17 Animals that Start with E

Did you know that over 800 species of animals start with the letter E? That’s a lot of critters!

This blog post will explore some interesting facts about these creatures. You’re sure to learn something new about your favorite animals, from echidnas to elephant seals! So let’s get started…

Animals that Start with E | 17 Animals Starting with E

Animals that begin with the letter “E” are some of the most intriguing creatures on our planet!

From eagles to elephants, there’s a plethora of amazing Animals that start with E. Of these, Elephants and Emus stand out for their unique characteristics.

Animals that start with E have so much exciting and unique information to explore about them, proving why researching them can be an incredibly engaging pastime for animal lovers worldwide.

Newest Animals that Start with the Letter E

Animals that start with the letter E, from eagles to elephant shrews, some fascinating animals have recently been discovered or observed by scientists.

Eastern Coral Snake

coral snake, snake, serpent

The Eastern Coral Snake is a petite but beautiful creature with its trademark bright color scheme. This venomous snake is in the Elapidae family and is native to Southeast North America, such as Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Eastern Coral Snake can be intimidating thanks to its vibrant red and black striped pattern. This 40-50 cm long snake prefers to stay far from human contact and poses no danger unless provoked or mishandled.

Eastern Coral Snake mainly eats other small snakes or lizards, like their cousins, the cobra and mamba.

Despite its striking visuals, the Eastern Coral Snake remains inconspicuous as its coloring gives it great camouflage capabilities. Animals that start with “E” are amazing creatures, like the Eastern Coral

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Eastern Lowland Gorilla, Animals that start with E

The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is an incredible animal that belongs to the E category of Animals That Start With The Letter E.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla is native to the Congo Basin. The Eastern Gorilla is the largest land animal in the wild and can weigh up to 350 pounds.

Edible Frog

The common water frog, also known as the European or Edible frog, is a delightful amphibian that loves to lounge in shallow water bodies such as ponds and even puddles!

frogs, animals, amphibians, aniamls that start with E

They are animals that start with the letter ‘E.’ Still, the Edible frog is boasted other unique features, namely their powerful webbed hind feet, which help them swim efficiently. The Edible Frog has short legs that ideally facilitate their movements on land.

The Edible frog reproduces by spawning and can produce more than 60000 eggs per season. Common water frogs will say “ribbit” if startled, but otherwise, Edible frog makes no vocalizations.

The Edible frog calls many wetlands of Europe home and serves an important role in their fragile ecosystems. Also, they are hybrid frogs from two other European European Common frog species, i.e., The Pool Frog and the Marsh Frog.

Elephant Seal

ocean, sea, waters

The Elephant Seal is one of the animals that start with E. Did you know that adult Elephant Seal males can grow up to 16 feet long and weigh up to 5,000 pounds? That’s larger than most cars!

Elephant Seal can dive farther – up to 5,500 feet – and stay underwater longer – up to two hours – than any other mammal.

Elephant Seal has a hierarchal social system called harems, composed of one dominant male surrounded by dozens of females and juveniles. It’s a great example of animal intelligence, social interaction, and superior aquatic abilities!

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguins are among the most extraordinary animals that start with E in the animal kingdom. Emperor Penguin species are the only animals beginning with E that lay eggs.

penguins, emperor penguins, baby

An emperor penguin egg can weigh nearly one-fifth of a mother’s weight at 1.3 kilograms!

They lay eggs, and to incubate them, females pass them off to males and often go for weeks without eating to ensure their young have the nutrition they need to grow.

The male Emperor Penguin will guard them in frigid temperatures while huddling together near thousands of colonies.

Feeding time is also quite a remarkable sight since the Emperor Penguin chick has to travel several kilometers each day to get food!

Eurasian Wolf

The Eurasian Wolf resembles its closely related wild canine family member, the grey wolf – though it is smaller and has shorter legs.

wolf, predator, carnivores

It can be considered one of the larger animals starting with E in the animal kingdom. This makes them an incredibly unique species closely related to other animals beginning with E and across the greater animal kingdom.


aculeatus, tachyglossus, anteater

The echidna is a unique and exciting animal that belongs to the only mammals capable of laying eggs, known as monotremes.

This little creature is an egg-laying mammal native to New Guinea and parts of Australia. It is one of only two mammals (the echidna is the other) that lay eggs.

The echidna only has about four sets of teeth, which it uses to break down ants and smaller prey into small pieces.

Eartheater Fish

Eartheater Fish, animals that start with E

The eartheater is a fish that lives in South America. The eartheater is a genus with a large number of species. They are also known as cichlids and live in the Amazon.

Elephant Shrew

short eared elephant shrews, mouse, animal

Elephant Shrew is a weirdly fascinating animal located in the animal kingdom that starts with E! Native to parts of Africa.

Elephant Shrew comes with a long snout and long curved claws adapted for uncovering food such as insects.

Elephant Shrew also feeds on plant material from time to time, and they are often considered omnivores.

Aside from resembling an Elephant in size and build, Elephant Shrew resembles a mouse more readily if you take a closer look.


Elephants are one of the world’s most beloved animals and the world’s largest land animals.

elephant, animal, safari

As one of the animals that start with E, these majestic mammals climb to the top of the order of animals by size.


Earthworms are essential animals that begin with the letter “E”!

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Not only can they be found almost everywhere in the world, but they also provide essential services to their local ecosystems. Earthworms ingest soil and help to keep the environment clean by processing nutrients in their bodies before releasing them back into the soil.

European Frogs

the marsh frog, frog, pond

Stretching across Europe, you might come across a green frog, pool frog, and marsh frog.

frog, amphibian, pond

These amphibians come in various sizes and colors, making them especially interesting to observe when they’re out of the water.

nature, frog, wildlife

During the warm spring months, these frogs use their diverse habitats to sing, breed, and eat insects from their secret refuges beneath vegetation near rivers and lakes to their leaping acrobatics during the breeding season.

Eurasian Red Squirrel

squirrel, rodent, animal

The Eurasian red squirrel is one of the most recognizable animals that start with E, and they can be found across Central America.

These unique animals are easily distinguishable from other species by their distinct rusty-red fur, white belly, and black-tipped ears.

Electric Eel

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Electric eels are quite fascinating creatures. It’s quite impressive that such a creature can exist!

Electric eels are freshwater fish but look more snake-like fish. Electric eels can let off up to 600 volts of electricity in one jolt, enough to stun a human and even kill small animals – making them one of the strongest animals that start with E!

Electric eels use this powerful shock to detect their prey or protect themselves. Electric eels are unique and incredible animals – they stand out from other typical animals beginning with E!

Eastern Phoebe

bird, eastern phoebe, full-profile

The Eastern phoebe is every inch a passerine. Male breeds of this bird are known for their short and unmelodic songs, especially during the breeding season.

They are common in the Southeastern United States and Northern Mexico.

Fun Fact: While they are exceptionally friendly species, they prefer their own company

What animals start with the letter E?

Eagles, Lions & Elephants, Mus.

What is a mammal that starts with E?

The elephant is the most significant living animal in the world.

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