15 Animals That Start With Z

Do you know what animals start with the letter Z?

If not, you’re in for a treat! Here are some of the most interesting animals that start with Z. From zebras to lions, these animals are sure to fascinate and entertain you.

Enjoy learning about these amazing creatures!

Animals that Start with Z | Listed with Pictures, List of Animals Starting with Z & Interesting Facts

Animals that start with ‘Z’ are a rare, but fascinating group.

Animals such as the distinctly striped-faced Zorilla, strikingly patterned Zebras, and spiny desert-dwelling Zonkeys – also known as zebroids, are all remarkable members of this exclusive club.


Animals beginning with the letter Z often surprise and fascinate, and the zebra is certainly no exception.

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The zebra has easily recognized because of its signature black and white stripes – each animal is unique in their striping pattern! It’s also a female horse, and it’s actually the name for various species of wild African equines.

There are three main species of Zebra – Plains Zebra, Male Zebra, Mountain Zebras, and Grevy’s Zebras.

“Zebra” is also used to refer to a freshwater mussel with alternating black and white stripes called the zebra mussel.

Fun fact: A zebra parent will recognize its own foal by its specific stripe pattern! No wonder Animals that Start with Z are so intriguing!

Zebra Shark

Zebra SharK

The zebra shark (also called the leopard shark) is a species of carpet shark that can be found mainly in the Indo-Pacific ocean, from Africa to New Zealand.

zebra shark gets its name from the unique vertical stripes and spots that appear on its back as well as its leopard skin pattern. It grows to a length of 5 feet and prefers warmer shallow waters with plenty of coral reefs, rocky outcrops, and sandy areas which provide them with protection.

Zebra shark is slow swimmer, which makes them easy prey but they are also opportunistic hunters and use their sense of smell a lot to locate food such as crustaceans and mollusks.

While these animals that start with Z are not considered endangered species, they are still at risk due to climate change, pollution, overfishing, and other human activities. Learn which animals are dangerous in New Zealand in this post.

Zebra Duiker

The Zebra Duiker, one of the Animals that Start with Z. Zebra Duikers are a species of small antelope found in only a handful of African countries.

Zebra Duiker

This shy creature has an incredibly unique look, from grayish-blue to reddish-brown, and features white stripes across its back and along its flanks.

Zebra Duikers stick close together living in pairs or family groups, but never in herds like many other Animals beginning with ‘Z.’

Zebra Finch

zebra finch, bird, animal

Zebra finch is quite a sight with their striking black and white stripes and bright red beaks. These unique animals originated in Australia, but can now be found on all continents around the world except Antarctica.

The zebra finch is a great example of the Animals that start with Z of just how diverse the animal kingdom is.

Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are a species of bivalve mollusks native to freshwaters in Europe and North America.

Zebra mussels

They feed by filtering up to one liter of water per day, resulting in the removal of plankton which is an important food source for some fish.

Fun fact: Zebra mussels can survive outside of the water for several days!

Zebra Seahorse

The zebra seahorse is an adorable and unique little creature that starts with the letter Z. It can be found in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific and grows to around 5 cm in length.

Zebra Seahorse

Its main distinguishing feature is its black stripes that make it look a lot like a zebra, hence its name! Its world-famous “crown” on the head adds to the effect making it look like royalty!

Zebra Finches

Zebra finches are small songbirds native to Australia that have striking black-and-white striped plumage.


The male Zebra Finch sings to attract mates and guard their nesting sites against other males. Fun fact: female zebra finches choose the best singing male as their mate!

Zenaida Dove

Geopelia striata 1 crop Chinese Garden

Zenaida doves are medium-sized pigeons found mainly in open woodlands throughout much of North America and Central America. These birds are usually grey with a brown back, often having a white patch on each wing.

Fun fact: Zenaida doves are monogamous—they pair up with one partner for life!

Zone Tailed Pigeon

Ducula mindorensis

Zone-tailed pigeons (Columba albuginea) are a species of pigeon found mainly in the Andes mountain range spanning Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. They live high up in the mountains where they eat seeds and fruit from tall cacti or shrubs growing along rocky cliffsides.

Fun fact: zone-tailed pigeons have camouflaged feathers that help them blend into their natural environment!


Zebrafish are popular tropical freshwater aquarium fish that have black and white stripes or blue spots on their bodies.

fish, exotic, animal

They can grow up to five inches in length and feed mainly on aquatic invertebrates, plankton, and insect larvae.

Fun fact: zebrafish can regenerate damaged cells, fins, and even parts of their heart!

Zigzag Eel

Zigzag Eel

Zigzag eels, also known as fire eels, originate from freshwater streams throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia.

These interesting creatures reach around three feet in length when fully grown and live in burrows dug near riverbanks or among rocks or coral reefs.

Fun fact: these colorful eels can be trained to recognize colors by offering them food rewards when they respond correctly!

Zigzag Salamander

Zigzag salamanders inhabit hardwood forests throughout Georgia and Alabama’s Appalachian Mountains.

Zigzag Salamandar

This species of mole salamander spends most days under logs or rocks waiting for prey such as worms, spiders, or insects to wander nearby before lunging forward to catch it.

Fun fact: When startled, zigzag salamanders will play dead by curling up into a tight ball with heads tucked into their forelegs!

Zebra Pleco

The Zebra Pleco is a freshwater fish originating from the rivers of South America. Its striking appearance and interesting behavior set it apart from other animals that begin with the letter ‘Z’.

Zebra Pleco

It features large, bold black and white stripes across its body, as well as thick vertical stripes on its tail fin. These animals make for great members of a home aquarium because they are hardy, undemanding, and attractive additions to their tanks.



The Zorro, also known as the South American gray fox, is one of the most unusual animals that start with the letter “Z”.

These foxes have mainly grey fur with white and black markings on their faces. They have also been seen with reddish-colored fur.

The Zorro loves to climb trees and can often be found perched on branches hunting for prey such as birds and rodents. Despite its fierce and elusive nature, it is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful animals that starts with the letter ‘Z.

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Name any animals that start with Z?

There are many animals that start with the letter Z, here’s a list of some: Zebras, Zorilla, Zebu, Zonkey, Zebra finch, Zenaida Dove, Zone Tailed Pigeon, Zebrafish, Zigzag Eel, Zigzag Salamander.

Name the mammals beginning with Z ?

The mammals that begin with the letter Z are: Zarigüey, Zenick Deer, Zokor, Zambian Fruit Bat, Zygodactylus Tranquillorum, Zebra Shrew, Zonocyon Robustum

The fascinating array of animals beginning with Z encompasses both natural and hybrid animals. From the zorse, a hybrid born from a male zebra and a female horse, to zokors residing in rainforests of southern Africa. Notably, the national bird and popular animal, the zebra, showcases distinct stripes running along its body, resembling the light stripes found on domesticated cattle.

I’m sure your friends will be impressed by your new knowledge! Finally, check out the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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