The Types Of Bird That Exist Beginning With The Letter V

There is such a large variety of birds from around the world that are either really common or very exotic and some you may never have heard or seen of before.

The types of bird that exist beginning with the letter V

In this article, we will be going through different types of birds that begin with the letter V to see how many less common birds we can find. 

There are many different types of unique rare bird which will also be in this list.

Apart from these birds all have the beginning letter of their name in common they also have a place they come from in common too. Most of them are known to come from the North American area.

Varied Thrush 

We are first going to start off with this bird which has quite a peculiar name but is a unique type of bird because of its colors and boldness.

It has a mixture of different bright colors that really makes it stand out and it is just quite beautiful to look at!

However, even though it may look beautiful, it is actually a very aggressive type of bird that is known for being the boss and bullying other birds when feeding. 

Virginia Rail

You are not likely to see these birds very often because they are known to hide away and keep to themselves.

They live in the fresh waters among thick vegetation to facilitate their secrecy and hiding spots.

However, one thing about them that is not a good hiding tactic is their loud sounds they make to show their presence when necessary.

These types of birds don’t always tend to stay in one spot because of breeding.

It is likely that a lot of them will migrate up to North America during the breeding season. 

This type of bird was built differently to some other because of what they have to endure with where they live.

They need to be able to move their way through the dense vegetation and also be strong against the sharp plants that are in the marshes. 

Vaux’s Swift

The types of bird that exist beginning with the letter V

If you are looking to get a glimpse of one of these birds, you might need to look up.

The reason for this is because they spend most of their time flying and being in the air to catch flies and other sources of food.

Unfortunately, this type of bird is used to living in the old forests where they can nest in the hollow trees, but that has all been removed and destroyed along with other habitats. Therefore, a lot of these now nest in chimneys.

Verreaux’s Eagle 

This specific type of eagle is most likely found in Saharan Africa.

They are very beautiful birds with a dark covered body with small white tips on the wings.

You will most likely see ths Eagle swifting soaring through the sky near mountains looking for prey.

They are the types of birds that usually get the prey they want because of the instincts they have and the dominance in the sky because of their size. 

Volcano Junco

You will find these tiny little sparrows in Costa Rica.

They have an omnivore’s diet where they are likely to be eating seeds and insects throughout the year.

However, when it comes to breeding season they need a bit more strength, so they feed only on the insects available to them.

It has been common for people to visualize these birds as being slightly scary because of their yellow lit eyes but this is so far from the truth.

They are actually very calm birds which would never be able to hurt you. 

Varied Bunting 

You are most likely going to find these little birds down in Mexico and might pop up in areas of America during the summer.

There are many differences between the male and the female birds mainly because of their color.

The females are always just one color all over whereas the men have a variety of different colors like red, blue and purple tones.

These are the types of birds that try and stay away from all of the chaos that is human life and live a quiet and peaceful life in unpopulated areas. 

Verreaux’s Eagle Owl

The types of bird that exist beginning with the letter V

This is one of the largest owls in the world and definitely in Africa.

They are found in sub-saharan Africa and they are a whopping 2 feet in length.

You definitely would not miss it! Their colors don’t tend to be too surprising having mainly gray feathers all over but the one thing that people tend to point out about this owl is the pink eyelids. 

Village Weaver

These are very clever birds who build their own nests using leaf strips and grasses.

They can be found nesting in trees surrounded by many other different nests around them. Many of them actually nest around the same tree. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Vultures Feed On?

All vultures feed on carrion (animal carcasses), except for palm-nut vultures (Gypohierax angolensis), which feed on the fruit of the oil palm.

Some species also hunt small prey, such as insects, lizards, smaller birds and rodents.


Overall, there are a wide variety of birds from across the globe that start with the letter V and a lot that you have most likely never heard of.

There are always the most common birds like the eagles that you would think of straight away, but there are hundreds of small but interesting little birds that exist in the wild that all have great features.

Many of them have amazing vibrant colors,and others have features about their personality that really stand out as being just memorizing in the way they breed and make sound. 

Hopefully this guide has shown you a new variety of birds that you didn’t know about before!

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Olivia Kepner