Radiant Birds That Start With R

Do you love bird spotting? Maybe you take it seriously or perhaps you just like to notice birds when out in nature.

Radiant Birds That Start With R

Whatever it may be, learning more about birds will help you to identify those that you see in the wild.

Here we look at 10 radiant birds that live around the world. 

Rufous Hummingbird

This little bird is known for being feisty and will chase away any other birds that try to come near a feeder it is on.

The male rufous hummingbirds are a beautiful orange color all over and have a deep orange-red throat and a white patch of feathers on the upper breast. 

The female rufous hummingbird looks slightly different as they have rusty red and green patches as well as a speckled throat.

Where you see this bird will depend on the season. They typically spend spring in California, the summer in the Pacific Northwest states and Canada, before flying back through the Rockies in fall.


The redthroat can often be confused with a robin but this garish-brown bird is from Australia and is usually spotted darting between bushes and low-lying branches unless they are bouncing along the ground searching for food. 

You will only see the characteristic rusty-red neck patch on mature males, making them easy to distinguish between females and their young. 

Red-Bellied Pitta 

This radiant little bird hails from the Philippines and its feathers are bursting with vivid colors.

The red-bellied pitta has a very sharp beak, a bright red belly, and a blue-green stripe above it.

You will typically see this small bird in wet lowland woodland in either tropical or subtropical climates. There are now ten sub-species of this type of bird.


The rosella is a gorgeous bird that is from Australia. It has a black forehead, neck, and crown of the head but the rest of its body is covered in vividly colored feathers with black stripes.

The main colors associated with these birds are blue and red. 

The rosella is a part of the parrot family and is usually seen in captivity, either in zoos or as a pet.

In the wild, you will see this bird bathing itself in puddles of water to keep its feathers clean and body cool.  

Red-Headed Woodpecker

The red-headed woodpecker is a native bird in the state of Louisiana in the United States. This bird is very easy to identify as its head is a bright red-crimson color.

This bird feeds on nuts and fruits and is extremely skilled at catching insects while soaring through the sky.

Although this bird is small it can be very aggressive to other birds or humans who may come too close to them.

They are known to steal other birds’ nests and puncture the eggs using their sharp beaks to kill the young. 

Red-Winged Blackbird

The blackbird is common in most countries but the red-winged blackbird is a sight to behold and is spotted frequently in North America.

This sub-species of the blackbird are unmistakable as the feathers on their “shoulders” are vibrant reds and yellows. 

Females look slightly different, although they have vibrant colored “shoulders” also the rest of their body is a brown color with light streaks.

This species is polygynous which means that a male could be mating with as many as 15 females. 

Ruddy Duck

If you find yourself walking around a pond on the northern border of Ohio you may be lucky enough to spot a ruddy duck.

Ruddy ducks thrive in areas with dense vegetation but can also choose to live in areas near wetlands and so they can be difficult to spot but the breeding male’s bright blue beak can help to spot them.

Ruddy ducks have a distinctive fan-shaped tail and a very compact, sturdy body. Males also have a chestnut-colored body and white feathers on their cheeks. 

Ring-Necked Pheasant 

Ring-necked pheasants can be spotted in open fields or along the country roadsides in the majority of the northern states in the United States and some areas of Southern Canada.

These birds do not build nests in trees, they are ground nesters.

This member of the grouse species is smaller than turkeys and they get their names from the male bird’s feather pattern which is a green head and a white collar around the neck.

You can hear a male’s crow from almost a mile away.


There are different types of robins across the globe but this bird is particularly radiant in the wintertime when its red belly is visible from a backdrop of snow.

The robin is a very territorial bird and so it is rare that you would see more than one nearby.

They are known to nest in very unusual places, you could find a robin’s nest in a discarded boot, a postbox, or any other sheltered area that larger birds would struggle to get into.

The robin is seen to represent several things, such as imminent stormy weather or it is also said to represent a deceased loved one.

Red-Winged Fairywren

Fairywrens are the most colorful and beautiful small birds in Australia and the subspecies, the red-winged fairywren, is particularly radiant.

This small bird is unusual as it has a very small body but quite a long tail that is held cocked.

You will find this bird in wet areas that have dense vegetation in the southwest of Western Australia.

The male is particularly stunning with a pale blue head and patches on its back, a black breast, and rich chestnut shoulder patches, which is where its name comes from.

The females are not as brightly colored, they are mostly a gray-brown color with pale underparts, rich brown wings, and a long blue-gray tail. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about ten radiant birds that have names that start with the letter R.

We hope you discovered some new species on our list and that you have the opportunity to see these birds in the wild someday.

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Olivia Kepner