15 Types of Birds that Start with E – (Complete details)

If you like to explore new birds. Then what could be more fun than learning about the most interesting birds that start with E?

In this blog post, you’ll get to know some of the coolest birds in the world, from the majestic elegant Tern to the European Robin. So without further delay, check out the list of fascinating birds below.

15 Different types of Birds that Start with E

European Robin

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Birds that start with E

The European Robins are a Eurasian passerine species belonging to the Old World Flycatcher family.

With its distinctive grey head, orangish breast, brown-grey plumage, and white underparts, this small bird flits on the trees, singing melodious songs.

The European Robin is a bird that eats various foods, including insects, seeds, and fruits. Their breeding season arrives in the spring. This time the breeding male starts marking their territory, singing loudly to attract a mate.

Once they have found their partner, they build a nest together using grass, leaves, and twigs.

Elegant Parrot

Elegant parrots are one of the most iconic birds that start with E, and The Elegant Parrot is a bird species that belong to the Psittacidae family. These small passerine bird species are found in Australia.

Their natural habitats include tropical, moist lowland forests, subtropical, mallee Eucalyptus gracilis, Acacia scrub, saltbush Atriplex plains, and salt marshes. They boast a vivid range of colours, including golden olive on the backside, head, and bluish tail.

During their breeding season, which ranges from spring to early summer in many regions, elegant parrots can often be spotted searching for food or nesting together with their mate.

Eastern meadowlark

Eastern meadowlarks are birds that start with E that can be found across various parts of the United States and Canada. Their natural habitats are weedy borders of croplands, roadsides, orchards, shrubby grasslands, and open fields.

bird, western meadowlark,Birds that start with E

The Eastern meadowlarks are small insectivorous passerine birds whose diet consists of insects. This small bird has a beautiful combination of colours, including brown tail feathers, white outer feathers, and a yellow throat.

The breeding season of eastern meadowlark starts in April to August each year. During this time, they can be seen foraging for food or singing cheerful songs to attract mates.

Eastern Towhee

The eastern towhees are small birds that start with and belong to the large Old World Sparrow species. This passerine bird inhabits brushy landscapes in southeast Canada and eastern North America.

bird, towhee, Birds that start with E

The Eastern Towhee is a small bird measuring about 7 inches in length. They primarily feed on insects, seeds, and berries.

The male has a black head, back, and tail, with a rusty red colour on its sides, belly, and wings. But the female has similar markings but with a more subdued colour palette. Breeding season for Eastern Towhees typically starts in early spring and lasts until early summer.

Eastern Towhees are naturally aggressive birds, fiercely defending their territories against other birds. They are also known for their melodic songs, often heard during the breeding season.

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

The Eurasian pygmy owl is a small but mighty bird that is native to the forests of Eurasia. Their natural habitat is found in dense coniferous forests, where they blend in seamlessly with the trees due to their spotted feathers.

eurasian pygmy owl, glaucidium passerinum, bird
Birds that start with E

These owls have piercing yellow eyes and a distinct white eyebrow stripe, giving them a unique appearance. They are particularly fond of small birds, which they capture with their sharp claws.

Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebirds are beautiful birds that start with E and can be found naturally in North, Central America, and Southern Canada

These vibrant creatures have striking blue feathers on their upper back, wings, tails, and light brown and white underparts. During this period, they found perching on branches or collecting materials to build nests in sheltered areas.

Eastern bluebirds, known as friendly birds, often flock together for food.

Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio)

The Eastern Screech Owl ( Megascops asio ) is a bird that starts with E and is a native bird of southeastern Canada and northeastern Mexico. Their natural habitat includes the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast.

eastern screech owl, owl, perched

These nocturnal birds have distinct dark grey-brown markings on their feathers. This distinctive appearance lets them camouflage into the night sky.Their breeding seasons start in March till June, and they make high-pitched calls during this time.

During mating season, they will hunt down small rodents and insects for food to provide sustenance for themselves and their young. The eastern screech owl remains highly active at night, working tirelessly to find food while defending their territory.

Eurasian Eagle-Owl

The Eurasian eagle-owl, or Uhu, is a bird that starts with E and is found in different countries like Northern Africa and the north-central parts of the Arabian peninsula. The eagle owl inhabits the Palearctic ecoregion.

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These awe-inspiring owls are identified by their prominent ear tufts and broad wings, which grow to nearly six feet. During mating season, these birds hunt down large prey, such as rabbits or small foxes, to feed themselves and their young ones.

As well as being an important part of local ecosystems, the eagle owl is a remarkable sight when spotted perched atop trees.

Eastern Yellow-Billed Hornbill

The Eastern yellow-billed hornbills are beautiful birds that start with E and can be found naturally in southern Africa.

bird, southern yellow-billed hornbill, kruger national park
Birds that start with E

This medium-sized bird has a large casque on their heads and elegant curved bright yellow bills. Their broad wings are primarily black and white, with some areas having yellow hues.

Their breeding season starts from September to march, and they make loud trumpeting calls during this season. These birds feed mainly on fruits and small insects but occasionally hunt for insects.

As well as being a beautiful sight when spotted perched atop trees or soaring through the sky, they also play an important role in dispersing seeds of fruit-bearing plants, which help sustain local ecosystems. However, this species is marked as a critically endangered species.

Elegant Tern

The Elegant tern, or Thalasseus elegans, is a bird that starts with E and can be found naturally on the Pacific coasts of central and south America.

common tern, tern, sea swallow

This medium-sized bird holds graceful flight and pointed wings. They have greyish feathers, a white forehead, a black cap, and a yellow or red bill.

They breed in large colonies along coastal areas from April to June, often nesting next to other species, such as the Royal Terns and Gulls. These birds search for small fishes during the mating season along shallow waters. As well as an essential part of ecosystems around the world.

Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is a small passerine bird that starts with E and can be found naturally in eastern parts of North and Central America, Southern Canada, and Nicaragua.

bluebird, eastern bluebird, bird
Birds that start with E

Plus, This small passerine bird has deep blue feathers, and light brown and white belly, which adds more beauty to their natural habitats, including tropical dry lowland grassland and woodland.

The breeding season of this small insectivorous passerine bird starts in February to August, and they tend to make their homes in wooded areas, often nesting in cavities of trees or man-made nest boxes.

During mating season, these birds depend mainly on insects but will also consume fruits scoured from the ground.

Equatorial Rufous-Vented Tapaculo

The Equatorial Rufous-vented Tapaculo is a bird that starts with E and lives in the eastern Andes of northern and central Peru.

These small birds have dark brown backs and are identified by their white bellies and rufous-coloured vents. They breed from October to January each year but tend to be most active during the day.

During the breeding season, these birds search for invertebrates on the forest floor, often finding shelter among thick vegetation or hiding under leaf litter.

Equatorial Akalat

The Equatorial Rufous-vented Tapaculo belongs to the Muscicapidae family. It is found in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Uganda. And the natural habitat of this small passerine bird is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

This small bird species have dark brown upper parts with yellowish-white underparts. As an important part of the Central American ecosystem, they are also quite a spectacle when spotted amidst dense vegetation.

Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguins are interesting birds that start with E and live in the coldest weather, like Antarctica.

emperor penguins, baby penguin, birds
Birds that start with E

From March to August, these birds gather in massive colonies on the sea ice, where they will mate, lay their eggs, and raise their young. They have glossy white underparts, with blackish upper parts, bill, and yellowish patches on their cheek.

As the winter months arrive, the Emperor penguins gather in flocks, their sleek black and white feathers providing insulation against the biting cold.

Despite the challenging conditions, these birds have adapted to their natural habitat with remarkable precision.

European Goldfinch

The European Goldfinch is a brightly coloured bird with a distinctive red face and yellow and black wings. Usually found in Europe, North Africa, and southern Asia.

bird, goldfinch, nature

These birds are native to the region and are found in various natural habitats, including woodlands, gardens, tropical dry lowland grassland, and parklands.

Breeding season for the European Goldfinch commonly begins in late spring or early summer. During this time, the males sing elaborate songs and engage in courtship displays to attract mates.

Despite their bright colours and cheerful songs, these birds are going through habitat loss.

Q. What popular big bird starts with E?

Some popular big birds that start with E are Eagle, Egret, and Emus.

Q. What are the 5 types of birds that start with E?

These are the 5 types of birds that start with the eared dove, emperor goose, and eagle owl.

Q. What are the 3 popular birds that start with E?

Egyptian goose, egyptian vulture, and emperor penguin are three popular birds that start with E.

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