Useful 18 Animals That Start with L

Lions, lorises, lizards, lungfish, long-tailed liger, and lemurs are just a few animals whose names start with the letter L.

These animals have varying diets, from the predatory lion to the primarily herbivorous loris and lemurs.

All these a-z list of animals have unique characteristics but share one thing in common. They all start with an L!

18 Animals that Start with L | Popular Animals starting with L


Lemurs are animals that start with L and are native to Madagascar. There are over 100 species of these l animals, making them one of the most diverse primate groups in the world.

Lemur, jungle, animals that start with L
Animals that start with L

Lemurs come in many different species, some of which live on trees while others live on the ground. They feed off leaves or ripe fruits.

Sadly, many lemur species face extinction due to deforestation, hunting, and other human activities.

Lion – The King of the Jungle

The lion is an iconic animal that starts with the L. And often referred to as the “king of the jungle.” But there are very few jungles that have lions. They prefer grassy plains and savannahs.

lion, predator, animals that start with L

This species, the lion, has an impressive mane and are generally more significant than a female tiger.

A group of lions is known as a pride during their hunting and territorial marking activities. Lions are apex predators, meaning they don’t have any animals that hunt them naturally.

Unfortunately, their population has decreased drastically over the years due to human activity resulting in their conservation status being listed as vulnerable.

Lamprey – The Vampire Fish

Lamprey, otherwise known as the Vampire Fish, is one of the animals that start with “L.” Lampreys are jawless fish and belong to the family Petromyzontidae.

Unlike many animals, such as lizards or lions, lampreys have a very primitive means of survival. They use their sharp teeth and round sucker mouths to attach themselves to other animals and feed on their blood.

Although these fish can look intimidating, they face extinction in multiple parts of the world because of human activities such as over-harvesting and pollution. Conservationists are taking steps to ensure that this fantastic species continues to survive.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the animals that start with l and are among the most popular animals. Labrador retrievers are known for their highly-reactive muzzles and soft coats.

labrador sea, labrador beach, labrador vacation

Labrador Retriever was bred from Canadian fishing dogs in the United Kingdom. They are loyal companions to many as well as dedicated professionals. They are especially valued as guide dogs.

There are a lot of Labrador crossbreeds. It is active and would require regular exercise. It is friendly and trusts strangers, making it a poor guard dog. As per American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed.

Although very widely found in households around the globe. Their unpredictable conservation status means we are still determining how long they will be visible.

Leopard Frog

Leopard Frogs are animals that start with the letter L, and if you include all l animals, then Leopard Frog ranks among some of the most interesting ones.

leapord frogs, animals that start with L

The leopard frog is primarily found near numerous bodies of water. Since they require well-oxygenated habitats for survival, these small but mighty animals are under conservation for various reasons.

A fun fact about the leopard frog is that their skin is extra slimy because their glands produce much more surface mucus than other amphibians. Their population has declined over the past few decades due to environmental hazards.


Lorikeets are animals that start with the letter “L” and are also known as l animals. They are native to Australia, Indonesia, and surrounding islands, though some species range from Indian Ocean islands to New Zealand, Hawaii, and parts of Eastern Africa.

rainbow lorikeet, bird, branch

Lorikeets are widely praised for their beauty and fun personalities. They come in many bright colors and patterns of red, green, blue, yellow, and more. Despite their aesthetic qualities, they face a threatened conservation status due to habitat loss.

There are various interesting facts regarding lorikeets. They feed on nectar from flowers in groups known as ‘rainbow lorikeet mania.’ They flock together, roosting in trees at night.


Ladybugs, also known as lady beetles, are terrestrial animals that start with ‘L.’ These l animals are renowned for their bright, distinct red-colored oval shell and black spots.

greens, moss, dew

The Ladybug has more than 5000 varieties, ranging from yellow to pink, depending on the species. Despite their pleasant aesthetic and cultural ties, these animals benefit our environment. They feed on aphids, mites, and other insects and are considered crop pests or garden destroyers.

Leopard Seal

The leopard seal is one of the animals that starts with “L.” Native to Antarctica, this charismatic species is undoubtedly one of the most interesting animals that start with l.

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The leopard seal is one of the greatest hunters in its habitat. It has an impressive set of sharp teeth for catching and tearing apart its prey. Its diet consists mostly of penguins, krill, cephalopods, and other seals.

These animals are relatively solitary but can often be seen socializing when resting at their breeding sites. Even though it’s not the largest seal species, the leopard seal still has a dominant presence among animals in Antarctica.


Llamas are among the animals that start with l. They are part of the camel family, although they are much smaller than their long-necked relatives.

llama, peru, nature

Llamas have muscular, sturdy bodies, making great animals to transport heavy items from place to place. These animals also often serve as guard animals, as they can be very territorial and protective of their turf.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Sea Turtles are the only animals beginning with “L” that you won’t find on land. They are the only species in their family that are unique. They live in

These animals are gentle giants and can grow up to almost ten feet long and thousands of pounds. Leatherbacks swim for hundreds of miles across the world’s oceans, using their powerful tails to propel them through the deep sea.

Leatherback Sea Turtles also have a special adaptation. They can retain body heat, enabling them to search for food in extremely cold weather.


Lynx are animals that start with l. These animals can be found worldwide, primarily in North America and northern Europe.

They are considered to be medium-sized animals, and they have beautiful markings. One common feature among these animals is their tiny ears, usually tufted with fur. 

lynx, animal, big cat

Lynx also have large paws, perfect for hunting in cold climates, big eyes for exceptional night vision, and long whiskers to detect the movement of prey. Their diet includes birds and rabbits as well as rodents.


Loons are animals that start with ‘l’ and are commonly seen in North America. These animals have an extraordinary adaptation that allows them to live comfortably in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The Loon appears to have evolved from an ancestor that lived around 75 million years ago, making it a species with deep historical roots. The Loon is known for its haunting call, which can carry up to five miles over water. It has become associated with the tranquil beauty of nature.

Adults measure approximately 32 inches long, feature a black-and-white striped back, and can weigh up to 8 pounds. Typically inhabiting lakes and rivers, these animals swim most of their lives.


The Lobster is an interesting animal that starts with the letter “L. Also, one of the few animals known for using claws for protection and foraging for food.

lobster, dive, croatia

Not only do lobsters live in the ocean, but they can also create burrows in shallow coastal water and hide from predators. Their sense of smell and taste is so strong that they can detect one drop of food dispersed in a million drops of seawater.

They eat a protein-rich diet, consuming animals like mussels, crabs, shrimp, and clams. Plus, their life expectancy can reach up to fifty years.


The Locust is an amazing creature that is part of the ‘L animals,’ an interesting set of animals that start with the letter ‘L.’ They are found throughout the world and have been around since ancient times.

insect, grasshopper, bug

These critters have adapted to their environments in unique ways, such as through their long wingspan, enabling them to travel long distances during their yearly migrations.

Locusts are fearless animals, capable of forming vast swarms that can devastate fields and crops. Most importantly, these animals play a key role in the food chain; many birds and animals rely on locusts as a regular source of sustenance.


Lizards are animals that start with the letter L and can be found nearly all over the world. They have some of the most varied and diverse habitats and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Their conservation status still needs to be discovered.

reptile, lizard, green

The fun facts about lizards include different species primarily found around water sources like streams or lakes and eating a wide range of animals, from insects to mammals.

With over 5,500 species of Lizard currently known to us, they make up the largest population of animals on earth.


The Lionfish is truly a spectacle to behold. It’s an animal that starts with “L,” sure, but it also happens to be one of the most mesmerizing animals in the ocean.

lionfish, scuba diving, underwater

Its colorful fins and stripes make it stand out from other fish, though sadly, its bright appearance hides a less-than-stellar conservation status. It’s not considered endangered or threatened.

Lionfish are beautiful but are surprisingly an invasive species. But this stunning species is vulnerable due to the invasive nature of Lionfish, leading to threats such as reduced native species populations in some areas.

Long-Eared Owl

The Long-Eared Owl is a beautiful animal and is one of the few animals that start with the letter L. It is native to Europe, Asia, parts of Africa, and North America, occupying a wide range of habitats ranging from desert to coniferous forests.

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This majestic nocturnal bird has distinctive head ear tufts, making it easy to identify. The conservation status for this owl is listed as Least Concern domestically.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The only sea turtle that starts with the letter L is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. They are animals that live in oceans worldwide and are interested in various habitats.

mexico, turtle, swim

They can stay underwater for up to seven hours straight, which is impressive. The Loggerhead is omnivorous, meaning they eat animals and plants as part of their diet.

These animals are fascinating, but unfortunately, they are also a threatened species due to illegal fishing activities, water pollution, and plastic trash ending up in the ocean.

What mammals start with L?

Many animals start with L. For example, Langur, Leafcutter Ant, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Leech, Lemming, Lemur, and Leopard.

What small rodents start with L?

Lemming is a small rodent that starts with L.

The list of “Useful 18 Animals That Start with L” is intriguing. The LaMancha goat, known for its small ears, stands out. The lyrebird’s mimicry skills are astonishing, while the limpet’s tenacious grip and ecosystem role make it noteworthy. Together, this compilation showcases diverse genera, providing fascinating insights into nature’s complexity and utility.

We could go on and on. Let us know of more animals beginning with L below! 

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