12 Different Birds that Start with J – With Info & Pictures

The diversity of avian life is remarkable, and the birds beginning with J are found in different natural habitats.

From the majestic Jamaican today to the vibrant Japanese white-eye, birds that start with J are unique and captivating. These birds can be found in any habitat, from the evergreen broadleaf forest grasslands, and urban areas.

Let’s explore 13 different birds that start with J without further delay.

12 Names Of Birds that start with J – With Information


Jackdaws are one of many birds that start with J and are passerine birds that belong to the crow family.

animal, jackdaw, Birds that start with J
Birds that start with J

Their plumage is darkish black with a distinctive grey nape and pale eyes. They’re small birds, measuring about 15 inches long and weighing nearly 250 gm.

They are omnivores and have a diverse diet that includes insects, fruits, grains, carrion, small birds, eggs, and nestlings.

Japanese Bush Warbler

The Japanese Bush Warbler, also known as the “uguisu,” is a small passerine bird that belongs to the Cettidae family.

Animal, Birds that start with J
Birds that start with J

It has a modest appearance, with olive-brown plumage anda dusky colour underparts. That helps it to blend perfectly into its natural habitat of lowland rain forests in Japan, Korea, and China.

Despite its simple appearance, the Bush Warbler’s unique voice makes it a famous spring symbol in Japanese culture. Its diet consists of insects and spiders, which it finds among the undergrowth and foliage of the forest.

This bird is also known for its unique behaviour of hopping and fluttering its wings while foraging, making it a delight to observe for any bird enthusiast.

Jungle Bush Quail

The Jungle Bush Quail is a striking bird that start with J. These birds are typically found in dry deciduous forests and grasslands of southeast Asia. They search for a diet that includes seeds, insects, and small fruit.

bush, Birds that start with J
Birds that start with J

Their appearance is notable for the rusty throat, rusty white eyebrows, and barred underparts, while females have pinkish-brown plumage.

As ground-dwelling birds, Jungle Bush Quail constantly stay alert from their predators, such as snakes, foxes, and birds of prey.

Jambu Fruit Dove

The Jambu Fruit Dove is found in its natural habitat of mangrove swamps and lowland rain forests of Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. Their diet consists of insects, fruits and berries.

Jambu fruit doves are stunning birds that start with J, known for their striking appearance. That includes plump small, headed, white-ringed eyes, greenish upper parts, orange bill, and red legs.

This jambu fruit dove has a plumage that varies from pale green to a vibrant purple-pink shade, making it one of the most colourful birds that start with J.

Jamaican Owl

The Jamaican Owl, one of the birds that start with J, and resident species of Jamaica, an island situated in the Caribbean. Their natural habitat includes dense forests and woodlands.

Its unique appearance includes its reddish-brown feathers and dark black eyes. Sadly, the Jamaican Owl is classified as critically endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Their diet consists mainly of insects, rodents, and small birds, and they hunt mainly at night.

Java Sparrows

The Java Sparrow, also known as the Ricebird, is a notable bird species found in the lowland forests of Indonesia. It has an elegant grey body, striking black head, white cheeks, and thick red bill.

java sparrow, Birds that start with J
Birds that start with J

The Java Sparrow is a social bird which feeds mainly on grain and other seeds. Its essential role as a seed disperser makes it a crucial part of our ecosystem.

Sadly, the Java Sparrow is among the critically endangered species due to habitat loss and capture for the pet trade.

Javan Pond Heron

The Javan Pond Heron is a stunning bird beginning with J, found in the marshes and ponds of the East Indies, Southeast Myanmar, south Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Its appearance includes plumage rangings from white to grey and brown, with yellow eyes. This bird primarily feeds on fish, frogs, and insects in shallow wetlands and rice paddies.

They are typically found in tropical and subtropical regions but have also been spotted in temperate forests.

Javan Hawk Eagle

One of the most striking birds starting with the letter J, is the Javan Hawk Eagle, a majestic raptor found in the temperate forests of Indonesia.

With a wingspan of up to 6 feet, this eagle boasts impressive physical attributes, including sharp talons, a black crest on the head, and dark brown back and wings.

Its diet primarily consists of smaller birds and mammals. These birds are considered endangered species due to habitat loss and poaching.

Japanese Night Heron

The Japanese Night Heron is a striking bird that stands out in the temperate forests of Japan. When it comes to its diet, this bird feeds on small fish, frogs, and crustaceans found in streams and ponds.

Its unique appearance consists of a white throat, darkish brown body, and short legs supporting a long, slender neck.

Its keen eyesight and hearing allow it to locate prey easily, and its stealthy approach ensures a successful catch. As the night falls and the birds begin to rest, the Japanese Night Heron awakens, spreading its wings and taking flight into the darkness.

Japanese Waxwings

These birds are commonly found in temperate forests throughout Japan, where they are known for their synchronized movements and melodic calls.

Japanese Waxwings are beautiful birds. Their appearance includes smooth, silky greyish plumage, a crest on their head, a black bill, and dark brown eyes. They have a black mask around their eyes, giving them a unique, almost secretive appearance.

Their diet consists mainly of fruit, such as berries and cherries, which they pluck delicately from trees using their sharp, hooked beaks.

James’s Flamingo

James’s Flamingo is a beautiful pinkish bird, unlike any other bird beginning with “F.” The Jamaican Woodpecker is a bird species belonging to the Picidae family. Its appearance includes vibrant pink plumage, pointed curved bills, and long legs.

Bird, flamingo, Birds that start with J
Birds that start with J

This bird is unique in its diet, as it feeds on small crustaceans, molluscs, and algae in shallow temperate forests. It uses its specialized beak to filter food from the water, making it an efficient predator.

Jabiru Mycteria

The Jabiru Mycteria is a magnificent bird native to South America, known for its attractive appearance and special diet. With a wingspan of up to 8 feet and standing up to 5 feet tall.

It has a beautiful appearance, including black and white plumage, with a vibrant red neck and black bill. They feed on small fishes, insects, reptiles, and small mammals.

Q. What are the common birds that start with J?

Many birds start with the letter J. Some common ones are juniper titmouse, Jacobin cuckoo, japanese robin, and Jackson’s hornbill.

Q. What are the three types of birds that begin with J?

Javanese lapwing, Jandaya parakeet, and jungle myna are three types of birds that begin with J.

Q. What British birds start with J?

Jays are the British birds that start with the letter J.

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