some differences in hair color and place of habitat.

Uganda Kob

This antelope may be spotted throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa region. It prefers grassland, savanna forests, and floodplains located near a body of water.

In fact, it will jump into the air or take shelter in waters or grass beds if it feels threatened by potential predators.

When the Uganda Kobs go in search of fresh water, the females take a leadership role. Females are also considered to be more sociable than their male partners.

Male Uganda Kobs, on the other hand, claim their territory with whistles. Together, these animals reproduce all year in East Africa, with an eight-month breeding season and typically one child.


This little bird is also called the Japanese Bush Warbler, thanks to its distinctive singing. This Japanese classification is not random, as the uguisu can also be mainly spotted in countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan.

This bird is highly correlated to other little songbirds with which it shares some characteristics and features. However, the Uguisu is typically somewhat bigger.

Even though they do not sing at night, the sweetness of the Uguisu’s singing has earned them the nickname “Japanese Nightingale.”

Uinta Chipmunk

Uinta Chipmunks are among the 24 chipmunk varieties found in North America. These chipmunks usually build their dens behind rocks or plants.

Uinta Ground Squirrel

The Uinta Ground Squirrel is a little rodent that looks similar to a prairie dog. This small squirrel, sometimes known as chiseler or potgut, knows how to make the best out of the given circumstances.

What we mean by this is that it hibernates for three quarters of the year, waking up around March and then returning to a hibernating season again in mid-July.

Once the temperatures get high, it ceases, which leads to a protracted period of hibernation. When the squirrel eventually awakens, it must locate food, a partner, nurture its young, and store seeds for the next slumber.

Except if they come upon earthworms or human food, this creature is a herbivore.

Ulysses Butterfly

Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands are home to these huge swallowtail butterflies. Their wingspan ranges from 100 to 130 millimeters.

They are recognized as one of the most evasive butterflies, making photographing their gorgeous blue color difficult.

To this date, there seem to be 16 varieties of the Ulysses butterfly. What these butterflies are known for is their morse code dances performed according to their emotional state.

These butterflies use their dance as a tactic to confound enemies.

The greater their dancing is, the more likely they are to reproduce and thrive.

They do this for 2 to 4 weeks till their wings fatigue and the Ulysses butterfly life span reaches its end. They have a reputation for being frenzied fliers.

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Umbrellabirds are three types of medium to large rainforest birds, native to Central and South America. They get their name from the prominent umbrella-like cap that protects their head.

Umbrellabirds have black feathers and characteristic fleshy pouches called wattles that hang from their necks. These pouches, which can be expanded, amplify the birds’ loud cries.

The rare bare-necked umbrellabird is located in Costa Rica and Panama. It is mostly endangered habitat destruction driven by the banana and pineapple industries.


Sea urchins can be seen in any ocean on the planet! In reality, there are lots of different types of sea urchins. They are extremely vital in ocean ecology, yet they experience several difficulties and challenges.

They are members of the echinoderms, a type of spiky-skinned sea organism.

The term “urchin” is derived from an archaic word that means “hedgehog,” which is why many languages interpret the word sea urchin as sea hedgehog.

There are 950 distinct species that dwell in the water of various degrees – cold and warm. Urchins are not considered to be hostile, although people are frequently hurt by walking on them.


The urial, also called arkars or shapo, is a feral sheep type.6 to 9 varieties may be distinguished by the size and color of the males ‘wintertime neck-ruffs, as well as the color of their saddles’ patches and horns form.

The male urials are equipped with huge horns, whereas females have relatively shorter horns. Their coat is normally a brownish red, while male urials also present white ‘beards’ under their mouths.

On the contrary, female urials typically have the same color all over excluding their legs around the hoof.


The uromastyx thrives in desert environments with stony or muddy surfaces suitable for burrowing. They are daytime omnivore creatures that sleep in holes at nighttime with their tail near the opening for safety.

Moreover, the Uromastyx derives almost all of its water from plants. Some flora has high salt content, and this specific animal has evolved pores in its nose to discharge the additional salt without removing the water.


While you might have thought that there are not many animals that start with the letter U, we bet you are amazed by how many we have mentioned in this article.

There are plenty of other unique creatures to mention and many other letters to look at, so why not checkout animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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