10 Amazing Birds that Start with U – Fun Facts & Pictures

Looking for a list of birds that start with U?

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Birds that start with U

In this blog post, you’ll explore the list of different birds that start with U, with information on each one.

Comprehensive List of Amazing Birds That Start With U

From Usambara Weaver, Ursula’s Sunbird, Ural Owl, Upland Pipit, Upland Antshrike, Uniform Crake, Unicoloured Thrush, Undulated Tinamou, Undulated Antpitta to Uhehe Fiscal.

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Below are all the amazing exotic birds that start with the letter U and some bird facts worth knowing about.

Upland Buzzard

Upland Buzzards are birds from the Accipitridae family that can be found in East Africa, mainly ranging from Tanzania to Ethiopia.

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Birds that start with U

Though they vary by region, these birds typically have medium-length tails and broad wings, allowing them to soar easily over their terrain. They are commonly brown or black plumage for camouflage purposes, with stripes or blotching patterns along their wings and chest.

The Upland Buzzards are thought to be an Asian Raptor species because of their size as the biggest species in the Buteo genus.

When hunting for food, Upland Buzzards employ a unique strategy known as “hover-hunting”. This involves hovering in midair while searching out small prey on the ground, such as insects, lizards, rodents and other small birds.

Unicolored Tapaculos

Unicolored Tapaculos are the birds that start with U, and are found primarily in the Altiplano of Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. They have unique black small round head and black tail from which they got their distinctive name.

A fun fact when loud noises occur near their territory the Unionicolor Tapaculo make longer vocalizations than it normally does to prevent any unwanted threats.

Uria aalge

The Uria aalge, commonly known as the common guillemot, is an exquisite seabird found across the Northern Hemisphere. It has a wide-ranging habitat and lives in coastal regions around North Atlantic and North Pacific.

This dark-colored bird has dark brown-black on the head, neck and back with a white underbelly and white secondary feathers.

A fun fact about the Uria aalge is that it’s one of the few birds that start with the letter “U”. These visually striking birds perched near shorelines or swimming in large tides.


These large black birds that start with U, and found in Central and South America. Their breeding grounds include cloud forests, lowlands and mountain foothills. It has a crest of dark black feathers on its head, and upper body that resembles an umbrella.

An exciting fun fact about these birds is that they have booming call known as a hissing-roar.

Unicolored Jay

The Unicolored Jay is an Aphelocoma jay native to cloud forests of northwestern Central America and southeastern Mexico. It is a basal member of its genus.

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Birds that start with U

The Unicolored Jay is a spectacular shade-lovers bird that starts with U, and found in pine or oak forests. With its distinctive dark bluish-black head, and wings, these gorgeous birds often make an appearance when gathering acorns, nuts ,and fruit from trees.

Although they are mainly terrestrial birds, meaning they spend most of their time foraging on the ground for food.

Ultramarine Flycatchers

Ultramarine Flycatchers are birds that start with U and are gaining more attention from researchers due to their subtle and graceful beauty. The natural habitats of these birds are open spaces such as grasslands and swamp areas across most of Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Ultramarine Flycatchers are akin to sparrows when it comes to size. These exquisite birds that start with U have blue heads, back, wings, upper bodies,white underpart. And tails of the male Ultramarine Flycatchers are tinted with blue streaks towards their sides.

The Old World Flycatcher family includes Ultramarine Flycatchers. The sexes of separate species of Ultramarine Flycatchers are different. The physical look of females, on the other hand, remains unknown.

Ultramarine Lorikeets

The Ultramarine Lorikeets are colorful and vibrant birds that start with U, and endemic to the Marquesas Islands.

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Their natural habitats are usually includes rainforests or other dense wooded areas, hunting and foraging for food either alone or in small groups.

These amazing birds typically have bluish plumage, pale reddish bills, and claws which sets them apart from other birds that start with U.

As for diet, these delightful birds enjoy a variety of fruits, flowers and seeds to sustain themselves with. They’re also called ‘Pihiti’ or ‘Pihitikua’ because of their unique sound.

Upland Goose

Upland Geese are mostly found in South America grasslands, highland scrub, pastures, and agricultural land. They are also known as the Magellan Goose.

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The plumage of the adults exhibits substantial sexual dimorphisms between females and males. The bills and irises of both sexes are black.

Udzungwa Partridge

This rare Partridge may be found in the woodlands, and forests of the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania. This African bird typically lives in montane forests and grasslands at an elevation of between 600-2,400 meters.

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Birds that start with U

Udzungwa Partridge scientific name is Xenoperdix udzungwensis. These birds have a black scallop on its bill, and a brown barred back with grey underparts. The Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania is home to this bird, first discovered in 1991.

Ulramarine Grosbeak

The Ulramarine Grosbeak is a beautiful bird that can often be found in open forests and mature woodland groves of southeastern South America, and Mexico. Their scientific name is Cyanoloxia brissonii.

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The ultramarine grosbeak, a South American species, is a stunning dark blue bird. The male has a dark patch around the eyes and lighter shoulders and eyebrows. The majority of the male is deep cobalt.

These south american passerine birds have deep blue plumage, head and chest, which give it its name, and black wings with white wingtips.

These creatures spend much of their time in pairs or small flocks as they flutter around the canopy, seeking out fruits or insects to feast on.

FAQs on Bird Species That Start With the Letter U

Q. What is a bird that starts with U?

The Upland Sandpiper is a migratory bird that starts with U.

Q. What birds start with U and black?

The Umbrella Bird and the Black Skimmer are two species of birds that start with U and are black.

Q. What is a bird that starts with U living in South America?

The Uni-colored Tapaculo is a bird that starts with U living in South America.


In the fascinating world of birds, those starting with the letter ‘U’ showcase the rich diversity of avian species. 

From the unicolored blackbird, known for its stunning, striking black plumage and melodious songs, to the secretive uniform treehunter native to South American Andean cloud forests, these birds captivate with their unique characteristics. 

Medium-sized with long legs, a crest on their head, and varying beak sizes, they thrive in dense forests. 

The black and white feathers of some, like those with names starting with ‘U’, add to their charm. These birds, ranging in inches in length, are not just names but symbols of nature’s intricate design and adaptation.

Finally, checkout the entire series of birds that start with or begin with the letter: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

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